Brock Lesnar: ‘The UFC is the Best of the Best’

December 27, 2011
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Former UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar didn’t know much about Alistair Overeem when he first found out about the match-up for UFC 141.

He readily admits that his focus has always been on the UFC heavyweights because they truly defined the best of the best.

Now Lesnar is ready to welcome Overeem to the Octagon and show him what it’s like to face one of the top level heavyweights in the world.

Check out what else Brock Lesnar had to say during Tuesday’s UFC 141 open workouts:

  • adice89

    haha this guy hates doing interviews. Pat Barry is a very good kickboxer but you cant compare a guy who is 5’11 to someone who is 6’5.

  • goldberg007

    He has got to be sick of those cameras flashing in his face! That would get old really fast.

  • tsszaltax

    Every question about fighting this guy answered with nonsense. I understand that he’s a fighter but my god learn how to talk to someone. “Um, uh, um….ya know…..”. I loved when asked about watching tapes of Overeem, he didnt say ANYTHING about it. He hasnt watched anything. Hell, he’s said before he doesnt care what his opponents are good at, all he cares about is what he’s good at. He dont know how to break a fighter down, or pick up what they’re good at. He knows NOTHING of the technical aspects of MIXED MARTIAL ARTS and yet here he is, 1 win away from another undeserving title shot because he sells tickets. I wished all his meat head fans would stick to WWE so this guy would stop being a draw and disappear from MMA.

  • moosetc

    Bunch of ****** haters brocks gonna kill reem. Iv never watched wwe in my life and I like Brock he’s a killer but I guess it’s hard telling this to a bunch of gsp and jon fitch fans

    • tsszaltax

      Take away Brocks size and the guy wouldnt even make it through TUF. Kimbo Slice is more of a mixed martial artist then this guy. He has size…..the end.

      • MikeMc1983

        I agree. Of he were a dwarf, he would suck as a fight… I don’t even get the concept behind that. It’s like saying if you take away jordons jumping ability he would suck at basketball… Well, right.
        Size alone isn’t winning anything. We learned that at UFC 1, and numerous times since.
        It’s his combination of size, speed, and agility that make him stand out.
        He’s just a guy who wants to compete. I don’t understand the people who hate on the guy for trying. Is it just because he was in wwe?

        • tsszaltax

          For a guy his size, I’ll give you he’s fast. But Agile? Did you see how he ran in the TUF challenge against Junior? This is a guy that was a stand out football player also and a try out for an NFL squad and got demolished by a dude who hadnt played foot ball since high school.

          Its not that he was in the wwe that makes me dislike him. Its all of his ridiculous wwe fans that love him that make me dislike him. When Im watching fights and all I hear are drunken idiots yelling “powerbomb him brock!!!!!!!!!!”. Its the fact that there is nothing technical about this guy in a sport called mixed martial arts. All he has are power shots for his stand up, nothing fluid and crisp about it. No head movement even. He doesnt respect his opponents enough to even do homework on them because “all I care about is what Im going to do, I dont care about what they’re gonna do”. I dont like how bias the UFC is towards a guy who sells tickets and doesnt really deliver. He’s the most undeserving person of a UFC but continues to get handed the golden goose because he makes money and thats all that matters. You actually telling me he deserved a title shot after mounting a 1-1 record in the UFC, only beaten Heath frickin Herring? Are you telling me he gets ktfo, takes 15 months off, comes back for 1 fight and if he wins he’s in for another title shot? Name one other fighter that gets another title shot 1 win out from getting KNOCKED OUT and losing it? Thats a challenge. You ask why I dont like him. There you have it. Some of it, or all of it may not be justified in your book but you asked so there you go.

  • The_Sheriff

    Anyone who is a draw, whatever the reason, is good for the sport. A WWE fan may tune in fan may tune in for Lesnar, but be enlightened by the Diaz/Cowboy fight or one of the other great match ups on the card. God forbid, but I’m hoping for a great fight between Lesnar and Overeem. It just might happen.

  • really brock we didnt know that lol

  • moosetc

    Is reem really that good he had to move up in weight to compete in mma couldnt handle any real good light heavywieght getting ko left and right got juiced up doubled in size beat a couple bumbs and got all you guys thinking he can beat brock that’s crazy he stands no chance number 2 heavyweight my ass any top ten fighter can beat this guy He’s only beat one guy in the top ten and I don’t think werdum even belongs there how can you put him above Cain that’s what really blows my mind

    • RealmmaFan

      so he got ko’d by some of the best light heavys ever so what how is it crazy that brock is the underdog overeem is one of the best strikers in the world let alone mma much much better than cain valasques who got knocked out in less time than werdum by JDS.

  • maddawgmar

    Overeem is a product af MMA, as opposed to Lesnar who is a MMA product. Overeem has been in ther with the best in the world, losing some winning some, he is finally at a point where he is the right size for his body and at the prime of his career. Lesnar, UFC’s Paris Hilton, has been exposed. He has a glass jaw. Easy to knock out, unless you have no gas (Shane Carwin). He can’t stop submissions. All he can do is take you down, lay on you and punch. I think Overeem has the skills to keep the fight to where Lesnar is at a disadvantage. But, any given day any fighter can beat anyone.