Brock Lesnar Reportedly Bailing on WWE in 2015; UFC Return Imminent?

December 28, 2014
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Everyone, it seems, is in the Brock Lesnar sweepstakes. Everyone but his current employer, that is.

Currently working for the WWE, the former UFC heavyweight champion has long been the subject of a possible return to mixed martial arts, where the UFC would eagerly welcome him back. Added to the fray, however, is Bellator MMA, whose president, Scott Coker, has also expressed a strong desire to lure Lesnar to the fold.

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While Lesnar is currently a WWE Superstar and operating as the professional wrestling organization’s heavyweight champion, his contract is reportedly up after March of 2015. Having battled health issues during his first UFC tour, there is also strong speculation that a now-healthy Lesnar wants to give mixed martial arts another run.

Brock Lesnar vs Randy CoutureThose flames of speculation received significant fuel in the form of a recent report from Dave Meltzer in his Wrestling Observer newsletter, which said that WWE officials are currently operating under the expectation that Lesnar is leaving when his contract is up.

While much of the chatter surrounding Lesnar has been just that, chatter, Meltzer is the leading crossover expert on the subjects of MMA and pro wrestling, which gives much more credence to the idea that Lesnar could be formulating a plan to return to the cage.

“The Lesnar people always keep things quiet, but within the company, the belief is that he’s going back to UFC, and his showing up lighter to TV last week confirmed that to people who thought it,” Meltzer said in the Wrestling Observer.

Like many others, UFC president Dana White heard rumblings of a possible Lesnar return to MMA months ago, and he would most readily welcome his company’s biggest pay-per-view star ever back with open arms.

“If Brock wants to come back, I have a great relationship with him, the door is open for him,” said White in November. “And if he doesn’t, I wish him all the best.”

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And while White believes the UFC is the only option that Lesnar would consider if he did return to fighting, Coker believes that Bellator, backed by Viacom’s deep pockets, could make a run at acquiring Lesnar’s services.

“I think that he’s a big needle mover,” Coker said on a recent episode of The MMA Hour. “There have been several years that have passed and I think that he still has the WWE limelight. So, I think that he still has a lot of star power, but to come back and say, ‘Hey, I want to train, I want to commit, I want fight,’ that’s going to be a big commitment on his part. We haven’t had a conversation yet, but we’d like to at some point.”

White, however, doesn’t believe that Lesnar would consider Bellator as a reasonable option. It’s UFC or bust.

“Brock Lesnar wouldn’t go to Bellator. Brock wants to fight the best guys in the world. The best guys in the world are [in the UFC],” said White.

The question remains, however, that even if Lesnar doesn’t re-up with WWE when his current contract runs out, does that necessarily mean that he’d return to mixed martial arts?

Lesnar is now 37 years of age and hasn’t fought in three years. That’s a lot of catching up to do, even if UFC champion Cain Velasquez has been sidelined for the past year.

If Lesnar does return, his suitors will be waiting.

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  • Riddler81

    He would sell a lot of PPVs but I don’t see him beating anyone in the top 10. Maybe Bigfoot…

    • Seth

      I like your way of thinking, but I see him beating anyone outside top 5, which is only legit group at HW. Hell, Big Country could lose – he keeps spamming his right hand, he’s not the hardest guy to take down (and Lesnar has hell of a wrestling skills, plus his beast-like strenght) and I would bet a lot on a fact that Big Country won’t submit anyone off of his back.

      • Jimm Paine

        Brock would destroy everyone in the ufc the only two guys that will give him a fight are cain and maybe JDS. JDS didnt look so good on his last fight. He doesn’t look like the same fighter. Reem is off roids so Brock would smash him in the 1st round. Brock would kill bigfoot. Work bitch out mir. And for all the tall goofy wannabe hvywghts he would just bitch slap them to victory. Cain is hurt and also not the same fight. Brock can beat cain with a good game plan.

        • The Prognosticator

          This response has to be a troll. Anyone with any MMA knowledge knows that Brock Lesnar could not beat Fabricio Werdum, Travis Browne, Stipe Miocic, or Mark Hunt. Alistair Overeem would also viciously TKO Brock Lesnar again in a rematch. Brock Lesnar would be lucky if he could maintain a ranking from 7-10 in the UFC.

          • Wardsize

            I don’t think Overroid would win in a rematch with Brock. If you recall Overroid tested positive for elevated testosterone after the victory, 16:1 with a 9 month suspension, and the Vanilla Gorilla was still recovering from having his intestines removed.

          • The Prognosticator

            I disagree. Alistair Overeem showed in their first fight that he could stuff Brock Lesnar’s takedowns with relative ease. In addition, Brock Lesnar was also a steroid user who is now clean, so that argument cuts both ways. Finally, Brock Lesnar’s improved health does not, in any way, mean that he can now take punches and kicks to the head and body without being hurt. The fact remains that Brock Lesnar is a well below average striker who would not stand a chance against Alistair Overeem in a rematch if the fight remains standing for any length of time, and considering the ease with which Alistair Overeem stuffed Brock Lesnar’s takedowns last time, it likely would.

          • Wardsize

            Im not a big Brock fan, but he was never busted for steroids. Overroid was busted after the Brock fight. Post fight drug test. Without test he would get manhandled by Brock.

          • The Prognosticator

            I apologize. The 2003 charges against him for possessing steroids were dropped. It is claimed that the substances were growth hormone, which I believe is now a banned substance. Either way, his amazing growth in mass over his lifetime is quite suspect.

          • Hahaha. Come on man, people like Brock don’t exist. Nobody gets that big. I don’t care what genes you have, anyone with a basic knowldge of training and the human body understands that you cannot even come close to a body like that without some help. Well, a lot of help. I don’t care if he got busted or not, look at him man hahah. So bringing up Overeems roid use in a Brock discussion is just really really silly.

          • TheCerealKiller

            Brock was huge in high school.

          • Yeah, you keep eating them veggies and proteins Brock! I just heard you were huge at highschool as well which makes it perfectly normal your traps reach your ears.

          • nose trappacante

            Hard to have lessoner strut with a mess in yur gut

        • Fredjack

          Please Brock is 37 now it’s not like he was 25. It’s to late to become a good fighter and he dosen’t look to have the will to fight and train like DC, GSP, Cain etc. I know GSP (were not BFF) and let me tell you that I don’t think he have anything special with his DNA except of discipline, focus and heart that’s what make true fighter.

        • Seth

          Cain would just school him again, JDS would punch the life out of him – Barnett MAYBE could do something to him, because that’s just one nasty mofo, with which I wouldn’t mess around EVER. Our so-called “champion” could handle him too – Werdum got his standup together and his ground game is as sharp as ever. I would also bet against Lesnar in a fight Vs Travis Browne, who is not only skilled and dangerous, but tricky as well. So there is 5 HWs I would bet on against Lesnar. But rest? Using one of his co-workers catchphrases to make it short and sweet – Wake up, it’s feeding time.

        • sean

          “BROCK would destroy everyone in the ufc” is possibly the silliest statement I’ve ever heard!! Have you ever watched ufc??? Werdum, hunt, dos Santos, velasquez, brown, miocic, overeem. There’s 7 heavyweights he couldnt beat on his best day. How about I get into the light heavyweights he can’t beat either. Cormier, Jones, gustuffson, Johnson. Seriously wwe fan! I’ll tell you now, if the have a good standard up game brock don’t have a chance, good takedown defence, brock don’t have a chance, good jujitsu, brock don’t have a chance. Brock was good but he got lucky because of the time he burst on to the screen. Believe me! Brock lesner could not beat everyone in the ufc!!! Stick to watching wwe mate

        • nose fertitta

          so you would agree that Brock is a Lessoner

        • cheflacsto

          Your statement is silly. Brock destroys everyone. Overeem would destroy him again, Cain and JDS would absolutely destroy him. He turtles up as soon as he gets hit. Travis Brown would handle him, as well as Stipe. Maybe he could beat Hunt if he could get him down, but would lose otherwise. I only see 2 or 3 guys in the top ten that I could see him beating.

      • shakejunt

        i actually like the thought of that fight a lot and i’d like to see it play out, but the only guys i can see him actually coming back for are like “marquee” matches with names or rematches. he’s not gonna be working the ladder.

    • nose challenger

      Brock really is a lessoner

  • Frankinsensed

    He might want to fight the best guys but he also wants to be the champ, and he won’t be able to be that in the UFC. He’s got a better shot in Bellator.

  • RubeKegal

    He is NOT coming back to MMA, MMAWeekly always pulls this bs when his WWE contract renewal is up in the air.

  • mmafanguy

    For all do respect to this guy I don’t think he sould come back. He is like 37 yrs old dosen’t have a solid mma background. Ok I heard that he never fought healty but I think it’s too late now. the only think he could do is fight guy at the bottom of the top 10.

  • Dan

    I can’t imagine him coming back – he got the shit beat out of him on his way out (even in the Carwin fight he took a beating.) On the other hand, if he does come back, huge respect to him – doesn’t need it and the odds are against him. I’d tune in one time to see what happened.

  • Brock Lesnar Fan

    Prognostigator is 100 percent correct in all his posts. Clearly Brock is playing these organizations against each other so he can get the most cash possible out of WWE when it comes time to re sign. He is a business man and his plan is working perfectly. Everyone is falling for it, even Meltzer which suprises me. No chance in hell Brock fights again ever. Zero upside. No need to. He was the UFC Heavyweight Champion of the world and defended it successfully twice. I would like to see him show up in New Japan Wrestling though. 2015 is gonna be great for MMA either way.

    • The Prognosticator

      Thanks for the praise pal!

  • John Youwer

    If Brock comes back, hope he gets his butt kicked so bad the 1st fight, he never shows his face in the cage again. The guy is a A-Hole. pretty much the male Rhonda Rousey.

    • Guest

      you’re an idiot.

      • John Youwer

        Stick with watching gay men in tights little boy.

    • HooahJuice

      Go back to the playground

      • John Youwer

        Oh, big bad comeback. Layoff the bong and go back to watching fake wrestling shows.

        • HooahJuice

          Wrestling? I have not watched wrestling since demolition added a third person and the bong comment….no idea why you would say that.

        • Informed One

          Wow John, what do you have against these two? RR is one of the greatest fighters of any combat sport, regardless of gender. She talks a lot to get attention, and it worked, she is making cash. It seems you don’t like people to be successful, so perhaps you can step into the cage for peanuts and get your head caved in? Im sure many of us would like to see that.

          • John Youwer

            So because I don’t like Brock or RR that means I don’t want people to be successful according to you. and that I should step into the cage because of it. WOW, So if you don’t like a actor or singer does that mean you should try acting and singing? According to what you just said that’s what you should do. See how stupid your comment was. Just because I don’t care for these two, doesn’t mean I which for them to be poor and unsuccessful. Sorry but I have seen RR treat people like crap who where just trying to meet her in Vegas. I find her to be a rude to people who help her make the money she makes. I have meet plenty of UFC fighters in my days and she is by far one of the rudest. So was Matt Hughes. But most are great to meet and chat with for a minute or two.

  • hyperbole

    Had this been 10 years ago, the switch would have mattered. Though his athleticism might be tops in the heavyweight division outside of Cain and his outstanding cardio and pace, his standup will never be good enough. He’s too old to learn enough to be instinctual when in trouble or dazed on the feet. I have to say Brock did have a formidable chin… He was blasted by hard punches, but never went out completely in his losses. Though when dazed he just didn’t have any striking defense to fall back on. His stomach will always be his weakness as Reem showed with hard knees to the gut. If he were serious, Bellator would be good to start, maybe a three fight deal, then try the big show. But by then his power and explosiveness may have diminished. I’m not a hater, whatever he does, good luck. He’s exciting, polarizing, and a physical specimen. It just maybe too late to add the skill set he needs.

  • Scooby

    This dude got his ass kicked in his last fights. Why even consider signing him? Just because he’s big?

    • Nixon

      Why do people still rate Mir? He’s been KO’d loads lately. Brock is a monster and a money maker, his fights generated the highest in ufc history.

  • Robert Jones

    Brock vs kimbo winner takes all

  • Robert Jones

    Please dont do it brock u might get kill this time i love u

  • Muaythai4life

    So here’s what I think (like anyone cares); it takes great courage to fight. Having a fight scheduled it basically like having that “meet me by the flag pole after school” moment, but instead of fretting over it for a few hours, you get to fret over it for a couple months. It sucks, it sucks bad. So I tip my hat to any professional fighter who steps in the ring/cage.
    That being said, fighting isn’t for everyone. Age/skill/athleticism/talent are important aspects, along with heart. Brock has heart, anyone who questions that, go look at the Shane Carwin fight, it takes heart to come back from an absoluely dismal round 1. But Brock is older, his skill as a wrestler is superb, but as a striker he’s a novice. Even if he was keeping up with his striking training while in the WWE, he hasn’t had fights. He’s also 37, and while his cardio is pretty good, that was displayed when he was 34, who really knows where it will be now. Plus he is an inexperienced fighter, yes an inexperienced former world champ, but inexperienced all the same, look at how much adrenline he dumpe in the Cain fight? He was gassed at about the 30 second mark.
    Brock has courage, and if he comes back I’ll respect that, but at his age and talent level, I don’t see him being a relevant fighter, and I think Brock has too much pride to go out and try to be anything but the top guy I don’t expect to see him back.

  • Eddie N Tina Kessler

    I read one article saying fighters are suing because of lack of pay because of the UFC. Then in this article I read that Coker says Bellator backed by Viacoms deep pockets could lure Lesner. Well which is it?

  • TheCerealKiller

    UFC 200: The return of Brock & GSP!

  • dandogood

    Lesnar that white gorilla steroid pumped up muscle bound ape cannot take a punch. Lesnar has a chin like a frail girl.

  • Billy

    If Lesnar really was planning a return to MMA all this time, who is to say he hasn’t been doing a lot of training and sparring the last 3 years to polish up some striking gaps he had along with taking a punch? If this is the case, I would expect to see a Beast indeed returning to the cage….Don’t sleep on him is all I’m saying