Brock Lesnar Ready to Prove He’s Still the Baddest Dude on the Planet

November 8, 2011
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Brock Lesnar at UFC 87

Brock Lesnar at UFC 87

In just over a month, former UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar will finally return to the UFC Octagon as he faces Alistair Overeem.

Lesnar is now fully recovered from surgery to help him recover from a crippling bout with diverticulitis, and he’s ready to get back in action.

The former heavyweight champion recently sat down with close friend and co-author of his autobiography Paul Heyman to talk about his health, his role in the new WWE: 12 video game and of course his upcoming match-up with Alistair Overeem.

While his words were short and to the point, Lesnar knows that Overeem is going to try to build his name off of the back of the former UFC champion, but he’s here to let the giant Dutchman know that he’ll be sorely disappointed come Dec. 30.

“I don’t have a lot to say to Alistair Overeem,” Lesnar stated. “Here’s a guy who is getting his chance to make his name in the UFC, and unfortunately for him there’s a gatekeeper that stands in his way and that’s Brock Lesnar.”

A confidence seems to be reappearing with Lesnar as he comes back from the surgery, and is finally healthy for the first time in a few years.

He says he’s able to eat normally again and his training is going well. All of that added together spells disaster for Overeem when they meet at UFC 141.

“I will prove on that night that I am once again and will always be the baddest dude on the planet,” Lesnar said.

As far as long term goals go, Lesnar isn’t looking at this fight as a step back to competing or just another fight. The Minnesota based fighter wants a shot to reclaim the UFC heavyweight title, and if he’s victorious against Overeem, there’s little doubt he’ll get the chance.

“I will once again be UFC heavyweight champion of the world,” said Lesnar.

Check out the full interview from Paul Heyman who also finds out the one match in WWE history that Lesnar never got that still sticks in his gut.

  • wonggfan

    Overeem is a question mark but so is Brock.

    As long as Cain and JDS are in the UFC, Brock will have difficult time becoming champion again.

  • I’m sick of Brock Lesnar. I’ve never approved of him being in the UFC. Sure, he beat Randy and Mir and others, but in my eyes he is not a martial artist. He’s just a huge guy who learned how to wrestle and used his size. Then, of course, he blew up on steroids while on the WWE. I don’t admire him at all. I admire guys like Cain, JDS, Randy, Allistair, Minotauro and others who are skilled and beat guys who outweigh them by 50 pounds. Anybody who is as big as Brock Lesnar and got the millions he got through the WWE can do what he did. It’s just a matter of putting in the time. He’s not a real fighter, a real martial artist!!! I think that if he loses to Overeem, he should get canned from the UFC and made to win several fights in lower level shows before coming back!!!

    • shakejunt

      1) “just a huge guy who learned how to wrestle”
      … he’s been wrestling since high school

      2) “i admire… allistair…”
      … double standard on juicing?

      3) “just a matter of putting in the time”
      … you think aldo was just born a fighter?

      4) he won’t get cut, win or lose. he draws too many fans and, whether you like it or not, runs through just about everyone outside of top 10

      No, I don’t see him winning, but it’s not like he’s kimbo…

    • emoney911

      to be honest i always thought lesnar was way overated he beat a washed up harring and couture the only time i was ever impressed by him was his win over frank but i knew cain would rape him i made an easy 5 off of him cain isnt like carwin who gasses after 1 minute and ya as long as jds and cain are in that divison lesnar wont get that belt back

  • bajafox

    Brock got one thing right, he’s definitely the gatekeeper, but as far as ever having the belt again, I doubt it.

    • wonggfan


      I think he was using the term gate-keeper differently than what you have in mind.

      What you have in mind is Cheick Kongo or Roy Nelson, fighters that are used as measuring sticks.

      Brock is not a gate-keeper. He is a contender.

      • bajafox

        I was just using his own words, I should have added an “lol” at the end to make my comment seem more like a joke than something serious.

        I know Brock is a contender, but even you said as long as JDS and Cain are there, he’ll have a hard time getting the belt back. I don’t see JDS and Cain going anywhere, so “gatekeeper” status might very well be in Brocks future

        • wonggfan

          so true. I just can’t believe how stacked the division is now. Frank Mir may never get another shot at the title. The two guys that raped him got raped by JDS and Cain.

          • tsszaltax

            The only 2 guys that raped him were monsters who really belong in a division of their own. K, sure, if he was a “real contender” he would have found a way to beat them like Cain and JDS. But everyone has their weakness, and muscle bound 300 lb gorillas must be Mirs weakness. Doesnt mean Mir is out of title contention because he lost once to a guy he beat once and to an interim champ that practically mirrors the first.

          • wonggfan

            “Doesnt mean Mir is out of title contention because he lost once to a guy he beat once and to an interim champ that practically mirrors the first.”

            Uhh…but that doesn’t mean that he is a contender also. Lesnar wouldn’t lose to Mir again. And Carwin could just do what he did before.

            By your logic Fedor is still the p4p best and we are still in the dormant stage of Machida era.

          • tsszaltax

            You’re right, he’s not a contender. Sorry. He’s only been a top 10 heavyweight most of his entire career but that means nothing. To real MMA fans, Carwin and Lesnar are just freaks of nature. Theres nothing special about them. Both will be out of the UFC by the end of 2013, of not 2012. Mir is more of a MIXED martial artist then the two of them combined.
            As for the last part of your retarded comment, Ive NEVER, EVER said Fedor was p4p best. And there was no Machida era, unless you count 1 title defense that should have been a loss to begin with.

  • MikeMc1983

    I get that Brock can be an easy guy to dislike. He’s quite brash, and probably even plays that up a bit.

    But I can’t really see people’s problem putting him in a cage.
    The guy has been a world class freak athlete pretty much his entire life.
    To say he blew up on roids in the wwe is pretty lame too. There’s pictures on the net of him at 16 bigger, and more cut then he is now. If he did get all the size from roids he started at an incredibly young age. And if anything while in the wwe he got smaller. (he’s much smaller now)

    Your right about the size advantage, but what’s he suppose to do? Not fight because other guys aren’t high enough in the weight class range?

    I’m not sure that I really like the guy, or think he’s the best heavyweight out there. However, I will say that it’s a treat to watch a guy with that size, strength, speed and agility perform athletic feats. Watching a wwe highlight real of him is incrediable. He was able to do things that “pro wrestling” had never seen before. But he quit that because he wanted to acually compete. He gave up a ton of money so he can have competition in his life. I think all competitive people can respect him for that.

  • wonggfan

    “He gave up a ton of money so he can have competition in his life.”

    Not entirely true. He had to leave WWE because of some internal politics. He had differences with Vince.

    He was in his late 20’s when he left the WWE. He had to find a second career. So he tried football. He didn’t have such a bright future in that sport.

    So he was unemployed for two to three years. And then he went to MMA. His first fight was in K-1 Heroes against Minsoo Kim. He did extremely well. UFC signed him immediately, seeing the marketability potential and his skills.

    This is the funny thing. Brock loses to Frank Mir and beats Heath Herring. Then he gets a title shot even though Nog, Werdum, and Mir were more deserving. At that time, Dana’s biggest pain was Fedor, who was destroying his former champs outside the UFC and taking legitimacy away from UFC. UFC had just purchased Pride so it made no sense that it had to co-promote with anyone. It paid its monopoly fee to former Pride owners.

    Then for a while Brock vs Fedor dream match was being entertained for a year or two. That would have been the biggest MMA fight to date. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen.

    Brock then got sick. Then recovered. Then fought Shane Carwin, who was undefeated. He got destroyed by Carwin but came back the second round impressively.

    Everyone thought Lesnar was undefeatable. He was just too big and strong for anyone. If you were to have asked me, I would have said, “Lesnar could beat Ken Shamrock and Dan Severn at the same time.”

    Then came Cain Velasques. Brock got destroyed. Now people started putting the Carwin fight (the first round) with the Cain fight.

    We have no idea what type of mental stage Brock is in. It may be that he is mentally broken after the Cain fight so that even Roy Nelson can beat him. On the other hand, maybe he is still dangerous.

    Only time will tell.

    He has a huge fight coming up with Overeem. Both of the fighters have so much to gain and so much to lose. The loser may never get a chance at the belt.

    -The End-

  • wonggfan

    Just wanted to say that Ariel Helwani is annoying.

    • Black Belt

      This is coming from the world’s biggest and most annoying ASSHOLE: wonggfan!

  • MikeMc1983

    He didn’t have to leave the wwe. In fact he was sued when he left. No one really knows why he left. He said it was because it was tearing his body apart. (he did quit after jacking his neck up bad doing a shooting star press from the top rope)

    He had one of the fastest rises to fame in wwe/wwf history. They have wanted him back all along.

    He also said he left because he missed competition and then tried out for the Vikings. (nfl). Early reports was that he was apart of late cuts, but then it came out that he quit. He never played much football. And he’s been quoted multiple times saying he wasn’t cut out for the nfl. Even though he had the athletic ability pro football isn’t something you can really pick up on your own when never being taught traditionally. That’s pretty much a summery of what he said about the nfl. I think he also said he’d end up getting killed if he continued.

    Around the time that came to an end his suit was coming to a close. He’d wanted to do mma but the breach of contract he was being sued for was holding that back. When that got handled is when he contacted Dana. The rest pretty much everyone knows. The wwe suit that they came to terms with made everyone keep their mouth shut, so there’s a bit of speculation.

    Wwe seems to be able to include mma events as part of their “non compete” contracts. That’s why some of the guys have waited as long as they have. Lashly, Bautista, etc. I doubt any of those guys want to burn the wwe bridge. They were all pretty good. Some great, but wwe just crushes their bodies. Brock seemed to see that coming, though not fast enough to avoid it completely. His neck injury was pretty bad from what I heard. You can YouTube brock lesnar shooting star press botched. It’s pretty knarley. If you haven’t seen him do it. You should check out the ones not botched as well. Whether a fan of wwe or not, it’s amazing seeing that guy do that move. Usually only the little high flyers do it. Wwe only let’s 2 guys do it nowadays. After Brock’s mishap no one was aloud for awhile.

    • wonggfan

      Lol @ a 28 year old using hearsay as evidence!

      Brock said he wanted competition. Therefore, he must have really wanted competition. Nice argument!

      Listen man. Just go get a college degree somewhere. I know you don’t have one. Your spelling is horrible. Your grammar is horrible. Your arguments are shit.

    • wonggfan


      Let me correct some of your spelling. Your grammar is horrible but it will take me too long.

      summary not summery

      non-compete clause not non compete clause

      allowed not aloud

      • Black Belt

        Jesus Christ, wonggfan, we get it. You think you are a genius and everyone else is stupid. NOBODY on this site likes you, and nobody on this site cares about what you think. Who cares if he doesn’t spell perfectly? Who cares if he made mistakes? We get what he is trying to say, and the rest of us can accept it and move on. This might shock you, wonggFAG, but everyone makes mistakes, and nobody is perfect…including you!

        “Listen man. Just go get a college degree somewhere. I know you don’t have one. Your spelling is horrible. Your grammar is horrible. Your arguments are shit.” Yeah, that really makes you sound brilliant. Because we all know that beating up on someone that may or may not be less intelligent than you are screams to the world how great you are, right? Like your parents have probably told you all of your life: You are truly an asshole.

        You will continue to believe that you are making intelligent and witty declarations about anything & everything, but you are only impressing yourself. I am sure when you see your comments posted on this site you get very excited and call upstairs for mommy to come down and read them, but nobody else cares about you. I am guessing that you are single, have no children, very few friends, and, aside from mom and a house full of cats, you are a pretty lonely guy. But guess what…nobody knows, and nobody gives a shit! At the end of the day, you are a know-it-all that knows nothing. You chide others for speculating, when your posts are full of YOUR OPINIONS.

        This is for MikeMc1983, and everyone else on this site: Fuck off wonggfan! I can only imagine what your mother and father did to you as a child to make you such an immense asshole that is so easy to dislike.

  • wonggfan

    Obviously you care enough to write a page reply.

    No one cares about spelling? Are you serious?
    MikeMc is 28 years old. You don’t see anything wrong with that?

    Oh wait…I get it…you don’t have a college degree…lol.

    • Black Belt

      Of course people care about spelling, you jackass. That doesn’t give you the right to shit all over people just because they make mistakes. This isn’t a job interview. You do it to belittle anyone that has an opposing view from you. You do it to make people feel like you are superior. That makes you a dick.

      For example, your statement to him was:


      Let me correct some of your spelling. Your grammar is horrible but it will take me too long.

      summary not summery

      non-compete clause not non compete clause

      allowed not aloud”

      The way you started it off with, ‘dude.” was not grammatically correct. Your statement that said, “Your grammar is horrible but it will take me too long” is not a complete sentence, and literally makes no sense. Aside from this instance, and me trying to show you what a jerk you are, nobody is going to insult you just because of that.

      You are just trying to make the guy look like an idiot SOLELY because he doesn’t align himself with your beliefs and opinions. You are a lonely, bitter, little person.

      Not that it’s any of your business, or that it should even matter, but I do indeed have a college degree. To constantly boast that I have a degree means nothing to anyone on this site. They are not here to see my resume or know about me personally. It is your insecurities that force you to constantly tell us how smart you are. It is your insecurities that have you pulling out your college degree to anyone that will listen. If you really are as smart as you claim to be, you would know that having a college degree doesn’t mean your opinions are correct, or more important than anyone elses on this site.

      Haven’t you noticed how everyone on here hates you? Maybe you are really a nice guy. Maybe your just a keyboard warrior that likes to make people think you are something greater than you are. Either way, please take your nasty, venemous insults, along with all of your 3rd grade “lol” posts and fuck yourself. Your mother is the only one you are impressing on this site with your worthless, ridiculous rants. She may blindly worship you and think you are great and special. We do not.


    wonggfan shut the fu@k up. Bitch!

    • Black Belt

      Thanks for proving my point Law of Fist! Wonggfan is an asshole!

  • The problem with Brock is that his body mechanics do not allow him to ever become a word class striker or kicker. He has a genetic gift of raw power and durability. Absolutely. And I would never take away his earned success as a wrestler. But in todays UFC you have to be more well rounded to be champion. He came in at a time when the heavies were suffering a bit of a shortage. His timing was great because he was able to bum rush through a few old timers and make himself look great.
    Put in a rehabbed and lighter Carwin with a good gas tank, JDS, Cain, Alistair, and Daniel Cormier if he makes it to UFC and Brock has problems. I think DC is going to be an up and comer this year.

  • and BTW, while I don’t typically like to get into other people’s arguments it should be pointed out that 28 is old enough to have gotten a BA, JD, and Masters. So without knowing one person’s specific history it is quite foolish to call him out based on age only.

    By the time I was 28 I was making well over $100k per year as a consultant advising large and small companies all over the US and Canada. I never had a CEO or CFO tell me that because I was only 28 they didn’t want my information.

    Just some thoughts there….

  • MikeMc1983

    Wong really has a hard on about me being 28. I can only imagine what will happen after my next birthday, and then oh no, I’ll be 29.

    As to the going to school thing. Maybe I’ll consider it. I mean the four years of apprenticeship I went through to have a career is obviously worthless. Maybe I should just move back in with mommy so I can be like Wong and go to school.

    Now the spelling complaint I can understand. I often times find it funny how bad some people’s spelling, and grammar can be. I have no excuse for using the wrong “allowed.” well except that I don’t really care. Most of the misspellings, and typos you can credit apple with. These post are always from my phone. (don’t worry Wong, when you get that 1.5 gpa up to 3.0 your mommy will get you one just like she promised.)

    As to the evidence as hearsay thing. What the hell are you talking about?
    First off you may be using hearsay by its definition in websters, but not how it defined in law. Or for that matter how it’s used in society.
    Hearsay isn’t hearing a person give their first hand account of things they were involved with. Now it is hearsay to use my testimony that I heard Brock say something.
    I didnt tell anyone that it was fact that Brock quit for any particular reason. I acually said no one can know for sure, but I described what he has said. Whether anyone believes him or not is up to them. I only brought it up because you decided to bring up rumors that seemed to have been disproved. The problems he had with the wwe was his leaving, not his staying.

    All of us everyday make assumptions that events are fact based upon what people involved say. It’s how we know just about everything we know. We witness and prove so little in our lives personally.
    Hell you keep telling me to go to school. Why? So I can listen to someone tell me things they believe are facts just because people have told him it was true.
    Unless there’s evidence to refute what brock says about himself. I have to assume its true.

    • Black Belt

      Mike, don’t bother with wonggfan. He runs his mouth because at a young age his mommy began telling him that people are really interested in what he has to say. She clearly taught him nothing in the manners department.

      This asshole fights with everyone on here. He has been taught in life to be a pompous asshole. Funny thing is that I didn’t even need college to teach me that!

  • MikeMc1983

    Black belt, you can obviously say what you wish, but you don’t have to worry about defending me. I can easily see how Wong can bother people, but he kind of adds a bit of comic relief for me. Though it’s not saying much, but statistically speaking I’d be well ahead career wise of people in my age range. Financially as well. Now he hasn’t attacked me from that front. (though one could say its implied.)

    I guess I’m not smart enough to figure out a way to defend my intellect. To do so I think I’d just come off as a pompous jackass, and I try hard not to do so.

    It’s just funny how much this guy is on my nuts. I haven’t had a guy with such a hard on for me since I drove up to Washington a few years back, and stopped in San Francisco for fuel.

    • Black Belt

      I jumped in because I read all of his insults to everyone on here and it gets old. I realize nobody needs help in defending themselves, but I wanted him to realize that people here are just tired of him thinking he is so smart, when clearly he is an idiot. It won’t stop him, and that is a testament to how little his education means.

      The Washington joke was funny.

  • MikeMc1983

    Black belt, I was meaning that we should all take it easy on the kid. On a different post he was trying to say how pathetic I was that at 29 I was posting on this site. He said that being a regular poster meant that posting was a major part of my life.
    I would completely disagree. I would never consider any posting I do to be a large part of my life, but Wong was just projecting. To him, posting is a large part of his life. I suppose his life means something to himself. So his post must mean a lot too. He seems to talk to other commenters as often as he talks about the acual topics. He’s been talking to/about me as of late. So with that logic he must see me as a big part of his life.
    Now obviously the guys easy to dislike. He’s like the kid in school no one liked, but wanted nothing more than to have a friend.
    I’m going to try to make it a point to not remind him of his faults, as numerous as they may be. Because as we are a large part of his life. It matters to him. I don’t think any of us acually know Wong. We know we’re a large part of his life, but who knows? We might be, to himself, his whole life. And I for one would feel really bad if our comments sent him over the edge. You never know. I don’t want to be the one he commits suicide to. 😉

    • Black Belt

      You are correct. His sad and pathetic life is nothing more than what he has conjured up in his mind. A very sad and pathetic loser that has nobody. Nothing. His “college degree” is his only friend in life.

      And, just for the record, wonggfan won’t commit suicide. He can’t even stand that thought of not being able to brag to anyone that will listen about his magical college degree. Ever seen anyone so pathetic as this guy? He is a walking boner with his college degree. It is sad. It is like porn to him. It’s all good. It is very clear that he is an outsider to everyone here, and the loser has nothing in life.

  • tsszaltax

    Wongfan really should be banned from commenting permanently. All he does every time he posts is belittle everyone else for having an opinion different than his. He doesnt realize all he types are his own opinion, then takes it personal when someone disagrees. If you dont want to listen to someone elses opinion, keep yours to yourself. Just because someone disagrees with you doesnt mean they are wrong, or you are wrong. It’s an opinion. No more. And unless wongfan or anyone else here is personally connected to each and every story we comment about, it will never be anything more then an opinion. Wong, get over yourself.

    • Black Belt

      Very well said!! Thanks!

  • MikeMc1983

    Hmm, I missed where Wong stated that he acually had a degree. I assumed he was in school. Usually by the time someone acually gets a degree it means much less to them. I could be wrong, but it’s much more likely that he’s currently in school. I could break down the phycology behind that, but I doubt anyone cares.
    Also there is immaturity in thinking that someone is somehow smarter because they have a degree. One can have an education without a degree of any kind. I will admit that a person with a degree is likely to be smarter than someone without, but the degree itself is not proof of higher intellect.

    I’ve now spent entirely too much time off topic. I will apologise to everyone for that. There are message boards for philosophy that I can take the conversation.

    I guess at least I started posting about the topic. Lol