Brock Lesnar Faces Alistair Overeem in UFC Return on Dec. 30

September 6, 2011
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Brock Lesnar will return to action on Friday, Dec. 30 against former Strikeforce heavyweight champion Alistair Overeem in Las Vegas.

The news was first reported by the L.A. Times on Tuesday, with the UFC and UFC president Dana White also confirming the news via Twitter.

The mega match-up will showcase two of the sport’s top heavyweights in a card that will cap off 2011 for the UFC at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

The fight will be a five-round main event with the winner getting the next shot at the UFC heavyweight title against either Cain Velasquez or Junior Dos Santos. Velasquez and Dos Santos battle for the belt at the first UFC on Fox event on Nov. 12.

Brock Lesnar returns to action for the first time in over a year when he gets back in the cage in December. The former UFC heavyweight champion was supposed to fight in June, but a flare up from his ongoing battle against diverticulitis put him back on the sidelines.

Now healthy from his surgery, Lesnar returns to UFC action and has a very big task to tackle ahead of him.

Former Strikeforce heavyweight champion Alistair Overeem officially moves over to the UFC following his brief exit from the Zuffa fold. He was removed from the Strikeforce roster after contract issues arose between his camp Team Golden Glory and the powers that be at Zuffa.

The UFC continued to negotiate with Overeem and his camp and on Tuesday his deal became official.

Now Overeem moves over to the UFC as one of the sport’s top fighters, and will get a big test when he steps foot in the Octagon on day one.

“Brock is a big name, a dangerous guy, and this is a dream matchup,” Overeem told the L.A. Times on Tuesday. “Brock’s a big guy, an exciting wrestler with his takedowns.”

Overeem will debut in the UFC without the Strikeforce heavyweight title, which he vacated when he exited the promotion just over a month ago.

The bout between Overeem and Lesnar will go down on Friday, Dec. 30 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, presumably for an event that will be titled UFC 141.

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  • bajafox

    Pretty good matchup for both guys. I rarely ever root for Lesnar but I’m hoping he adds Overeems first UFC loss to his record…

    For some reason I don’t see this one going 5 rounds

  • I predict problems for Overoids, horse meat is on the banned substance list in Nevada.

    I think Lesnar takes him down and wins the fight by TKO or decision.

  • ajmadic

    OVEREEM BY RAPE, RAPE and to top it off, more RAPE!

  • judo johnson

    wow, i dont what to think, he should have stayed in the SF turny

  • Mario

    This is cool and everything, but I still wish Overeem stayed in the tournament.

    I would have liked to seen him against Bigfoot. That would have been a great match-up.

    Brock Lesnar will lose.

    To the people who actually think he has a fighting chance, I say… Yeah.

    He has no chance.

    Overeem via TKO or KO

    But more likely a TKO.

    • Cptmats

      LOL Lesner may not be the best fighter, but he’s big, strong and 10x the athlete Overoid is ! Overoid is the most over rated HW in History…….i think this is an easy fight for Brock !

    • Cptmats

      And BTW Lesner has a Phenominal chin ! No way will he get KO’d !

      • wonggfan

        I sense sarcasm…lol! Brock has a good chin but a natural tendency to turtle up.

        If Brock could take Overeem down AND keep him there, Brock should beat him. But note that Overeem has never been taken down and G&Ped. But again, he never faced an elite wrestler before.

        If Overeem could keep it standing, he should RAPE Brock. But note that Overeem can’t out muscle Brock. Overeem has a tendency to struggle when he can’t out muscle his opponents.

  • bdono554

    I dislike Lesner but I hate Overeem! I hope Lesner drops on his over-inflated head!

  • natpaukar7

    I don’t really have a real beef with either fighter…However, I don’t see Brock having any chance in this fight…His chin isn’t exactly granite BTW…remember velasquez? he didn’t knock him out but its his chin that dazed him…

    Overeem complete and total domination similar to Velasquez and Carwin…but might last a bit longer. guess we’ll see though.

  • jared499

    Not a good matchup for Lesnar. Remember the last time he came off a huge layoff and fought Carwin, Carwin almost knocked him out in the first round. Lesnar really needed a warm-up match before he fought a top-contender.

    As for the match itself, if Lesnar can come in shape and strong (like the old Lesnar, pre-diverticultis), then I can see him getting it to the ground and and getting a TKO by GnP. Overeem has been KO/TKO several times in his career. Sergei Kharitonov, Antonio Rogerio Nogueira, Mauricio Rua (2), Chuck Liddell, and Bobby Hoffman. half of these KO/TKO’s come by an opponent that were in the LHW division, Brock is going to come with more punching and GnP power then any of these other opponents.

    As for Overeem, it will be interesting to see what shape he is in. in the Werdum fight, he looked horrible and tired. Some will say that this drop-off can be attributed to the steroid drop. If he comes in in great shape then we can all drop that until he tests positive, because he will be tested as a main-eventer.

    All in all I see Brock winning by TKO, GnP.

    • clizzark

      You’re talking about a different Overeem from many years ago when he killed himself to make 205. Hello, Overeem has been up around 250 for years now and has improved in all areas. Also, it’s funny how quickly people forget that Overeem fought Werdum while injured. Though, it’s not like I expect you tards to make a decent post when Overeem’s name comes up.

      • wonggfan

        I agree that Overeem now is not the Overeem from Pride.

        But he couldn’t KO Werdum. Granted Werdum is to blame for that shit show, we still don’t know how he will do against top 10 opponents.

        Brock has never faced a top striker before. He fought Min Soo Choi, Frank Mur, Heath Herring and Randy (3 of those four guys were not top 10) before he ran into troubles with Cain and Carwin.

      • jared499


        I will give you that these KO/TKO’s were awhile ago, but you have to admit that the Overeem of today (250lbs) was not the same as 2007 Overeem, look at the tape. Overeem’s body was not as muscular then (won’t go into that can of worms),

        Either way he was put down by fighters in lighter divsions that when compared to Brock, do not have the same strength. I still think that Brock’s power is greater then any of these fighters, especially on the ground.

        I will also say that if Overeem wins this fight, it will greatly improve his status in the Heavyweight Division. Simply put, you can not argue now that he has not faced a high level opponent. Even those who say Brock is not all that great, have to admit he is in the Top 10 HW.

        You are finally about to have theory put to the test, Overeem is in the UFC and is fighting the elite. Win over Brock and he gets the title shot against winner of Cain/JDS. No doubt now that we will see if Overeem is the #1 HW, unless he stubs his toe again.

        • clizzark

          Overeem got taken out when his gas tank emptied back in those days. He was smacking guys like Shogun around until he gassed and then it was all downhill from there. Even in his early HW fights he was still a good amount smaller (weighed around 220). The first time he fought Werdum, he was owning him the entire fight, but then about 14 minutes into the fight his gas tank completely ran out and he got subbed. Overeem’s biggest problem was always his gas tank.

          Just imagine if Lesnar cut all the way to 205, he’d lose to a bunch of guys that aren’t on his level of strength.

          • jared499

            One of the things that has been said about Lesnar from the begining is that he has a huge gas tank, being a wrestler, that does not surprise anyone.

            Agreed that all of those fights were when he was gassed, now can you imagine how gassed he is going to be when he is trying to avoid the takedowns and Lesnar big body is on him and he is trying to get up.

            Again, the one thing that I want to say is that if nothing else this is a good fight for the fans. It pits Reem against someone who has been in the top 10 HW for awhile now, and is considered a top 5 guy, deserved or not. If Reem pulls out the vistory all the “fanboys” as some of you like to call us, will haveto shut the heck up and achknowledge that Reem is for real.

  • wonggfan

    I predict the following:

    1. If Brock wins then the UFC fanboys will say that the Reem was never good, the UFC is the ONLY legit organization, and Brock is back.

    2. If Reem wins then the UFC fanboys will say that Brock was never good, the UFC still remains to be the ONLY legit organization, and feed Reem to Cain/JDS.

    • jared499

      You know that this whole fanboy crap that you and multiple others are always claiming against others is about to dry up right.

      I am curious to find out what kind of comments you will all have when SF and UFC merge and we finally get to see all these guys fight.

      P.S. Brock has been in the top 10 HW for too long for anyone to claim that this is not a significant win for Overeem, should he win. And he will have the next title shot at Cain/JDS to prove it further, if he beats Brock.

      • wonggfan

        I am not a fan boy.

        I agree that Brock is a HUGE test for the Reem and visa-versa.

        SF-UFC merger = antitrust lawsuits being filed.

        Brock beat Minsoo Kim before his UFC debut. Then he lost to Frank Mir via amateur’s mistake. Then he pwned Heath “gate-keeper 4-life” Herring. Then he pwned Randy “unnatural at HW” Couture. Then he pwned Frank “was never good” Mir.

        Until this point, his biggest (and only) solid win was against Frank Mir.

        Then he faced Cain and Carwin and now people wonder if he should retire.

        Same story with the Reem.

        He was good as a LHW except when he fights big name fighters. His biggest win at LHW was Vitor, who is even more unpredictable than the Reem.
        Then he got pwned by Arona, Nog, and Shogun.

        Then he started juicing. He pwned Sergei and immediately became Top 10. He then got pwned by Werdum and Sergei (rematch). Since then he juiced even more and has gone to pwn tomato cans like Paul Buentello, Fujita, and other cans. His best win in the last 5 years was against Brett Rogers. And Brett didn’t even belong there in the first place.

        Then Werdum faced a top 10 fighter in Werdum and struggled.

        We know that both Brock and Werdum should be in the top 10. If Frank Mir can be in the top 10, why shouldn’t they be?

        But we will see who is real and who is hype.

        • jared499


          SF-UFC merger = Antitrust lawsuits being filed.
          This would have happened not at the merge but when the parent company (Zuffa) purchased the competition (Strike Force). Since Zuffa already owns Strike Force and is already promoting the shows as such, no legal action could possibly be taken. What, is Zuffa going to get sued for shutting down a section of their business that is deemed not needed and moving the exsisting contracts to the section of the company that is stable. If that were the case, then I am corrected and will say in that event, Zuffa allows all contracts to expire, shuts down Strike Force, and UFC signs fighters to new contracts, either way it is still a merger except the latter takes a little longer.

          P.S. Because they already own the rights to the Stike Force Contracts, as soon as the Showtime contract expires, they can renegoitiate all the SF contracts, just like Miller Overeem. And like in the case of Overeem, they can let fighters go and then resign them a month later.

        • clizzark

          I like how you basically made up a bunch of stuff in your post.

          • jared499

            Please tell me which I made up.
            1. Zuffa does not own Strike Force.
            2. Zuffa can do whatever it wants with the strikeforce brand.
            3. Zuffa is waiting until the Showtime contract expires.
            4. Zuffa already took mulitiple fighters that were under contract with Strikeforce and renegotiated the contract so that they can fight in the UFC (Miller, Diaz, Overeem)
            5. Zuffa is promoting Strikeforce shows

            Please tell which of these are incorrect, because I am having trouble what I got wrong.

    • bajafox

      Jareds right, this whole “fanboy” crap is pretty much getting old. How often do you hear of NFL fanboys? MLB fanboys? NBA fanboys? NHL fanboys? The UFC IS the MMA organization at the top of the mountain and they are the major league of MMA.

  • jared499

    My prediction is that if Overeem wins against Brock, Dana will promote this fight as heavily as any fight in the history of MMA. We all know that he only slams guys that are not fighting in the UFC, as soon as they switch over to the UFC he promotes the heck out of them, like any good promoter would do. Why would anyone say that the best fighter in the world is not in there promotion?

    • jared499

      Not saying the Overeem is he best Heavyweight in the world by any means.

  • This is a weird fight to me.

    I guess the UFC really does match-up fighters based upon rankings and styles rather than bullshit like business strategy because it seems like they would have alot more to gain by giving Brock an easier fight back and building up Overeem’s starpower with the casual fans who didn’t follow him outside the UFC. Instead one of them comes out of this very damaged. It’s a very interesting match-up and kudos to Joe Silva, White, and the Fertittas for not taking the easy way out with cheap promotion for big name fighters.

    • jared499

      @ Uncanny390

      Completely agree, i anything this fight should prove in some way that the UFC tries to make fights that matter.

      Biggest Loser in this fight if Reem wins, is the UFC. Not a single person can argue that the biggest draw in US MMA is Brock Lesnar, he is the UFC’s cash cow since day one with the company. If he losses to Reem, although Reem is a top ranked opponent, it only diminishes his drawing power. The UFC could have milked the Lesnar cow much longer by having him fight a couple mid-level significant guys. I guess the problem is that if he really is at the end of a very short career, they need that big fights now.

      I still say that the best money maker fight for the UFC would have been
      Lesnar vs. Fedor in Japan.

  • aaronlol

    Hmm, not sure how to feel about this, pretty interesting. If Lesnar gets the crap kicked outta his legs, he is gonna be in deep water really fast.
    This is gonna be interesting.

  • RightHand

    End of story for Lesnar……..he can’t box, any fighter comming from a boxing or kickboxing background, at his weight, will destroy him with punches. Alistair is a puncher. Brock is done….retirement after this one.
    PS: Brock only defeated grapplers, the exeption to cain velasquez, he has both wrestling and boxing.

    • MrAdidas

      Well you better hope & pray that the Overeem who fought Werdum doesnt show up or else your BS kickboxing/boxing comment will be DEBUNKED! Overeem could be the best striker/boxer/kickboxer in the world, if he doesnt have cardio (like in his last fight Vs. Werdum) his night wont be mostly spent in the Octagon, but rather the hospital, b/c an out of shape fighter… an out of shape HW fighter Vs. a very in shape 265+ lbs fighter with DEVASTATING GnP = OUCH!

      Though Overeem should beat Brock, but he better do it within 15 mins or else those Championship rounds will feel like a 3 day walk in the desert drinking nothing but his own piss. Have fun with that!

      • jared499

        There have been multiple Kickboxers and other Striking styles that have been in MMA for some time and have lost a great deal of time. The issue that will always remain is if these fighter can stay on there feet and use their styles. It is pretty hard to use your kickboxing skills while on the matt. Overeem will be tested in this area, I looked at his opponents again just to make sure, and I can not find an opponent that has equal wreslting skills as Brock.

        P.S. I hope Overeem wins that way there are more fights on the horizon that can be made. Adding another top contender does not hurt the HW division in MMA.