Brock Lesnar and Junior Dos Santos Named Coaches for The Ultimate Fighter Season 13

January 11, 2011
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The suspense is finally over for “The Ultimate Fighter Season 13” as former champion Brock Lesnar and top contender Junior Dos Santos have been tapped as coaches for the reality show.

UFC president Dana White made the announcement during a media conference call on Tuesday.

“The coaches for the next season of ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ will be Brock Lesnar and Junior Dos Santos,” White said.

Lesnar’s appearance on TUF could bring the biggest ratings ever for the long running Spike TV show, as he has already been tagged as the largest pay-per-view draw in the UFC.

The former heavyweight champion has been out of sight since his UFC 121 loss to current titleholder Cain Velasquez in October. While rumors persisted that Lesnar could possibly be leaning towards a return to professional wrestling and walking away from MMA forever, White says that was all just smoke and mirrors.

“None of that was true,” White stated. “I was in communication with Brock and his team, and talking to them the whole time.”

Opposing Lesnar on the show and eventually in a fight will be Junior Dos Santos, who comes into the show as an undefeated contender in the UFC.

Dos Santos was originally going to face Velasquez for the belt in 2011, but an injury forced the champion to the sidelines for at least half of the year. It was the injury that the UFC president confirmed finally led them to Lesnar and Dos Santos as coaches.

“We were sitting there working on this thing for such a long time, and at the press conferences everybody kept asking me, I said, ‘I’m behind the eight-ball, I should have this done already,’ but so many things happened. The injury to the champ, Cain Velasquez, and now we’re looking at Junior Dos Santos who’s been waiting on this title shot and having to sit out. It made all the sense in the world once we knew how long Cain was going to be out,” White explained.

One interesting part to the filming of TUF 13 is that it takes place in Las Vegas, and Lesnar has said time and time again he’s not a fan of leaving his family and home in Minnesota for an extended period of time. White admits that there was some work in getting Lesnar to commit to the show, and he’s expecting the unexpected when filming starts later this month.

“Yeah it was,” White responded when asked if it was difficult to get Lesnar locked into doing the show. “I’m already prepared for this mentally, and it’s going to be a tough season, I know it is. I deal with Brock in very short spurts. The guy fights two or three times a year, it’s always tough, so it’s going to be a very interesting six weeks of filming.”

The show begins filming in the next two weeks and will air on Spike TV starting on March 30. Let the games begin…

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  • The_Power

    so when they fight in May or June will this be for the Interim belt?

  • shakejunt

    I called this match-up.
    Not too sure about the Interim belt though. My guess is just #1 contender spot considering Cain will be almost healed up by the time this fight happens.

    Should be an interesting season, although I’m kinda scared to see how many subtitles they’ll need for Junior.

  • mma24069

    hell yes! we’ll find out if brocks the real champ. If he beats junior no doubt in my mind he’ll figure out how to take out cain. but if not.. the heavyweight division is stacked and there will be plany of challangers

  • It’s a great matchup, and is Lesnar’s fight. Dos Santos has never had to defend a double-leg, and is the only living Brazilian without a black belt in BJJ. Brock moves faster than him, and will have 50 lbs. on him.

    As far as coaching goes, it has far more to do with who they bring in than the coaches themselves. I’d be hoping to be on Team JDS though, he’ll be bringing in Anderson Silva. Brock will be bringing in…Chris Tuchscherer?

  • Georgia S.W.A.T

    This will be over in the first round Santos is a superior boxer. When ever brock gets punched in the face he goes in the fetal position just watch his past fights with guys who can throw their hands.

  • MrAdidas

    Yeah, hard to call this one – I was thinking Jr. Dos Santos was going to win with his boxing but Jr doesnt have the wrestling/takedown defense that Cain has, so it will be interesting to see if Jr will be able to stop Brock from taking him, which I doubt he will for 15 mins, so then it comes down to if Jr. can get up or prevent Brock from causing any significant damage. BUT like S.W.A.T said, Brock DOES NOT LIKE GETTING HIT IN THE FACE, if he gets tagged by Jr.’s power punch, Brock will be 0-2 in his last 2 fights & that would be pretty much it for him in regards to seeing him fight for a title again, let alone be champ. Not a big Brock fan, but he really just needs to work on his stand up & his stand up movement, & then Brock wouldnt be so far behind everyone when it comes to striking, b/c thats Brock’s acchiles, which is a big disadvantage. BUT he can fix that. So it should be a good fight,

    QUESTION is….. who in the fuck is Carwin going to fight?!? Mir, Nelson, Dos Santos, Brock, Cain are all unavailable, so that leaves only Nogueira – which would be a disaster for Nogueira & another devastating KO. BUT Noguiera is the only HW I could see that would be in the main event & Vs a skilled fighter like Carwin, since everyone else is unavailable. Hummm