Brian Stann Out of UFC on Fox 4 Due to Injury

June 6, 2012
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And the hits just keep on coming….

The injury plague of 2012 seems to be reigning terror on the UFC with Brian Stann being the latest fighter to drop out of a fight.

Sources close to the fighter confirmed to that Stann has been forced out of his UFC on Fox 4 bout against Hector Lombard.

Stann was set to headline the UFC on Fox 4 card, and now UFC matchmaker Joe Silva has his work cut out for him to find a replacement with very few names left in the hat to pull from.

Hector Lombard will be making his UFC debut after his run as Bellator middleweight champion over the last couple of years.

Now it looks like he’ll be facing a new opponent as Stann will be forced out of the fight as he waits to recover from the injury suffered in training. will have more information on Stann’s replacement when it becomes available.

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  • Disappointing!! But Alan Belchar could be the replacement. This can be a good fight. I cant think of anyone else

    • Here’s what I’d do:

      Call Condit, make him a reasonable offer (and twist his arm if need be) and have him defend his interim belt against Johnny Hendricks. A title fight on FOX is what they need. It’s easy to promote and will help bring numbers back up.

      Find Lombard another opponent and move him to the co-main event slot. Make it a fight where they can showcase Lombard and build his rep with the (casual) fans.

      • jessemalloy

        LOVE the condit/hendricks matchup. screw letting them both wait. or have kampmann vs hendricks, since so many people are putting kampmann on a pedestal now.

      • Maybe have Rousimar Palhares fill in for Stann. That would be an interesting match-up.

        I’d still make that the co-main event and have Condit – Hendricks as the main event.

  • I think they should call on Alan Belcher to step in for Stann… I think that would be an awesome matchup Lombard vs Belcher.. he couldnt have took any damage agains Palhares fight plus he was out about year sure he wouldnt mind another payday……

  • Put Hector against Wanderlei Silva since Vitor is out too…

  • Triggerman99

    Is Bisping busy? I can’t remember if he’s already scheduled or not.

  • Triggerman99

    Nevermind, I just remembered he’s fighting Boetsch.
    Meh, pull him from that and have him come fight Lombard. Much better fight, IMO.

    • Anthony

      Im not positive but I think Boetsch got hurt and pulled out of the Bisping fight –anyone else hear that?

      • Dyldozer16

        Nah bro the fight is still happening. It just got moved to a different date. It was originally supposed to happen at UFC 148, now its on the UFC 149 card.

  • johnnylopes

    Bisbing… Wanderlei… or Belcher sounds perfectt

  • b-soc

    Belcher would own Lombard in less than a round.

    • MrAdidas


  • Dyldozer16

    Damn! I was really looking forward to this fight. Im still excited about Hector being in the UFC. Lombard vs. Belcher would be an interesting match and makes perfect sense considering both guys are middleweight contenders. I say leave Bisbing and Boestch to fight eachother. If the UFC does want Bisbing to fight Lombard then they should make a fight betweeen Belcher and Boetsch. Either way its going to be interesting to see what the UFC will do. The middleweight division is wild right now. I love it!

  • Damn! This fight was going to be awesome! Another injury, huh? It’s like the best fights either boxing or MMA either get pushed back or cancelled due to one fighter testing dirty or, in this case, gets hurt. I know the fighters have to train hard for these fights, but please rest the body if strain comes in. It could lead to something like this. I’m still happy Hector debuting on FOX, and whoever Silva picks for this fight, make sure that it’s STILL going to have that violence that Stann and Lombard was gonna bring making for an exciting fight. The last card was 50-50, BTW.

  • D-rail

    Clean fighters= injuries

  • kennypowers

    I’d say take Mark Munoz out of his fight with Weidman, set up Munoz vs Lombard, and set up Belcher vs Weidman for the feul card. Honestly Lombard and Munoz makes more sense cuz theyre both at the upper part of the division. I don’t see the reason to put Munoz against Weidman cuz Weidman hasn’t proven himself yet. Belcher and Weidman makes sense cuz Weidmans up and coming and Belcher’s trying to get back up there as well. Munoz vs Lombard could be an easy #1 contender fight, or the next challenger for the winner of Bisping vs Boetsch. Then make Vitor vs Stann when theyre both healthy. YEAH BUDDY


    id put ken shamrock vs tito ortiz as main event with pat barry vs tank abbot co main event and would like to see kimo fight lavar johnson of royce gracie vs paul daily maby even throw in matt hughes vs askren would you buy it???????lol


    vitor vs tre telligman2 lol