Brock Lesnar’s Motive For Doing TUF 13 Was All About Fighting for the Title

March 28, 2011
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There are a lot of reasons that someone would accept a slot as a coach on “The Ultimate Fighter” reality series. Maybe it’s a grudge that needs to be settled, like in the case of Rashad Evans and Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, or maybe it’s just for the exposure the show provides.

For TUF 13 coach Brock Lesnar the motivation to go on the show was pure and simple.

It earned him a fight that will get him closer to regaining the UFC heavyweight title that he lost last year.

The former NCAA champion is already one of the most well known figures to ever compete in the UFC, but Lesnar admits that there are certain things that haunt him about the fight with now champion Cain Velasquez. He’s looking to exorcise those demons with the reality show and the fight with Junior Dos Santos.

“I was healthy physically, but mentally probably not so,” Lesnar said about his fight with Velasquez. “I don’t think it really registers to the general public on my year last year. From being sick and losing 42 pounds and just getting my ass to the gym to recover. Then have a title fight and on top of that, while I’m training for a title fight, a new baby boy, and then fighting Shane Carwin and I was expecting some time off.

“I really needed it mentally more than anything and physically. Then I booked the fight against Cain. If there was one thing that I could learn from that is to maybe spread title fights out a little farther than what I did.”

Hindsight is 20/20, but Lesnar is now focused on the goal of getting ready for the fight against Dos Santos in June at UFC 131, and then facing Velasquez with the title on the line.

The Minnesota resident admits that was the biggest reason for him to do “The Ultimate Fighter.” He hopes that motivation serves him well in June. He also knows that he would have had to fight Dos Santos eventually, so this all works out pretty well.

“Analyzing my loss against Cain, if I had won that fight I’d be fighting Junior, so I’m right back in the same position, but absolutely, it’s the closest thing to getting me a title fight, and getting my UFC heavyweight title back,” Lesnar commented.

One thing that won’t likely be showcased on this season of “The Ultimate Fighter” is a standing grudge between Lesnar and Dos Santos. In past seasons, with coaches like Evans and Jackson or even Dan Henderson and Michael Bisping, there always seemed to be a fuse just waiting to be lit any time the coaches interacted with each other.

Lesnar threw water on that idea right away because simply put, he didn’t spend enough time around Dos Santos to build a grudge during the show.

“I don’t know what them guys are referring to. I probably spent a total of 30 minutes with Junior on the show. I didn’t make it a point to run into him or anything of that nature. I saw very little of him other than what we were doing for television,” Lesnar disclosed.

Regardless of any pent up aggression boiling over from six weeks together on the show, Lesnar and Dos Santos are battling for a shot at the UFC heavyweight title when they meet in June, and that needs no extra build up.

“The Ultimate Fighter Season 13” debuts this Wednesday night at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Spike TV.

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  • BigGuy

    Broc is not a complete fighter. He can work his way back to wherever he thinks he needs to, but he will not get past Cain. I truly don’t believe he can even beat Dos Santos, so where will that leave him? A powerhouse in wrestling, but zero stand up game will get him killed every time.

    Lets be honest here…Carwin only lost because he punched himself out, and he could barely stand up in round 2. I think a child could have taken him down at that point. And, judging from what I saw, the referee probably should have stopped that fight in the first round. I am no fan of either, but Cain and Junior will not fatigue out like that.

    I hear WWE wants him back. It’s probably the safest place for him.

    • Frye557

      I agree with you 100%. His wrestling is of course very good, but I think his striking, and ability to react to a punch will always be his downfall. If only Pat Barry would beat him up a bit, maybe he would get used to/learn to take a punch. A lot of potential, I just don’t see him reclaiming the title as long as Cain is there.

      I would love to see Dos Santos win, but its all a matter of if he can stop the take down. His TD defense looked great in his previous fights, but none of those guys have the same wrestling base of Lesnar. I honestly don’t think his Ju-Jitsu will factor in, because if Brock takes him down, he will smother Dos Santos completely.

      Either way, gonna be a great fight, but I’m definitely favoring Dos Santos on this one.