Brock Lesnar UFC 141 Video: He’s in Over His Head

December 16, 2011
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In his UFC 141 official prefight video interview, former UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar says that Alistair Overeem is “in over his head” and doesn’t “realize the beast” he’ll face in the Octagon.

Check out the interview…

  • kylesmith

    Brock doesn’t realize how hard Alistair hits. He’ll take one punch or one knee from the ‘Reem and he’ll turtle up like he did in his last two fights.

  • judo johnson

    Brock is Doomed, he will know pain

  • Dud overeem is the buggiest ***** in the world he tapped to strikes from recardo aroma dud brock punches 1,000,000 times harder then recardo Arona as soon as lesnar hits him hell be tapping al the way back to strikeforce

  • Dud overeem has two ko losses to shogun and big nog koed him and subed him and he got koed by bobby hoffman who the **** is that dud overeem is bad I’ll see web lesnar ropes him a new ******* that dirty ugly ****

  • Karatonov and chuck liddell also koed him dud hes been beaten made time if lesnar try’s even just a Lil hell stop him

  • artoffighting

    @Stan-your just a fan of Brock, there’s no way you really believe what your spewing…but Brock’s your guy and that’s cool, but when your blogging these fight threads, be straight-up, don’t be bias with your statements, these bloggs are for fighters and fighting fans, reality, is what it is…the last two fights that your man Brock had was pathetic,any time a fighter, I don’t care what level of fighter he or she is, if they get get hit and turn their back on their opponent and retreat (Run), as if they were on the street, then that’s a little indication of some cowardness, I don’t want to get hit…he’s all tough guy when he’s dishing out the punishment, but when he has to absorb some of it he can’t stand-up. This fight isn’t going past the first three minutes…Bet money

    • opposition13

      Agreed, it will be interesting to see who knocks who out. Brock showed he can take punches in bunches and still be concious. I havent had the chance to see The Reem in action yet. Im pretty sure both are going to be surprised with each other’s punching power.

    • Obarmarama

      Not exactly artoffoghting. Anyone who says “oh Reem’s gonna smash him” or “Brock’s gonna destroy Overeem” really is a newbie, and doesn’t really know much about mma. But hey, that’s cool, as long as you enjoy watching the sport (this thing got as big as it did due to a diverse fan base). Brock gets rightly criticized about his reaction to being hit, and striking is definitely in favour of Overeem. However,despite the fact that every fight begins standing, wrestling usually dictates where the fight takes place, and Brock’s wrestling is another universe from Reem’s. On paper, the fight can go 2 obvious ways, Reem can ko/TKO Brock, likely in the early stages of the fight, or Brock can take him down and brutalize him on the ground. Further, as you may have seen, some wrestlers beat strikers in the standup, and standup fighters rarely put on good striking displays against wrestlers/ground fighters. If it were a pure kickboxing fight, that would not happen. Its because strikers are afraid of getting taken down, so they change their stance, are more cautious when committing to punches and kicks etc. Also, wrestlers can fake take down attempts and come over the top with an overhand hay maker, as Kevin Randleman did to Cro cop (and other examples). So while betting on the Reem to tko brock in 3 minutes is not a bad bet, it is not a certainty. Also, Brock is not a coward. He does not tap to strikes. He closes his eyes and gets confused, but certainly no coward. The guy survived a savage beating by Carwin, and still walked out in the second round and was ready to fight and win. Against Carwin, he took a huge knee to the head, like a hammer to a coconut, and completely lost his equilibrium. If you watch GSP discuss his loss to Matt Serra, he says that when he got hit, he lost his equilibrium, and was grateful to the ref for stopping the fight, as he could not intelligently defend himself. That is GSP. Now that sounds cowardly to me, but people think this guy is the greatest in the world, and wouldn’t say he was a coward. I’m betting on Brock to win by tapout to ground and pound in round 2, but it’s just a possibility.

  • mma24069

    I Don’t get why lesnar is so scared to take a hit, hes proved he can get his face beat in repeatedly and not get knocked out. If Lesnar gets an early take down he could have a chance to pound him out. If not I wouldn’t be surprised if he goes to the fetal position. I’m voting for Brock but betting on Reem

  • gorath

    I don’t think anybody is getting knocked out. They’re both going to gas out and it’ll go to decision.