Brock Lesnar Couldn’t Live with What Could Have Been, Will Fight Mark Hunt at UFC 200

June 6, 2016
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The Ultimate Fighting Championship announced the return of WWE Superstar Brock Lesnar during the UFC 199 broadcast on Saturday night. The former heavyweight champion will make his return to the Octagon in the co-main event of the promotion’s blockbuster UFC 200 fight card on July 9 in Las Vegas.

Lesnar appeared on ESPN’s SportsCenter on Monday morning to reveal that the opponent for his return would be Mark Hunt.

“I think he just signed the contract as we were walking in here (for the ESPN interview), but I do believe it’s done. On July 9, at UFC 200, I’ll be facing Mark Hunt,” said Lesnar, indicating that he didn’t care who the UFC wanted him to fight in his return.

Although he told ESPN 15 months ago, “I’m officially closing the door on MMA,” Lesnar couldn’t stay away from the Octagon. There was a feeling of wondering what could have been, and he couldn’t live his life with that lingering over him.

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“I couldn’t live with that decision. It was a hard decision for me to make. That decision has haunted me for the last 15 months. I couldn’t live like that for the rest of my life,” said Lesnar.

“I don’t want to be sitting 20 years from now going, ‘You know what son, you should’ve went and did that.’ On the biggest stage of all, I was on UFC 100, so why not be on UFC 200.”

Brock Lesnar vs Randy CoutureLesnar made a miraculous run in the UFC, entering the Octagon with just one prior mixed martial arts bout to his credit. Although his tenure was cut short after battling a digestive disorder called diverticulitis, Lesnar accomplished a lot in his seven trips to the Octagon.

During that brief time, he captured the UFC heavyweight championship by defeating UFC Hall of Famer Randy Couture, and defended it against Frank Mir and Shane Carwin.

Struggling with the complications of diverticulitis, Lesnar lost back to back bouts to Cain Velasquez and Alistair Overeem before returning to professional wrestling. The fight at UFC 200 will be his first since Dec. 30, 2011.

“This was very simple. This was me sitting having a cup of coffee at my farm in Canada (immediately after closing the door on MMA),” Lesnar recounted.

“It haunted me because at the top of my career, I wasn’t at the top of my game. In my mind, I never lost to my opponent, I lost to diverticulitis. My performance was due to the illness. I’m sitting here today, I feel 1,000-percent (healthy).”

UFC 200 is headlined by a light heavyweight championship unification bout between current champ Daniel Cormier and interim titleholder Jon Jones.

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  • LesbroVsSamoan

    Mark Hunt wins by first round walk-off knock out!

    • Hurthle

      Hard to KO someone on your back.

      • Muaythai4life

        You ever try to shoot a double leg on a guy a foot shorter than you? that’s hard to do.

        • Hurthle

          More like half a foot, but i think it’s a bad matchup for Hunt. He has everything to lose and not much to gain.

  • cheflacsto

    Good fight, if Lesnar can’t take Hunt down he is going to be toast.

  • Fritzl

    lesnar takes hunt down and the fight is done… very boring match up. kinda disappointed.
    shamil abdurakhimov, ruslan magomedov, ben rothwell or even stefan struve would have been better matchups. i hope hunt takes lesnars head off but i sadly doubt it.

  • jimmy777

    not a good matchup for brock

  • jimmy777

    I thought it was gonna be a catch weight fight between him and Demetri Johnson 😉

  • burgerman7

    Can the big guy win it all? hope he dont run into cain or Reem! Could prove to be a diaster without any medical excuses

  • Groinstrike

    Well he didn’t get an easy fight that’s for sure.

  • drew

    If he had not taken this long break from fighting I would have said Brock’s chances of winning this fight was 50/50 if he got the fight to the ground.
    It was never the case that he had a weak chin as some have suggested, but that he did not have much of a tolerance for getting hit hard.

    • deepgrim

      no heavy weight really loves getting hit but his chin stood up to carwins punches. i like brocks chances in this fight but there are a lot of variables, brock got overwhelmed by cains volume, hunt isnt that hype of striker, but if he lands he will put you out. But who knows what brock will turn up or if he has been training over the years?

      • drew

        I acknowledge that Carwin hits really hard, but when Lesnar fought him he was hit solid by one of Carwins punches and seemed as if he lost all composure then began to turtle up although It never really seemed as if Lesnar was ever hurt during the fight. Lesnar had came back from round one as if nothing had happened.

        • deepgrim

          ah think lesnar definately got rattled by them punches and was in survival mode, but by the end of the round carwin was tiring and brock was recovering. Carwin would have had some adrenal dump between rounds being that close to the stoppage, and brock knew that carwins tank was empty, brock came out looking confident for round 2, despite the beatdown in the first.

          • drew

            I’m just saying that I think that it has always been more of a matter of his heart than the toughness of his chin that has been a part of his problem.His striking defense is amateurish and begins to back peddle when the going gets tough.

  • Roscoe Gauldin

    didn’t really care when I found out lesnar was returning, but this fight is actually pretty interesting.

  • TheCerealKiller

    I bet Hunt makes a huge payday and is quietly told back stage not to KO Brock. I just have a hard time believing the WWE would let their star free from his contract to get his butt kicked before their big fake wrestling event. Straight up, it’s a good fight, but Vince is involved. I bet there will be a ton of wrestlers in the audience as well.

    • Muaythai4life

      This is where I must disagree. While I admit that the WWE has some stake in having lesnar win, ultimately it doesn’t matter, they can make him a heel if he loses, and a hero if he wins; regardless it’ll sell tickets

      As for the UFC, having a back stage agreement not to KO lesnar would be really damming if it ever got out, versus who cares if he wins or loses. he’ll sell tickets regardless, and it’s a 1 and done contract, so they’d almost prefer he lose. my two cents.

    • MikeMcK

      From a WWE standpoint I believe they’d look at it this way: He’s already lost his last fight in the UFC. Losing another changes very little. However, if he wins, we can sell the idea that he can be champion anywhere he wants. He’s just chosen to come here to be the “baddest man on the planet.”
      Like WWE or not. They’re very good at telling a story and spinning it to their liking. The good thing about being able to add in fiction to a story is that it’s easy to make people overlook the details.

    • Groinstrike

      One of the dumbest things I ever heard. Yeah the UFC is going to risk all it’s credibility on Brock Lesnar who as one fight. Look at it this way, if Lesnar does great his WWE fights will have him winning. If he gets KO’d then he will probably become a booster where other WWE stars beat him

      • TheCerealKiller

        Not nearly as dumb as this. Jones will be champ again soon.

        If Lesnar gets hurt, they are screwed. There’s just too much money involved.

        • earlsimmons

          LOL kid taking screenshots of comments on mma forum just to make himself feel good. That is pretty sad. You do realize this is the interwebs and 99% of people troll or couldn’t care less what they say. Taking screenshots of you and some clown arguing on the web means absolutely nothing.

          • TheCerealKiller

            You pretend to be DMX, but you call me a kid? We know which side off your 99% troll comment you lye on. Why don’t you go back to your rap app and bust off another sweet rhyme for your 6 followers. You’ll get more likes there.

    • InTheColosseumTonight

      You should be escorted out of the building and banned.

      But seriously…this is silly, hunt is a warrior bro

    • deepgrim

      dont think that would work, hunt has the precision power and lesnar likes to bull rush, its a fight that would look very fake if that happened, and would probably suck. There is no point? If brock can take hunt down and pound him it would be epic and if hunt gets the ko it would be epic too. Brock doesnt lose much face if he gets ko’d either given hunts power and he has been away from the game for so long

  • mmalivesz

    Lesner loss by way of walk off Hunt KO.

  • lowlb

    Interesting match up.. Hunt is a seasoned fighter at this point. If Brock rushes him, Brock gets knocked out; he can’t trade with Hunt. If Brock manages to get Hunt to the ground, Hunt is in trouble. But not many have been able to get Hunt to the ground..
    I hope I see that Mark Hunt smirk at the end of this fight.

  • ray12541

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  • Muaythai4life

    I mostly agree. I mean I do accept the 1 and done fights. We (MMA fans) LOVED the prospect of Matt Hughes v. Royce Gracie – it sold a lot of ppvs. We were all pretty damn sure that Hughes would win, although we all had that small, tiny inkling that maybe Royce was in fact immortal, but by and large we knew this was a one and done fight for Gracie.

    Then there was the boxer v. MMA fighter fight with Randy Couture vs. James Toney. We all pretty much guessed Randy would take him down and that would be it, but we all kinda wondered the “what if” and loved the fact that for MMA fans we could wave this fight in the face of boxers everywhere. (also it sold tickets)

    McGregor v. Nate Diaz was a huge payday for the UFC, and while it’s not a 1 and done, because apparently we want our 145 lb champ to not fight at 145, I guess, it was proffered as a 1 and done situation and it sold tickets.

    So I’m ok with the 1 and done fights. I guess Lesnar was a part of UFC 100 and so having him be part of UFC 200 is cool. I just don’t really think this does anything for the sport: you could argue Hughes beating Gracie was good to show the evolution of the sport, or Gracie beating Hughes would have been good to show the power of Gracie jujitsu (the founding drive of MMA as we know it); you could argue Couture v. Toney showed the dominance of either style over the other; I’m at a loss for McGreggor v. Diaz. I just don’t see what Lesnar fighting at UFC 200 does other than gives WWE fans a chance to watch their guy fight again. Personally I’m looking forward to seeing Hunt clock Lesnar a good one. So maybe that’s worth it alone.

  • Reginald Miles

    hunt by k.o