Brian Stann – ‘I Want to Fight Michael Bisping’

July 4, 2012
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Brian Stann driving forwardOn Tuesday night, Michael Bisping offered up two names of fighters that he would like to face for his next fight.

Ironically, on the 4th of July, American hero turned top ten middleweight Brian Stann has formally accepted the challenge and now it’s up to matchmaker Joe Silva to put the fight together.

Stann, who is currently recovering from a shoulder injury, heard Bisping mention his name on Tuesday night’s edition of UFC Tonight and he was immediately excited about the prospects of the fight.

“I think that’s a fight that I need to jump at because he’s obviously ranked higher than I am. He’s a guy that’s right up there in the mix for a title shot, which is what we all want. Of course I want to fight Michael Bisping,” Stann told on Wednesday.

“He’s a star in the UFC, he makes big time money, he’s got everything that everybody else wants, and he’s earned it. So I want to take that. I saw the interview and I know my shoulder will be ready for Sept. 22 in Toronto (UFC 152) and that would be a great honor to put that fight on for the fans.”

Stann last competed in April when he put on a masterful performance finishing off Italian heavy hitter Alessio Sakara. Now the decorated Marine has his sights set on another European born fighter.

For several months a great many fans have put Stann and Bisping in the same sentence and have asked for that fight to happen. While Bisping is always happy to voice his opinion on any number of subjects, Stann has always been more reserved to let his fists do his talking for him.

As a tough, grizzled American it’s easy to call Brian Stann the John Wayne of MMA, but how fitting that he’s ready to take on one of the loudest voices in the entire sport in Michael Bisping.

“I could care less. I’ve had fights where they talk; I’ve had fights where they don’t talk. I bury my head in the sand with my family and I just train for fight. I could care less about the attention, the fame, etc. He gets a lot of it and that’s part of the game,” said Stann.

“I want him because he’s a very good fighter, he’s very close to a title shot and I was close to a title shot as well and that’s what I want to get to. I know I’ve gotten better in the last seven or eight months. I went up to Oregon to train with Chael Sonnen to prove to myself how much better I’ve gotten and I know I can compete with anybody.”

On the same night that Bisping uttered Stann’s name, he also mentioned fellow UFC middleweight Alan Belcher‘s in the same interview. Stann has nothing but respect for Belcher, but with both Bisping and Stann having obvious drawing power, putting them together in a fight seems like an easy decision.

“He’s the biggest star in England and with my background here in America, it’s just a fitting storyline going into a fight. Alan Belcher’s a fantastic fighter, he’s a great guy, but I just personally think the fight between me and Bisping would attract more attention,” Stann stated.

Over the last several months, Stann and Bisping have crossed paths on different occasions while promoting events for the UFC or handling different public relations work for the promotion, but there’s been one common theme the entire time.

While pleasantries are always exchanged, Stann admits that he’s never gotten to know Bisping all that well because he knew eventually they’d be locked in the Octagon together and he’ll wait until after he knocks him out to be friends with him.

“Me and Mike have been in the same location on several occasions and we’ve both known this fight was coming and so I think we’ve just purposefully avoided getting to know one another because we know this fight is eventually going to happen. Why make nice with each other until after we’ve fought?” said Stann.

Stann isn’t always in the business of guarantees and he’s never talked trash on an opponent, or say disparaging comments for the sake of attention. His prediction for a potential fight with Michael Bisping, however, is an easy one.

“It will deliver.”

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  • natpaukar7

    This fight is the only one that makes sense to me for Bisping to take…I think Bisping is overrated and too cocky and needs to be exposed again…who better to do it than Brian Stann…gentleman, goodfighter, and excellent competition for anyone…although sonnen wrecked stann and barely beat bisping I dont see the transitive property applying…I’d say that Stann will destroy Bisping on all levels. we will see…i never like to give Bisping credit but I will if he puts up a competition, or even beats Stann against Stann…I just don’t see it happening.

    The MW division is not my favorite at this point…Silva runs it…will destroy Sonnen (I believe; and we will soon see) and I don’t see any real competition for SIlva currently.

    • gnodeb

      I still don’t get how Stann lost to Sonnen that easy. I know that Stann doesn’t have ground game, but still, that was so easy. He is the only fighter finished by Sonnen in UFC. They are some kind of friends. Make me think fight was fixed 🙁

      • MaritalArtist

        Sonnen has been avoiding becoming proficient at bjj for a long time, but he has finally put some effort into it. You’ll see a whole different Chael this Saturday. Not saying he’s the favorite, but he’s less of a dog than people think.

      • caninejustice

        Nate Quarry has said that Chael Sonnen is the best wrestler in MMA and that no one understands how good of a wrestler he is.

        Quarry and Sonnen trained together for about 10 years and Quarry dislikes Sonnen for several reasons. But the one thing you will never hear from Quarry, is anything negative about Sonnen’s fighting capabilities.

        Bisbing’s wrestling defense is underrated and Stann’s wrestling is overrated. Bisbing will spend hours and hours training for the take down defense because he prefers to stand and trade blows. He knows the only way to stay on the feet is to develop a good takedown defense.

        Stann on the other hand has not fought very good wrestlers and he hasn’t really used his wrestling a whole lot to take people down and pound them out. He has very powerful hands and he too prefers to trade blows.

        So Sonnen would have a more difficult time against Bisbing’s takedown defense and since Stann has ZERO JJ, and Sonnen has been practicing BJJ much more, it made for a lopsided fight against Stann.


      “Stann will destroy Bisping on all levels” lol no way Bisping has Superior grappling.

    • WhiteboyGBJJ

      Sure it is the only one that makes sense because Belfort would smash him. You don’t see Bisping throwing this name around do ya?

  • Stann should be careful what he wishes for

  • fsunoles09

    id love to see stann ko bisping and hit em with some hendo hammer action.

  • Steven UK

    YAWN…. The Bisping haters are out in force.

  • Yawn… it isn’t a coincidence that so many people can’t stand Bisping, he has earned his reputation.

    I know people that point out English errors are not popular here but saying I COULD care less just drives me crazy. The term is I COULDN’T care less. Meaning there is no way I could care less about it. To say I COULD care less means there IS a way I Could care less and the speaker needs to qualify it. Example… I COULD care less, but it would be hard. Or I COULD care less but the guy is a Brit so why waste the effort.
    I COULDN’T care less says exactly what is meant. No way I could care less.
    To say I COULD care less makes about as much sense as saying as saying I do think the guy is a douche when you mean you don’t think he’s a douche.

    • AdamBianski

      What is wwrong with you.

    • Lesnardo

      Actually, both “I could” and “I couldn’t” are widely in use, although the latter is more logical.

  • Me Adam? What’s wrong with me? I guess the only thing really wrong, and it isn’t with me,is that people say the opposite of what they mean and then expect me to know what they actually meant.
    If you don’t wish to speak English please don’t ask me what’s wrong with me. I am an English speaker and I understand the language. If you don’t it isn’t what’s wrong with me but rather what’s wrong with YOU.

    • wiiliamstanley

      Dude this isn’t english class, you know what the dude meant. You know what drives me crazy is people like you that derail the discussion board to correct someones grammer like your some type of english speaking nazi. If you couldn’t understand what he meant then your stupid! Take your dictionary and suck it!!

      • knowlegezone

        i agree 100%…spot on william!!!

  • tobaccoman

    first off you do not learn grammar(see how I spelled that the right way) from a dictionary moron. also english speaking nazi??? wtf? anyway you are an uneducated fool. bisping wins in 2

  • why do american fans hate bisping cus he is english. you say he is a loud mouth but so is every fighter in the ufc apart from stann of course.He is not going to go into a fight saying he is going to loose is he why is it that rampage jon jones rashad sonnen diaz pretty much every fighter talks himself up its ok but when bisping does it wow thats out of order.Bisping has only ever lost to top fighters and deserves to be classed as a top five fighter

  • caninejustice

    I couldn’t care less about grammar nazis.

    On the other hand, I do care about this potential fight and while I prefer Stann to win, I do not think he would win. Bisbing’s TD defense is excellent as seen against Sonnen and Chael is a better wrestler.

    Bisbing is much more technical in the stand up than Stann is.

    I would give strength and power to Stann but it doesn’t do much if you can’t catch what your trying to hit.

    This would be a good fight but I would have to give the advantage to Bisbing and say he would win it in the 3rd by TKO.

    • Lesnardo

      People couldn’t care less that you couldn’t care less about grammar. But it does make you sound ignorant. Most intelligent people can write intelligently. And most unintelligent people can’t write intelligently.

  • I think people are sleeping on Brian Stan, Chael seems to be the only 1 that took him seriously in the UFC.

    Now, on grammer nazis (easiest troll in the world is the non existent word grammer). I think we are in an age where as long as you understand someone and that someone makes an effort to be understood, who cares (Einstein sure as hell didn’t). Ill tell you who, disgruntled English PHD’s without a job is who. I jest of course, but ide bet most grammar nazis are composed of jobless english majors. Lets face it, people are hypocrites. English majors calling people lazy is funny. Not saying all of them are, just saying that its one of the easiest majors you can take (not the easiest) and subject to the most underachiever populace next to art majors. Fun activity 4 a u (since u got nothin better to do), FIX MY GRAMMER!

  • opposition13

    I hope this fight happens and Stann F@KS Bisping the hell up! I cannot stand how Bisping claims he won all the fights he lost, he gives himself way too much credit…when in reality he is a boring fighter……

  • D-rail

    I’d like to give bisbing the benefit of a doubt, but all I keep thinking is when Henderson knocked his British ass the fucckk out with a heymaker follow-up.

  • I think a better fight for Bisping is Belfort. Both are top 5 middleweights and could be in line for a title shot with another win. Stann needs to fight Belcher before he gets a #1 contender fight.

    Check out this link about Bisping