Brian Stann vs. Wanderlei Silva Headlines UFC on Fuel 8; Sanchez Faces Gomi in Japan

December 12, 2012
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The UFC’s return to Japan now has a main event and a featured lightweight bout.

The headline fight will take place in the light heavyweight division as former Pride champion Wanderlei Silva battles American hero Brian Stann.

In addition to the Silva vs. Stann fight, a lightweight bout pitting former Ultimate Fighter winner Diego Sanchez against Takanori Gomi will also take place on the card.

Stann returns to action after a tough decision loss to Michael Bisping in his last fight at UFC 152 in Toronto earlier this year.

The former Marine captain will look to get back on track with a trip to Japan to face one of the most legendary fighters to ever fight there.

For years, Wanderlei Silva ruled Pride Fighting Championships with an iron fist, and did so with some of the most devastating knockouts the sport has ever seen. Now Silva returns to Japan for the first time since 2006 before Pride was bought out by Zuffa and the company disbanded.

Also added to the UFC on Fuel TV 8 fight card is an exciting lightweight bout featuring Diego Sanchez, who returns to lightweight after spending several fights back at 170 pounds. The last time Sanchez fought at 155 pounds, he lost in a world title fight against B.J. Penn, but now with his old team at Jackson’s MMA behind him, he looks to get back into the lightweight title race beginning with his fight in Japan.

Sanchez will face another Pride champion in Takanori Gomi, who looks to make it three wins in a row when he returns to his home country in March.

UFC on Fuel TV 8 takes place at Saitama Super Arena on March 2.

UPDATE: Stann vs. Silva will actually take place at light heavyweight instead of middleweight. Sources stated the fighters agreed to the higher weight class when Silva expressed a desire to fight at 205lbs again.

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  • Fast Freddy

    Goodnight Silva. Not the juiced up star you once were.

    • Anthony Lopez

      So now Wandy used to juice up? What are your sources on this?

      • Roberto Ferral

        The same sources that knew Overeem was roided out but everyone denied it.

        • MuayThaiFood

          At least we still have Brock Lesnar as an example of what you can achieve naturally.

      • getreal

        Please. You know, I know, we all know it. The only source you need is yourself. Simply paying attention will suffice. This isn’t a court of law. Although, those of you in denial would certainly like it to be.

        • Anthony Lopez

          lol Because he was so dominant he was juicing? lol Some people’s children

  • trupert

    So much for Wandy going back up to LHW and Stann fighting Munoz. Oh well

  • uncle

    Damn Brian Stann its just going to further Wanderlei’s
    brain damage

  • chucker.

    Cant wait to see diego sanchez back at lw this should be a great fight

  • Cereal Killer

    And no one will see it, because no one has Fuel TV.

  • dlhughs1

    dlhughs1it. Nice card. Can’t wait

  • el che

    sh1t – nothing against Stann personally, but fu*k… this is one of the worst maatchups for present day Wanderlai. as a long time fan of Wandy, it’s going to hurt to see him get ko’d cleanly yet for another time.

    • Hamm

      Wanderlei is my favorite fighter ever but I totally agree with u. I was concerned first time they almost matched them up. Bad match for wandy. If they would’ve stopped rich Franklin fight in 2nd round like they should’ve that’d be 2 back to back 2nd round ko’s for wandy n he’d be a win or 2 from a title shot prolly wouldve got hos rematch with Vitor then beat him n maybe one more n then the fight ive been wanted silva vs silva wandy n anderson n I remember back in chute box when wandy was the man there tougher then all them once knocked shogun out to get a puppy for free from him bet alot of fans dont know that. Anyway silvas are both masters of the clinch n great muay Thai practioners would’ve loved for wandy to get the chance for a belt in the ufc. He had a shot at tito for one wayback n tito g n p through it n won but wanderlei almost knocked em out my bad for long post

      • zztoppppp

        I don’t understand any of this, you are just rambling…

        • hamm

          No punctuation, but Damn sure doesn’t take a genius to interpret get your mind right

      • MuayThaiFood

        Damn, try one of these every now and then (.)

        • hamm

          I hear you.

  • kennybro

    as fun as it would be to watch stann and wandy, i have a bad feeling injury will prevent this fight.

  • Guest

    Does it seem like the second rd seems to be Wany’s best rd? Bisping, Le, Franklin (twice) , Liddell. If he can just get through he first…

  • goy

    now sonnen can shut up about wanderlei ducking stann

  • Collideoverme

    Does it seem like the second rd seems to be Wandy’s best rd? Bisping, Le,
    Franklin (twice), Liddell. If he can just get through he first.

  • Sir_Roy

    Wanderlei is not afforded the same treatment as Chuck. But I wonder whether he shouldn’t be. His chin is obviously very questionable in this, the twilight of his career. A lifetime of head shots are starting to show.

    I don’t know if it’s the drugs, brain damage or an accumulation of all the above, but I cringe when I look at old interviews with Chuck, sharp as can be, then see him in a modern one slurring and very nearly incoherent. (I’m sure I can’t be the only one noticing …)

    In short, I feel this fight is Wanderlei’s swan song. After a long and stellar career (and my hat goes off to him for the warrior he is) I’d like to see him retire with most of his faculties intact than see him whither through a few more KO’s …

  • Supaman

    this sucks. Should’ve been Wanderlei vs. Akiyama. They never got to do it b/c Wandy got injured and got replaced by Bisping. Neither guy is near a title shot and both guys are huge in Japan. Most importantly both guys wanted the fight and is more even keel.

    • hamm

      Wanderlei got replaced by leben in that fight. Just saying