Brock Lesnar Returning to UFC is “Definitely a Possibility,” According to Dana White

January 16, 2014
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BrockLesnarUFC116_0035-460x270When Brock Lesnar debuted in the UFC in February 2008, he immediately became one of the biggest stars in the promotion. Events he headlined are among the biggest selling pay-per-views in the company’s history. Recently, there’s been chatter of a Lesnar return to mixed martial arts, and UFC president Dana White added to that speculation following UFC Fight Night 35 in Duluth, Ga., on Wednesday.

“Do we talk? Yeah, me and Brock talk,” said White. “I said recently that he’s said that he has some regrets with MMA because he wasn’t healthy because he was going through those stomach problems the whole time that he was here. So he has regrets.”

Lesnar won the heavyweight title in his third fight under the UFC banner, defeating UFC Hall of Famer Randy Couture at UFC 91 in November 2008. He defended the belt twice, but his championship reign was marred with health problems. In October 2009, Lesnar was forced to pull out of his scheduled UFC 106 fight against Shane Carwin due to illness. He was later diagnosed with diverticulitis, an intestinal disorder that required surgery. An interim title was created in his absence and Lesnar never regained the title. He retired from fighting in December 2011 after suffering back-to-back losses.

“He thinks a Brock Lesnar who is 100-percent could have done much better. I told him, you’re out of your (expletive) mind. You came in here with one fight and you became the heavyweight champion,” said the UFC president. “It was fun having Brock here. He has some regrets, and would he like to fight again? I’m sure he would. So we’ll see how this whole thing plays out. It’s definitely a possibility.”

There’s no question that illness affected Lesnar’s physical abilities, and he’s left questioning what could have been.

“It’s interesting. He became the heavyweight champion with diverticulitis. What would he have done without it? And he was, from the first day that he fought in the UFC until his last fight, he was suffering from it,” said White. “He never felt right and just didn’t know why, and then it really hit him. So he feels like he was fighting here at 40-percent.”

Following his retirement from mixed martial arts, Lesnar returned to professional wrestling in April 2012. He’s currently under contract with the WWE and will be until at least 2015. He’ll be 38 years old then, making a return seem unlikely.

Asked if the WWE and the UFC could share Lesnar’s services, White answered, “You never know.”

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  • El Gvapo

    Would be great to see him back. His standup was awful but his fights were always a lot of fun and something to look forward to. He won’t get anywhere near the gold though, but a Mir rubber match should be his first fight back if he does return.

    • drkdisciple

      If Brock fought Frank “Washed Up” Mir another ten times he would destroy him every single time.

      • JET

        You can’ t unscramble scrambled eggs.

      • Mr. Singh

        I dont think mir is really motivated to fight atm, but if the idea came about fighting lesnar one more time, the rubber match mir would instantaneously be re motivated to get back at this guy. Till this day whenever mir does an interview and anything related to the brock comes up his personality entirely changes and you can determine the hate he has for him. Like he said in the past “he wanted brock to be the first death in mma” that is a bold statement to say your going to end someones life in the octagon and say it publicly in an interview. Wow, fireworks.

      • WTF

        Lesnar left MMA with his tail between his legs.

  • I love Brock. Incredible wrestling credentials and always down for a fight. He’s a tough guy and all but I think he is way to far behind. Anybody he fights makes for an interesting match up though. I wouldn’t mind him and maybe Gonzoga or Josh Barnett. Guys with high level ground games and wrestling skills.

    • TheCerealKiller

      Barnett would be great, because Brock is not good against strikers. I would actually take Brock over the Roid-Master!

      • Ha ha. Yes I believe that match would be very entertaining. Barnetts high level grappling and submission skills against Lesnars power double and top control.

        • TheCerealKiller

          In all seriousness, I see it like this;
          1. Cain Velasquez – lose again
          2. Junior dos Santos – lose
          3. Daniel Cormier – win
          4. Fabricio Werdum – win
          5. Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva – win
          6. Josh Barnett – win
          7. Travis Browne – lose
          8. Frank Mir – win
          9. Alistair Overeem – 50/50
          10. Mark Hunt – win

          Palhares couldn’t take a punch either, but still fun to watch!

          • Maddawgmar

            Wow your stretching. Overeem already destroyed him, he’d do it again. Cormier is a way better wrestler than him, and would beat him standing. I even see Bigfoot beating him. This guy needs to stay retired, he isn’t gonna threaten.

          • MuayThaiFood

            Agree, the only guy I see him beating on that list is Mir. Cormier would turtle him up and smash him.

          • Dragon Kid

            I could see Lesnar beating hunt on the ground. Hunt has no ground game whatsoever.

          • I really like the sound of DC and Bigfoot Silva fighting Lesnar.

          • Mr. Singh

            Regardless of the outcome majority of these fights would be fun to watch. But i do feel he can beat brown if he goes for the take down and puts all his weight on him if he comes at 290.

          • WTF

            In all seriousness he would probably lose to all of them.
            You have him ranked at about 4th in the world!?
            Dude, he is a joke that beat a few HW pretenders and Mir.
            If he got hit he would turtle and had no place in an elite MMA ring.
            He didnt even know how to use gaurd or how to defend himself.
            Brock Lesnar is dangerous but isnt a top 10 fighter in MMA or even a good MMA fighter.
            His last few fights were pathetic.

    • Mark McDowall

      People dont remember Brock’s college career, They just see him as a WWE guy. He is a very accomplished wrestler. He just has a bit of a glass jaw…he can lay guys out…but he can’t take the shots.

      • taylor2008

        He was a great wrestler in college. I think he won something like 100 matches and lost 2. Problem is that this is MMA and not wrestling. He has a hard time against good strikers with good take down defense. and has a glass jaw like you said.

      • I wouldn’t mind seeing him back but only if he stops doing WWE.

      • David

        Dude Brock Lesnar has one of the toughest chins I’ve ever seen!!! He took big hits from Carwin and Velasquez. People make the mistake of saying he has a glass chin when he has an iron chin. His problem is that he doesn’t know how to react when getting punched in the face. Dos Santos for instance has no problem getting punched because he’s a striker. A good striker doesn’t react to a punch and implements their standup. Brock is a wrestler with no standup. If he was to train in boxing or Muay Thai and work on staying composed when getting punched he will be a threat!!! But at his age idk. It takes years.

        • deepgrim

          i agree with you on the jaw, carwin barely touched gongaza and he ko’d, so when lesnar fought him he was the first person to make it past a round with carwin. i believe his striking defence is terrible but when he was taking people down you down really have to worry about that. if he really goes back to wrestling and is at full power he can beat alot of heavyweighs, dont think his stand up will ever be good enough

  • taylor2008

    Bring him back against the top guys in the UFC and you will see him running away because he got hit or turtling up on the ground. Stay in the WWE Brock.

  • Rum Runner

    He came into the UFC when the HW division was weak. He would get destroyed now- 40 or 100%.

  • tinkywinky

    Well they do need a money maker since gsp and AS are out

  • Licky Mydicky

    It was fun having Brock in the UFC because of his size and strength. Unfortunately, he can’t take a punch.

    • Dragon Kid

      Name value was a big reason why he got offered a title shot so quick along with putting asses to seats.


    OFFCOURSE !!! Anything is POSSIBLE… Brock wouldn’t want to return after taking that @$$ Whooping from Cain !!! still carry that scar on his cheek

  • Jeffery Jones

    He would just get his ass whooped again. First punch or kick to the guts and he’ll turtle up in a heartbeat.


    He would have to really work on his boxing, head movement, kicks and strike defense in general. A coach that could show him how to counter. There are some fun fights left for him in the UFC. Brock vs Big Country, Matt Mitrione, Soa Palelei, Rothwell, Schaub, & Hunto would all be entertaining!

    • Dragon Kid

      Soa Palelei is too well rounded and would drop Lesnar easy & finish him like he did with Pat Barry. In other news I’m surprised Rothwell still has a job with UFC

  • knockout67

    How sad as well as pathetic is Dana White..Brock Lesnar is a Joke.Looks like Dana is desperate for ppv buys..

    • horace

      Lesnar is a weak jawed steroid wimp who has a glass jaw. Uriah faber beats Brock. all it takes is hit the gorilla in the jaw.

  • horace

    Brock the white gorilla cannot take a punch so what does he do. UFC is fake like the WWE.

  • horace

    Lesnar is nothing but a muscle bound steroid freak with a glass jaw who folds like a towel when hit.

    • Alex Anderson

      say what you will about him, but he doesn’t have a glass jaw. He tended to close his eyes and flinch and turn away too often because he wasn’t a well trained striker, but actually he’s been hit pretty hard, especially by carwin, and I was amazed at how resilient he was and how quickly he was able to recover.

  • Mr B

    Just lost his current golden hen, time to bring back the old one?

  • horace

    Take that white gorilla Lesnar off steroids and Brock would weigh 170lbs.

  • tomppanaattori

    There is no way in hell he could challence Cain or JDS. I never seen him as a mixed martial artist, he just has good wrestling and crazy strenght. Not a great mix of skills for a succesful career in a sport that now has some real talented beasts out there.