Brock Lesnar “Never Coming Back” to Fighting

October 24, 2012
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Brock Lesnar at UFC 100Despite being retired for almost a year already, former UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar‘s name still gets mentioned almost as often as anybody in the division.

When he was in the UFC, Lesnar was one of the biggest draws the company has ever known, and his climb to the top of the heavyweight division was nothing short of incredibly impressive.

But following a loss to Alistair Overeem at UFC 141 in December 2011, Lesnar called it a career, and decided to go back to his old job as a professional wrestler at the WWE.

The rumors of a Lesnar return have been around ever since that time however, but UFC President Dana White put all of those to bed with an interview he did speaking to the Dave & Mahoney Morning Show in Las Vegas.

“He’s done,” said White. “Called me a couple days ago he’s never coming back.”

Lesnar attended a UFC event several months ago, and White stated that he had a terrible meeting with the former heavyweight champ, and didn’t expect him to return at any time in the future.

Still, the prospect of Lesnar returning was exciting, and prior to their phone conversation this week, White revealed that the former Minnesota wrestling champion was contemplating a comeback.

Unfortunately, his body just wouldn’t allow it.

“He said his body, he can wrestle but he can’t fight. He was contemplating coming back,” White stated.

The last couple of years for Lesnar were particularly rough after he contracted diverticulitis and battled the disease through surgeries, and multiple periods of recovery. Lesnar’s weight shifted from the massive size he carried during his days in the Octagon, to a much smaller version that first appeared on WWE television earlier this year.

While his wrestling schedule has been reduced dramatically from what he used to do when working for Vince McMahon’s company, Lesnar is still able to spend much of his time at home with his family, which was his primary goal even when fighting for the UFC.

  • bajafox

    It’s unfortunate that he had that stomach issue, I think he would still be fighting if it weren’t for that. I was never a Brock fan but this guy came in and gave it his all, can’t fault the guy for that.

    • Well said. His intestinal issues really stuffed up his career… I was a Brock fan not in the WWE but at the UFC. Love him or hate him, he was brutally honest and he drew many ppl into UFC, myself included.

  • Best of luck to him. He’s a human being and whether you like him as a fighter or not he has friends and family so I wish him the best and hope he doesn’t get sick again. Incredible wrestler both college and as an entertainer. Made a pretty good run in mma.

    • real talk

      yeah right…he was a redneck douche

      • GBLynden

        That is your opinion, but is is the same as someone calling Obama a stupid N-word. Not too classy chap.

  • Fedorinko

    I would credit Brock with building up UFC’s HW division.

    Back in 2008~2009, the UFC had just bought Pride but failed to get Fedor, who was going around saying that he is the best HW, best p4p, and since UFC doesn’t have him it must not be the best organization.

    Dana, after brainstorming with Joe Silva, decided that he has to do an overhaul housekeeping. He fired Werdum, made Nog fight Mir, and enticed Randy to come back and fed him to Brock who was 2-1 in his MMA career. His wins were over Minsoo Kim and Heath Herring.

    But Brock definitely beefed up the UFC’s HW division. It was around that time that Shane Carwin, Cain Velasques, and JDS starting getting recognition. And as a HW champ, Brock definitely kept the UFC’s HW division entertaining as heck.