Brock Lesnar Declares He is Healthy, Ready to Reclaim UFC Title

August 18, 2011
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Brock Lesnar at UFC 87

Brock Lesnar at UFC 87

Former UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar is ready to step foot back into the Octagon.

The former NCAA champion made the announcement via a video through one of his sponsors on Thursday, where he proclaimed that he’s finally healthy following surgery after complications arose with his diverticulitis.

According to Lesnar, following the surgery he’s now healthy and back on track to return to the UFC.

“I feel like a new man, healthy, strong, I feel like I used to feel,” Lesnar stated in the video.

Lesnar didn’t mention timing in regards to how soon he’d be back, but if his health truly has returned and he’s at 100 percent, there’s no telling how quickly he could get back to action.

The heavyweight division moved on without Lesnar fighting his last bout in June, and currently the title fight between champion Cain Velasquez and challenger Junior Dos Santos will take place in November at UFC 139.

There are still plenty of options out there for Lesnar however if he does return in 2011. Rematches with old foes Frank Mir and Shane Carwin would seem to be at the top of the list, but any number of heavyweights could be the welcome back party for Lesnar.

Lesnar does state in the video that he plans on returning to his old form and wants to once again claim the UFC heavyweight belt.

“Right now, one day at a time for me. My future, I believe there’s still a bright future in the UFC for me,” said Lesnar. “My health is 100 percent, I feel great, my motivation is there and I want to get on the map again. I want to become the UFC heavyweight champion again, and I believe I will do that.”

The UFC has yet to comment on when Lesnar could re-appear in the Octagon, but there is UFC 140 in December set to happen in Toronto that still doesn’t have a main event and adding the former heavyweight champion would certainly fit the bill as a major fight for the card. will have more information on Lesnar’s return when it becomes available.

The full video with Lesnar’s statement is below:

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  • Well, I’m not huge Brock Lesnar fan, but it’s great for him, and for MMA that he will be fighting again soon. Whether you like him or not, he is a huge draw.

    • thats gr8
      it would be awesome watching him again

  • Machterf5

    They take any more of Brock Lesnar’s insides out of him and he’ll be able to compete at Light Heavyweight.

  • Submitter

    I dont care for Lesnar either. But I saw him walking down a hallway in a large building ( I live in Minnesota also ) He looked like King Kong coming at you. It was just after the 1 st Mir fight. I asked him” hows your leg? ” He chuckled and said “It’s fine “

  • wonggfan

    Brock is a character.

    Him ramboing that rifle is hilarious.

    I can’t believe some people enjoy shooting prairie dogs or groundhogs. It sounds lame.

  • natpaukar7

    That video seems irrelevant…haha…I don’t think Brock can really get that title back…who ever wins between Cain and Dos Santos is going to hold on to that title for a long time….I say velasquez takes a decision! Lesnar should fight Frank Mir again and Carwin…like they say…maybe Big Country

  • Damon

    Brock is an icon in the UFC, there is no doubt that he will come back and get the title back!

    • bajafox

      Your’e either dreaming or didn’t watch Cain dismantle him… Like it was said before, as long as Cain or JDS hold the title, Brock will just be a gate keeper. He may contend for the title again, but he’ll never reclaim it

    • Unador

      he’s not getting the title back bro. Not from anyone with striking skills. The only way Brock will get the tite back is if it becomes a wrestling competiton.
      Brock needs to just fight some of the HW’s and not worry about the belt so much.
      I’d like to see Roy Nelson fight Brock. Except, I think Roy is the better fighter, and the better man. He took PUNISHMENT from Dos Santos for three rounds, similar punishment would have beat brock in less than three rounds. That alone makes Roy more of a champion than Brock has ever been. He’s 2 for 3 against Mir. Mir needs to move on. He got lucky with the ankle lock.
      Should have had Brock fight all the guys from SF instead of letting them go.

      • tsszaltax

        How is he 2 for 3 against Mir when they’ve only fought twice? Mir has proven himself time and time again in the HW division, and longer then any heavyweight in the history of the UFC and continues to do so. Explain why he needs to “move on” again? The only people to stop him as of late were fighters who quite frankly belong in a weight class with themselves. 206-265 is just a HUGE margin.

        • Unador

          I don’t see Mir beating Brock. Mir already illustrated how completely inept he is if Brock is on top of him.
          Mir will have to beat Brock with stand up. And Mir may have beat the Minatour, but that doesn’t mean Mir displayed crisp hand skills. The Minatour is known for taking the shots, so Mir didn’t land on an elusive fighter. Plus I think Nogera was sick? hospitalized for two weeks with an infection during training?
          and again we are back to Mir competiting in a shallow HW division back when there wasn’t much talent. Where most of the guys should drop to 205, and Mir is a True heavy weight.
          I liked Mir until he starting calling out Brock after his win with the ankle lock. We didn’t know what Brock was capable of then. And Mir is like ” I won, hahaha, and I’ll win again with ease etc etc.”
          Obviously not the case. And Frank is smarter than that, or I suspected he was. It’s one thing to say with confidence, I will win, it’s another thing to boast of extraordinary skills and prowess with a lucky ankle lock. He didn’t shut Brock down, and then submit him. He ‘caught’ Brock, just like people get ‘caught’ with a knock out punch.
          And then Mir, who should have known Brock is all about the take down, was throwing knees and kicks in their second fight.
          And hit Brock with a nice knee, right before he got taken down and mangled.
          Mir should have kept it on the feet, and should known he is out of his league on his back with this guy. But he’s lying to himself. Much like Hardy has.
          Plus Mir got knocked the flame out by Carwin, who had him pressed against the cage. Why did Mir just stand there and take the punishment? where was Mir’s grappling/jujitsu? Oh? what? ouch? short uppercut? huh? what? ah man it’s OVER i’m asleep, what happened?
          Not a champion, he needs to fix his fighting strategy. He called out Brock and then showed up like he had no fighting plan.
          Not a champion. He needs to settle in as a gate keeper. Draw his check and hope his wife don’t leave him.

  • lfpunkxx

    I’m no Lesnar fan either, but the man really is a monster and there’s no beating him if he gets on top of you. His standup is horrendous though…he should disapprear for a while and train at a quality boxing or muay thai gym without any MMA or grappling cause those guys are on a whole different level of striking and will teach him real striking skills instead of sloppy MMA striking. Just look at Anderson Silva…his striking is beautiful the way he picks his precise shots and combinations. Too many coaches and trainers out there that are originally grapplers who pick up stricking along the way and pass along their sloppy striking ways.

  • I also am not a Brock fan, but I have to give him credit for returning to MMA after all he has been through. He could easily make money doing something else; he must really want to be a fighter.

  • Unador

    yeah, He’s a huge draw. Unfortunately he draws in some of the WWE types. All drama and no skills.
    This guy is big, and he can wrestle.
    That’s it.
    Fortunately, that’s all you need to draw a big crowd.
    IMO, this guy is nothing more than a 265 lb version of Tito.
    A talker, A quiter, A poor sportsman, A bad idol. Plus Brock is a poor striker devoid of any bjj skills.
    Nothing but a Bully. You can see it everytime he get’s punched in the face.
    Pity Carwin punched himself out, he is easily Brock’s superior.
    I like how it only took a short HW, 30 pounds or so lighter to put the phuck up on Lesner.
    That guy had no right to have the belt. Ofcourse the HW division has been a mess of no talent slobs for a while. Hence Coutre’s ability to get that belt several times as a 220 lber that can drop to 205.
    No heavy weight worth their salt should lose to a guy that can compete at 205. Certainly not a HW with a champion belt.

    This guy does not deserve a main event fight. He doesn’t produce entertaining fights, nor is he an MMA fighter, he’s just a huge wrestler.

    • bajafox

      You seem to really have a hard on for bad mouthing Tito, lol

      Tito held and defended the belt for years, what had Brock done that makes him even close to being compared to Tito?

      I knew you were just another generic Tito basher

    • elguapo

      A little over the top don’t you think? You don’t get to be a UFC champ without a good level of skill. I don’t understan why everyone dislikes him so much, he’s a bit of a dick granted, but you could say that about many, many other fighters. Is it because he was in the WWE? Does anyone over the age of 14 even watch that still?

  • elguapo

    The fact is that i cant think of any boring Lesnar fights an i cant think of many dull Tito ones either. And that’s what counts. GSP is a great fighter and champ but his fights arent exactly riveting, ditto Edgar.

    • Unador

      Really? no boring Lesner fights?

      There must be two Lesners then. One giant cowardly bully of a quiter. And another one that knows how to fight.

      Lets see……

      Lesner ankled locked by Mir. Yeah, that was an exciting first round. wtf.

      Lesner riding the back of Hearing for 15 minutes, another exciting fight? wtf

      Lesner vs Coutre. Only exciting because Coutre was fighting a guy 60 lbs heavier than him and twice his mass. The fight itself? not exactly exciting at all.

      Lesner TKO’s Mir the first time. Little baby punches? not exciting, a bad stopage imo, especially after the beating Mir took in Lesner/Mir III

      Lesner vs Mir III. Admitedly liked watching Mir getting some plastic surgery with a hammer. But nothing happened, Mir just laid there and took his comeupens.

      Lesner vs Carwin. Very exciting watching a 300lb coward run away all wide eyed from Carwin, then sad to watch him punch him self out and Lesner with a golden opportunity to get a true standing KO. does a lame arm triangle choke. because Brock is SCARED to engage in stand up.

      Brock vs Cain. Yeah, Brock put on another real enjoyable show embarrasing the UFC with his performance as the champion. Beat again like a grade school bully.

      so w t f are you talking about? you can’t find a boring lesner fight. You fail to be objective. If you wan’t to be in love with they guy and carry his baby, fine. But don’t come on here with your adoration or a mountain of muscle and try to tell me he is a capable MMA fighter that puts on entertaining fights.

      GSP, my favorite fighter. Boring as hell. AS HELL. WTF do you mean he couldn’t finish a guy ( KOS ) in the second round with a broken orbital? What was he afraid of? how did the champion fail to put KOS who regardless of his skills, was clearly at a physical disadvantage and mentally on the edge of breaking.
      Very disapointing, but still my favorite fighter, and it doesn’t prevent me from tearing his performance apart.

      dull Tito fights, you know, I’m not even get into this much, jacking a guy from his guard is impressive, not exciting. Not much different than Guida.
      And what kind of champion loses for five years straight? not a very good one, a Tito caliber champion.

      • goldinsnoop888

        I will agree to everything you said if you can give me the dates of Mir Lesner 1, Mir Lesner 2, AND Mir Lesner 3…

        • Unador

          hah! you got me.
          Why t f did I think they fought 3 times?
          ankle lock is one
          and Mir’s face lift is the other.

          I guess I remembered an interview with Mir complaining that Brock hit like a girl with those little short punches. I remember seeing it too. But that was the first fight.
          Don’t know why I thought that was a ref stoppage in a completely different fight.
          For some reason I had it in my mind that Brock shut Mir up for good, and translated that into a 2 for 3 record, but they only faced eachother twice.
          I have to say, the second beating Mir took nearly qualifies for winning them both.
          I guess I do want to see them fight once more to settle it for good. And I may not like Brock, but I’d enjoy seeing him destroy Mir again.
          Hopefully it is a fight, and not Mir the most renowned HW jujitsu guy, laying on his back doing NOTHING but get his face rearanged by a monster of a man.
          I almost think Mir threw that fight. I know Brock is big, and an accomplished wrestler, but Mir didn’t try to control an arm, hip escape, get to full guard, nothing.
          Just a nod to his corner ” yeah, I can take some more punishment, don’t stop it yet ”

          so yeah, my bad. only two dates
          but still no exciting fights.
          and fail to see how anyone thinks he deserves the belt with a 5 and 2 record.
          I also fail to see how people give him legitimacy as a great HW champion when he got a title shot with a 2 and 1 proffesional record. The fact that he got a title shot with 3 pro fights with one loss just shows the lack of talent in the HW pool that he became champion of.

          • MrAdidas

            UNADOR: You are missing the point here… it’s not that we the fans think he deserves the belt with a 5-2 Record or when he 1st won the belt with a 3-1 Record. The fact is he WON the belt with a 3-1 record, noone can say… (not even you) that Brock didnt deserve to win the UFC HW belt when he beat Couture.

            I’m not a huge Brock fan, but I give him credit where its due, he compete Vs. the best in the world with very minimal MMA experience & beat them and not to mention he DESERVED the belt he won.

            I think that right there tells us that Brock is alot more than jsut a “big wrestler”, b/c there were MANY big wrestlers b4 Brock & there will be more after him. The question is… will there be another “big wrestler” who’s got SICK cardio for such a huge man & will they have his speed. Brock moves like he’s a LHW or even a MW, not bad for a guy who has to cut to 265lbs.

            *just my opinion*

      • elguapo

        @Unador – Hilarious response! I’m not sure you understand what constitutes an exciting fight. Do you expect every fight to be like Griffin-Bonnar or something? Also, you’ve really shown your lack of knowledge on MMA. Thinking Lesnar and Mir fought three times? And when did GSP beat Koscheck in the second round? Their recent fight ended in a unanimous decision as did the first one. Such a stupid little boy arent you?

  • aaronlol

    Sorry but when you talk about competition or sports the word never really shouldn’t be used, no one can see the future so quit acting like it. Chances are Brock will never be a great Muay Thai practitioner but that doesn’t mean he needs to be bashed on so hard. Matter of a fact him being so hated is what makes him and the UFC so much money so consider that before you bad mouth a professional athlete (which makes no sense to begin with).
    I doubt it would happen but for all we know Brock could get better and pull a Fitch v Alves kinda fight against someone else with good hands. I highly doubt Brock could hang with Dos Santos either but again, no one knows until the fight is over.

  • ajmadic

    Can’t wait for Overeem to knock his head off.

    • MrAdidas

      WTF are you talking about dude?!? OverRATED was FIRED by Zuffa/UFC, so when is it exactly that OverRATED will knock Brocks head off?!?

      Jebus people, do some research b4 talking moron.

  • Damon

    is easy for those who do not know what actually being there. Criticising is the easiest thing to do when you’re just watching. But he will return and with the title in hand again will silence all his critics.

  • Umbreon

    what a jack ass killing for fun.. and then eating beef jerky.. he got div after eating so much red meat his stomach cant handle it what a retard

  • madona

    Who cares about this guy? Beat bums, lost to Mir 1 out of 2, almost lost to Carwin( Carwin beat himself) and lost to Velaskes. Would have lost to Dos Santos as well if he did not “chicken nugget” out.

  • madona

    Who cares about this gay? Beat bums, lost to Mir 1 out of 2, almost lost to Carwin (Carwin beat himself) and lost to Velaskes. He would have lost to Dos Santos as well if he did not “chicken nugget” out.

  • madona

    Overeem, Big foot, Carwin, Dos santos, Velaskes, Big Country, Barnett, would all beat Brock up. Brock Lesnar should not be ranked top 5, especially considering he has not fought in ages.

    • elguapo

      I wouldnt go as far as saying he’s only beaten bums, certainly wouldnt call Randy a bum, nor Mir or Carwin for that matter. As for your claim that Overeem would beat him? Come on, really? The others maybe but not Overeem. You’ve shown yourself to be a real simpleton there, and also by your spelling of Velasquez, that really made me laugh.

  • j-k-martin

    I’ve never been a fan, in fact, I’m still anti-Lesnar, but his health has been awful and I feel for him there. Hope he stays healthy this time.