Brock Lesnar’s MMA Career Ends, But Is He Now WWE Bound?

December 31, 2011

Brock Lesnar’s UFC career ended on Friday night at UFC 141 after a TKO loss to new No. 1 contender Alistair Overeem.

Following the fight, a somber Lesnar said his mind was made up before he ever stepped foot in the Octagon that if he lost that would be the end of the road for him.

The end of the fight came just minutes into the bout as Overeem continuously punished Lesnar’s midsection, and finally a kick came crashing into his ribs that signaled it was all over.

After the fight, Lesnar was receiving medical attention and couldn’t attend the UFC 141 post fight press conference, but UFC president Dana White spoke to him briefly about the nature of his injuries.

“A lot of people don’t realize what that feels like. He said, ‘I think my rib’s broken; I don’t know what a broken rib feels like, but if it hurts worse than this I don’t want to feel it,'” White revealed from his conversation with Lesnar.

The Nevada State Athletic Commission will release a medical suspension report in the coming days that may reveal more information about the nature of Lesnar’s injuries.

Be that as it may, if Friday was Lesnar’s final fight in the UFC and in mixed martial arts, the lifelong athlete now has a lot of time on his hands.

Prior to his time in the UFC, Lesnar was of course a star in the world of professional wrestling, specifically in the WWE, where he served as champion on several different occasions.

While Lesnar has never publicly stated that he ever had intentions of going back to pro wrestling, the question was still raised after UFC 141 because if fighting is behind him, what could be next for the massive heavyweight?

“I mean, when he retires, he retires under contract,” White said. “I’ve had my moments with Brock Lesnar, but I’ve had a great relationship with him. We’ll figure it out, no big deal. Never had a situation with a guy where we haven’t done the right thing.”

From the sound of things, Lesnar would remain a contracted UFC employee, but White also pointed to the fact that he’s obviously leaving the company on good terms.

Whether he’d even want to attempt a return to pro wrestling remains to be seen.

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  1. Brock retired under contract with the WWE. We saw how that worked out. Courts don’t like non-compete clauses like they used to.
    From how Brock’s acted with family stuff I wouldn’t think he’d go back to being a WWE regular, but I wouldn’t surprised if he came, and went. They really wanted Brock, and the Undertaker at last years wrestlemania. The next one is about 4 months away. Might be interesting to see what Vince tries to do.

  2. If he does go back to doing WWE, it’ll only be part-time. I remember him saying how he hated the schedule they had, so I don’t see him realistically going back full-time. I don’t think he should fight anymore. If he did fight again, who’s really betting he’ll win?

    At the end of the day, he fought some of the best, but he won the title from a 40 something Randy Couture, and he beat Frank Mir, a guy known for wilting easily as well when a guy better than him is beating him up.

    Best of luck to him in whatever he does, because he’ll never be world champion again in the UFC.

    Brock Lesnar was never the best Heavyweight in MMA.

  3. No disrespect intended, but I was hoping for this outcome. I really believed he couldn’t hang with a real HW in MMA, and he only used his massive size to beat people. Mir & Couture were much smaller than Brock, but Overeem is a big boy with much better striking than Brock.

    Brock is not an MMA fighter, and the more fights he took on just proved it. Had he been forced to go thru the ranks when he came to the UFC (like everyone else) he would have never even made it to a title shot. At that point in Mir’s life, beating Mir was in no way a path to getting a title shot.

    Let him go back to the WWE, or just plain retire. Whatever.

    Now, let’s get back to the world of MMA without the posers…

    • you start with “no disrespect” and end with “poser”… it seems you’ve lost your point somewhere along the way.

      null and void

      • In any event, you moron, you get the point. Back to spanking the monkety for you…

    • WTF are you talking about? “At that point in Mir’s life, beating Mir was in no way a path to getting a title shot.” Are you talking about Brocks 1st fight Vs. Mir? B/C Mir defeated Brock & then KTFO out of Nogueira & then he fought Brock again for the HW title @ UFC 100 – so fighting/beating Mir was a path to getting a title shot.

      Listen I’m not a “Brock” fan or hater, but I give the guy ALOT of credit for wanting to fight the BEST – the WHO’s Who in the “scarriest” division of any fighting organization, the HW division. Let’s also not forget Brock has only trained MMA for 3 or 4 years, not to mention he’s been out for almost 2 of those yrs, due to injury/illness.

      Unlike many fighters, ESPECIALLY Fedor, Brock did not fight ANY Cans, nor has he ever turned down a fight. He embaressed Heath Herring in just his 2nd UFC fight, which was very impressive & then he beat Couture for the belt. YES Brock was bigger & stronger than Heath, Mir & Couture, but Brock was/still is a “NOOB”. Not bad for a guy with just a wrestling background.

      If you gave Brock, Carwins/Dos Santos or even Cains stand up & half the BJJ skill Mir possesses – Brock would have been almost unstoppable. Brock has the size, strength, power, speed, cardio, the work ethic & dedication, if only he had the stand up & some BJJ, he would have been a real force.

      My point is Brock deserves alot of credit, he did beat some former champs & #1 contenders. He beat Couture, Mir, Carwin, & Heath Herring. size dont mean **** unless you have skill to go along with it, to say Brock only beat Randy & Mir b/c of size is stupid, especially Vs world class fighters like Couture & Mir…. did Brocks size help him out ALOT? Hell yeah, but for a guy with no real “training” in MMA when he fought Mir, takes MASSIVE NUTZ, regardless of how big & strong Brock is Vs his oponent.

  4. @TKD….Brock a poser??? He held the heavyweight UFC title while you were typing comments on MMA sites. Who’s the poser???

    • He was a poser and I mean it as disrespectfully as possible. TKD is completely right. Had this clown had to actually work his way up the ranks like anyone else he would have never, EVER been a UFC champion. And as for TKD typing on an mma site while Brock held his heavyweight title (because it was basically handed to him in a handbasket), TKD doesnt claim to be anything, Brock claimed to be a fighter which was clearly proven he was not.

      • Thanks, tsszaltax. You are smart enough to understand what I was saying. Again, sorry for posting that last comment that appeared to be to you. It was meant for garyfredericks.

    • Asswipe, I am not in the fight business, so I guess it makes sense that I am not a champion in the UFC.

      • That was not for you, tsszaltax. It was meant for garyfredericks.

        • 😉 np, I got ya on this one…..the meat heads are just mad their poster boy is gone. They’ll be back to watching WWE in no time and wont have to worry about em even checking mma sites before too long.

          • It seems the poser found a friend. I rest my case. Hey, is that your Mom calling you for lunch? I think she made you guys tuna sandwiches….yay!

          • Not mad at all. Just silly when people think somebody can just walk in to the UFC and get a heavyweight title because of their celebrity…then post idiotic comments on the internet while hiding behind fake screen names like the little juvenile nipple suckers they are, that’s all. Don’t worry, you’re not alone in this world. You guys are a dime a dozen.

  5. Pricks, do people really not like Brock just cos he was in wwe? Who cares? Do u watch that crap anyway? The fact is that he was the UFC heavyweight champ and you can’t do that without being a top quality fighter. And he only won cos he’s big? Erm yeah, wouldn’t you fight to your strengths too? The fact is the guy won the championship with minimal fight experience and you can’t argue with that. Not too mention the fact that he’s come through life threatening illness to fight again.

    • Okay, first of all, all he did was beat some dude outside the UFC that nobody ever heard of, lost a fight, beat a never was in Heath Herring, a WAAAAAAAAAAAY past his prime, over the hill Couture and was given the title. He did very very little to “earn” it. Secondly, Diverticulitis is NOT life threatening. Its a miserable infection yes, but its not even a “disease” like everyone is calling it. Its an infection of the intestines. They play it up like he’s coming back from a brain tumor. Millions of millions of people suffer from diverticulitis attacks and they go back to their manual labor jobs within days, and yes, that includes the exact same surgery he had. Dont be mad he’s gone, you’ll be able to catch him on Raw Monday nights….LOL

      • Again, well said tsszaltax. Everything you said is on point and completely true. Don’t expect many on here to agree with you because there are a lot of WWE guys that followed Lesnar here that knew little about MMA to begin with.

        They can all rest easy knowing that he will be champ again in a place that can predetermine the outcome. He was out of his league in the UFC.

        • Haha, why are you so obsessed with the fact he was in wwf? The simple fact here is that Lesnar was neither the greatest nor the worst fighter the UFC has seen. Get over it, everyone else seems to have. Or did it affect you really hard when u found out wwf was fake, is that why you harbour such a grudge? And what are your thoughts on shamrock? And what about overeem getting a title shot after only one fight in the UFC? Sure he was strike force champ but he hardly ever defended it and when he did it was against lesser calibre opponents than Brock fought.

        • TOD, you and your boy are the biggest morons! Give him credit where credit is due! He was a champion! I never knew of Brock in WWE but knew about his college record of like 105-3. I would pay top dollar to watch u in the octagon with Brock.

        • Gee, if it wasn’t for Dr. tsszaltax you would’nt have anything to post or nuts to swing from! He’s so smart and thinks Diverticulitis is as simple as a wart removal from your little toe. Dumbasses.

          I think Lesnar is a **** but I still have respect what he’s done. You are quite blind to the fact Lesnar was an NCAA wrestler before cashing in at the WWF. You ever step in a ring or cage of any type for competition or on a wrestling mat my friend? Chances are you have not. It’s safer and easier ripping on those that have left the comforts of mommy’s basement and actually tried doing something.

      • I agree with everything you said except the stuff about diverticulitis. If you know anyone who has ever had it you know that it’s a beast and it’s NOT something that “millions and millions of people go back to their manual labor jobs in days” for. It cripples most people and keeps them out of their jobs for extended periods of time. I work with a woman who’s husband has it and he has not been able to go back to his job as a police officer in over 18 months even though he’s losing his mind laying on the couch all the time.

  6. Brock needs to go out with one more fight and that should be Lesnar vs Mir 3!… and I cant wait to see alistair vs dos santos!

    • The Brock that showed up last night would not stand a chance against Mir a 3rd time. The hurt Carwin and Cain put on him definitely made him realize he wasn’t invincible. And if that was Overeem at his best then JDS has nothing to worry about

  7. Sucks, I was finally starting to warm up to him but the truth is, there really aren’t many matchups after this loss that would have made him a headliner, for Brock it’s either main event or nothing.

  8. I guess I wasn’t aware that randy was “Way,way past his prime” when he fought Brock.
    He came off one of his more impressive wins vs. sylvia,(a huge guy obviously) and then finished Gonzaga (another large heavyweight) had a bit of a break and got Brock. No question he was the much smaller guy there, but there’s a bunch of guys at heavyweight that are dwarfed by Brock.
    After that fight with Brock randy lost to Nog, but then had 3 more wins.

    Brock may have never made it through the ranks, but it might have had the opposite affect. Outside of Jon jones he probably has had the least time training. He may even have less if injury time is counted in.

    Are the people bashing Brock saying he could never come through the ranks saying that there’s a bunch of guys outside the top 10-15 that they would gamble on to beat him?if that’s the case then I guess I understand that argument. If not it just seems like bashing to bash. I can understand that as well. Sometimes people just don’t like people for no good reason.
    I liked watching his fights simply to see an uncommon athlete compete. Nothing more, nothing less. Guess people had other reasons…

    • At last, some sense on here. The simple fact is that, like so so many fighters in the UFC, Brock was top 10 calibre but simply not good enough to be champ.

  9. First off, you can’t compare Brock’s rise to Jon Jones’ rise. Jon Jones had six dominating fights, seven if you count his DQ loss cuz he was beating the shit out of Matt Hamil. Lesnar had one dominating win against a joke fighter in Heath Herring. And that warrants a title fight. Yes he did beat Couture, who wasn’t over the hill, but starting the decline of his career. Plus wrestler v wrestler the bigger guy will win 9 out of 10 times. Against Mir yes he dominated, and Mir is a top guy. On the same note stylistically the fight favored Brock. All he had to do is after the takedown not give him space. We saw what happens when Lesnar gives space against Mir. Then he got beat up by Carwin, and was saved by Carwin’s card, or lack there of. Not taking anything away from his talents as a wrestler but he isn’t a MMA fighter. If he fights again he needs to take a step back and learn other forms against like Bellator Heavyweights.

    And for the record I think Overeem has JDS number. Power puncher v power striker. Either can finish the fight just like that, but I think overtake height and reach will be the difference maker.

  10. Lesner is no fighter, never has been, never will be. He is all mouth and muscle. Dana’s godsend for the HW division. Because Coutre was making the HW division of the UFC look like a bad joke. Randy is a true champion don’t get me wrong here. But Dana had a 45 yr old 220 lber capable of cutting to 205 whipping his HW’s in a division that boasts a 265lb weight limit.
    Brock is a chump/bully, you see the evidence of it when he talks chit he can’t back up. You see evidence of it when he gets tagged in the face then he immediatly back pedals and ducks and covers looking for a corner to collapse in.
    Shame on Dana for promoting Brock as a fighter, for he is nothing of the sort and Dana should have known it. Just a business con to draw in a crowd and generate more money, not a competent attempt to legitimize his HW division.
    Brock vs Herring? an out of shape HW that has nothing but size to his advantage. Brock held him to the ground for 15 minutes after one straight right hand. Failure to finish the guy was our first sign Brock is no fighter.
    Subbed by Mir in a ankle lock, knee bar, whatever from a standing position not only reflects Mir’s bjj skill, but shines a light on Brock’s complete lack of martial art knowlege.
    Ref should have stopped the fight in first round vs Carwin. Only reason Brock won that fight was because Shane amaturishly punched himself out in the 1st. Shane demonstrated superior striking, and neutralized Brock’s wrestling. ANd showed us with a punch to the face, what a cowardly baby Brock is.
    He beat Randy sure, but outweighed him by 80 lbs. Hardly a victory that demonstrates Brock’s prowess. Now Coutre’s victory of Tim Silvia surely does.
    And then Cain comes along and shows us again what a wuss Brock is by whipping that azz as a much smaller opponent.
    Brock is full of excuses and hides behind his family. Pff. I have no respect for this guy for there is nothing respectable about him. He invokes no fear in me. His wife is a lesbian, for she married a woman.
    Brock is also a mental midget. Training in a closed camp where you have to be 250 or heavier to be a part of. Lotta good that did him. dumbass. It just shows his muscle mentality. I’m bigger, so I’m better. And yet his performance in the ufc clearly illustrates the opposite. Not to mention the UFC itself was a tool to show us that bigger does not mean better, or stronger. Gracie showed the world that truth through the UFC.
    Brock said ” the pain in my ribs is nearly more than I can take, if this isn’t a broke rib, I don’t want to feel one.” WUSS!!!!
    I’ve had a broken rib, and endured the pain of several kidney stones. Diverticulitis must be a walk in the park if Brock can handle it.
    *******! Good ****** RIDDANCE!!!

    • Ah so funny! Yes we all know Brock wasn’t the best fighter yadda yadda yadda etc. So Brock has no bjj knowledge? Yep well done again, I think we all agree on that one too. Ref should have stopped the carwin fight? Hmm possibly, but how many fights could you say that about and the fact is Brock still won. But a coward? That’s just hilarious. Surely when u get punched in the face u back up? Would you just stand there? And he hides behind his family and is a “mental midget”? Wtf does that even mean? My favourite bit of your rant though was the “he invokes no fear in me” bit, that was classic. You must be proper nails, perhaps a bigger, badder version of Brock but, crucially, WITH a full compliment of BJJ, muay Thai skills etc. Can you let us know when you will be debuting in the octagon please? Thought not, now go to bed and let the grown ups have a sensible chat on here.

  11. glad I could be of amusement to you ‘elguapo’

    Several fights could be argued that weren’t stopped when they should have. The fight between Kimbo and Roy Nelson should have been stopped but Kimbo’s notoriety kept that fight going. Been a while since I seen it but, Herb Dean left Kimbo neutralized in a mounted crucifix by Nelson for a minute or more while Nelson landed undefended blow after blow to his face. Props to Nelson for tolerating the blatant favoritism toward Kimbo,and the blatant unfavoritism towards himself. Also, amazing that Kimbo took it, and went back for more. A true heart of a fearless fighter.
    Cowardly Brock, I stand by that statement. Not that Brock was ever put up to it in my knowlege, nor is the lack of him pursuing a street fight indicitive of cowardly behavior. But Kimbo fought in the streets, with few rules and little to no protection, that takes real courage. Competition in the Octagon offers a great deal of protection. There is only so much that can happen. It takes a great deal less courage to engage in, enough that even the cowardly can summon enough. And 400k win or lose is a powerful motivator, especially if all you have to do is cover up and wait for the ref to pull the guy off of you to save your hide.

    “Surely when you get punch in the face you back up?” you say. Did you see the rest of the card? Did you see Cerrone back up when Diaz was tatttooing his face? Nope, he didn’t even cover up. Brock on the other hand RAN from Carwin. If he wasn’t in a cage he would have turned tail and bolted. As it was he collapsed in a heap and covered up, making 0 attempt to recover and reingage. And then Cain beat him down. And now Overeem.
    And yeah, I’m tired of people using their family as an excuse for their actions. Because it’s something nobody dares challenge, it’s some kind of taboo to do so. YOu wanna quit, then quit. Leave the excuses out of it, and family out of it. Just say ‘ I’ve decided I need to dedicate my time elsewhere’ or some such. Truth is Brock is too embarrased to take another whooping on TV, so he quits, and tells us he promised his family he would. He isn’t half the man Cerrone is.
    Mental midget, yeah, what’s so hard to understand about that? Brock employed a poor game plan, and executes a poor training camp excluding anyone under 250, as if only HW’s have any real skill or ability that can make him a better fighter. Quite frankly it’s the opposite. Like Joe Rogan said, it’s the smaller guys that execute better technique because they don’t have superior strenght to rely on. If Brock was smart, and not blinded by his own impressive size, he would know that.
    Brock invokes no fear in me. If Brock and either of the Diaz brothers were scheduled to fight, I’d put money on Diaz. A few punches to the face, or to inflict the smallest amount of pain and Brock folds. No winner there, strictly a whiner.
    And I don’t have to be proper nails ( whatever that means ) or bigger ( which is the opposite of what I’ve been saying ) or any version of Brock ( because any version of a coward is still a coward ) to express my opinion or fact. I don’t have to enter in the ufc to prove Brock’s impossibility to be a fighter, or any credentials for me to critique his utter lack of performance to you.
    I’m actually smaller than Brock ( not many can say otherwise ) and would love to have the opportunity to fight in the UFC or Strikeforce or many other organizitions. If you want to support my medical needs and training, I’ll be more than happy to oblige you.
    As for implying I’m up past my bed time or that you are far superior to me that I should be asleep. That’s rather childish on your part.

    Brock was never top ten caliber. Just top ten in size. And it’s his size Dana exploited to draw in more ticket sales. Plain and simple.
    I think I’ve made it clear why I passionatly dislike Brock. What is it about him that you like so much?

    Btw, I wouldn’t be so anti Brock if he didn’t run his mouth in one direction and himself in the other.

    • Firstly, i dont particularly like brock but i respect his efforts nonetheless. Whilst I understand you don’t like Brock based on his personality (I’m also not keen on the guy either in that sense), some of your statements are just ridiculous. I really take exception to the coward bit. How can anyone who steps in the octagon/ring a coward? It’s just a stupid thing to say. Fighting a fellow professional who can do you serious damage in front of thousands in the arena and millions on tv is not something a coward would do. The simple fact is the guy’s stand-up was lousy and that was the best course of action. What can’t be denied though is that he’s probably the best amateur wrestler to ever set foot in the octagon, it’s just he proved that being amazing at one discipline simply isn’t enough these days. Same reason why Royce Gracie probably wouldn’t be half he fighter he was if he was still fighting today. As for the training camp being for 250 pounds plus, why not? He’s not going to fight people lighter than that so why train with them? I reckon he knew his time in the mma game was limited and that he had no time to learn new skills so why not focus on what he was good at? The dumb thing he did in all his losing bouts was not to go for the takedown at every opportunity. He should have just rushed overeem and seen where that took him, but you saw overeem in a crouched stance to defend the takedown and I don’t think Brock knew what to do from there. Most wrestlers would bide there time with a little stand up engagement and then shoot when the chance arises, but he wasn’t good enough to do that. I think essentially we are in agreement but our appreciation of the guys efforts are way apart. Why give the guy grief for trying to make it? Apart from his first fight, he always fought high level guys and you have to respect that. And he didn’t hide behind his family as a reason for his loss, he gave it as a reason for his retirement. He could easily carry on fighting and pick up another 400k, and the UFC would definitely put that fight on, but he chose to retire. I think he showed humility by retiring and basically admitting he wasn’t good enough.

      As for the midget comment, a midget is a dwarf right? I can’t see how anyone can call Lesnar of all people a midget. Makes no sense at all.

      • I’m sure a lot of people take exception to the coward statement. Brock and his promoters particularly, but I doubt I’m the only one that feels this way. I make the statement from observing how he turned his back and ran from Carwin, and collapsed in a heap offering no resistance. He didn’t fight back, and had no intention to. Cain beat him down similarly, and Overeem subdued him with a single leg kick to the liver. Devastating I know. I’m not saying it was a love tap, and he was softened up with a knee or two. But Randy Coutre collapsed from a viscous knee by Vera to the liver, endured the pain and fought on to win the decision. That’s what a true champion does, that’s how a real man reacts in the face of possible defeat, he presses on with what he has left. Given Brock’s attitude toward smaller men, under his own definitions as a 265+lb man, he should be able to endure more, but he consistently exhibits the ability to actually endure much much less.
        In addition, I doubt seriously Brock had a broken rib, he was in good enough condition 2 min after the fight to state his quiting, but then he couldn’t face the media for questioning with the rest of the fighters because he was recieving medical attention? That screams coward to me too. A different type of coward. After all, Cerrone talked his hype, gave Diaz the finger and then got the hell beat out of him 10 times worse than Brock did, and he showed up for the embarrasing post fight conference.

        Brock’s fight camp of 250 plus is strictly a statement on his part that if your not big like him, your not on the same level. But it did matter contrary to your statement, because he lost to a guy below 250 (Cain). Just because your a behemoth, doesn’t mean lighter smaller men can’t teach you anything. But that is the attitude Brock emits, and I take offense to it. It’s a bully mentality. And he collapsed and quit just like a bully does when faced with the slightest bit of effective resistance.
        I’m not saying he’s hiding behind his family because of the loss. I’m saying he’s playing the family ‘card’ to justify his quitting. He’s quitting. He quit with fights on his contract. He is a quitter. Afraid to fight again. Afraid to face the reality that he isn’t what he proclaimed to be. He can’t handle it, he can’t face the music. Those are the actions of a coward, not the actions of a humble man exhibiting humility as you might suggest.
        If Brock was anything that resembled a real man aside from physical stature he would openly admit he isn’t an MMA fighter deserving of the title or a title shot, that these other fighters are actually real fighters in an arena that he did not expect he couldn’t compete in. And that he is willing to finish his fight contract with the UFC against whomever they choose, and that he will do his best to put up a better fight to entertain the fans. But he didn’t
        It takes courage to admit you’re wrong. And Brock has none. So he attempts to play trump, with the ‘family card’.
        He isn’t worth 400k. He’s worth 8k. That’s the amount they pay the lowest paid fighters, and they actually fight for it.
        Yes, a midget is a dwarf. Mental midget means he has dwarfed mind. Small mind. Low intelligence. Not clever. Dim witted. Slow. It’s an insult. I know he isn’t really a mental midget, but his overconfidence in his size, and his disdain for shorter, smaller, weaker men, cripples his thinking capacity to the effectivness of someone who has a mental handicap.

        • Ah right, now I understand the mental midget stuff. An odd choice of metaphor, never heard it used in this country before hence the confusion. But yeah you’re probably right on that count, I think brock’s failure to see the bigger picture of mma led to his shortcomings. I remember when he was coach on TUF and they were talking about BJJ and I think he said something like “that **** don’t work when somebody’s punching you in the face”. Very naive.

  12. The funniest thing i think I’ve seen on these post are ‘I am not a Brock fan but I respect what he’s done.’. What has he done? Now I like Brock, as a person and as a competitor. He is a good ol’ boy that competes with confidence and intensity. But without talent as a fighter it’s all for not. He was given a career that legends dream of on a silver platter, and wasn’t able to deliver. Then he was given a second chance, and choked. Not sayin he couldn’t be great, but he would need to take fives steps back and train with talent not just his core gym. Expand his horizons like train with AKA, ATT, Extreme Couture. Then take some fights in a lower organization like Bellator, Dream, or Strikeforce. Once his other skills have developed then try the big boys again. Unfortunately he won’t do that. Why? Maybe no heart, maybe his pride is to great, or maybe he is too scared of fighting when he isn’t in the spotlight. Whatever the reason we may never see him again. Frankly I don’t want to see him again unless he has to work for something.

  13. TSS, you show that you know nothing about diverticulitis.

    • LOL…K….you know nothing of what I know and/or how I know it. What if I said I was the one a Doctor to rely on to make the referrals to specialists who fix this problem on a daily basis? What if I said Ive been through it myself? Look it up yourself on webmd…its not a disease, it will say almost verbatim what I said. Facts son, thats what makes my statement valid.

      As for the rest of you Brock fans still trying to justify him being good, get over it, he’s not. He never was, and he never would have been. Fitefan is 100% right in everything he said, which was exactly what I said. Deal with it, your poster boy is gone. You can make all the personal stabs at me you want, it does nothing to solidify your argument that Brock was good, just shows your immaturity and says to me you got nothing else to come back with except “your mom….” statements. LOLOL @ you.

  14. “Too scared to fight unless he’s in the spotlight.” I don’t think I’m smart enough to understand the concept behind that statement.
    I also don’t understand why people just gave the guy who said “brock only trains with guys who weigh over 250lbs” legitimacy. That is just simply untrue. He has smaller guys who train with him. Hell, the only partner they talked about on fight night was Pat Berry, who in less he ate a **** load of wheaties in the past few months, Is a bit under 250. He’s also had a few guys from his tuf show come to his gym afterward.
    I don’t think that how he did his gym was the best way to learn. But he decided he wanted to stay home, and he had the money to make it happen.
    By the way, the guys been willing in the past to readily admit when he hasn’t been good enough for something. If you check out an interview as to why he’s not in the nfl, or why he doesn’t wish to be.
    And I’m sure that Brock would just ball up to a Diaz attack. Getting hit by a Diaz, and by carwin is pretty much the same thing. Lol

  15. Lesnar has a option to wrestle for Japan again. Remember that WWE even tried to stop Lesnar from wrestling in Japan.

    I wouldn’t be surprised Lesnar goes back to NJPW or go to IGF instead of WWE

  16. New Year’s Resolution: stop posting and reading comments on MMA websites. Do you guys realize the idiots your comments make you look like? And it’s not just you, but ALL MMA fans on any website look as stupid as you. A bunch of TapOut wearing, lifted truck driving, Junie Browing types. Can’t hold a debate without resorting to name calling. It’s worse than debating which college football conference is better. You think MLB, NFL or NHL fans argue like bitches the way you do?

    • ^yes. Go look at it. Any time someones favorite team loses to someone elses its the refs fault then the whole argument starts. And FYI, just because you comment on an MMA site and because someone is an MMA fan doesnt make them “Tapout wearing, lifted truck driving, Junie Browning types”. Some of us actually come here and post with legitimate things to say. I think this site especially does a good job interacting with the fans as well. Writers and runners of the site come in and talk from time to time, which I personally think is really cool. Also, I have no problem debating something without resorting to name calling. I do find it ironic however that you’re making fun of people for name calling and yet there you are, name calling.

      • Isn’t this the point of these sites? For fans to debate their opinions? I think all the points made on here are valid, even if I don’t necessarily agree with them. And so what if there’s a little name calling here and there? Jeez it’s just a bit of fun, I’m sure none of us have cried ourselves to sleep after being called a name on here, but why jump in with the holier than thou stance? If you don’t like it go somewhere else where there’s no passionate discussion or gentle ribbing, I’m sure it’ll be a lot of fun. The fact is this thread has been one of the best in recent months and has provoked plenty of discussion.

    • Ememay,

      Your one post has had more name calling in it than all of ours put together here. And Elguapa and I posted some long posts of opposing views without resorting to calling eachother anything directly, and just barely indirectly ONE time.
      And you make the mistake of grouping all MMA fans into one profile. I must say, a brilliant execution of being the incarnation of the very thing you were trying to take a stand against.
      Better for you to apply a little bit of Quantam theory in your life…
      If you never go to another MMA website again then all of us will have stopped posting on them. Without your observation to prove otherwise then it will be in essence as if noone posts comments on MMA sites.
      And you can continue on with a much happier existence because something is surely eating away at you to come on here and vent against MMA fans directly without provocation.