Brian Stann: Every Middleweight is ‘One or Two Wins’ Away from Facing Greatest of All-Time

September 21, 2012
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UFC 152 fighter Brian Stann is very excited to be a part of the middleweight division right now, even if he is still a couple of fights away from potentially challenging for the title.

Stann faces Michael Bisping this weekend in Toronto, and despite his opponent’s outcry for title shots, the former Marine captain believes everyone at 185 pounds is still working to earn a shot at “the greatest of all time,” aka Anderson Silva.

“I think it’s the best time ever to be a UFC middleweight. It’s the most stacked the division’s ever been. It’s the most talented the division’s ever been in history,” Stann told MMAWeekly Radio recently.

“You’ve got about seven or eight guys that are going to be in the top ten in this division for probably the next three or four years, and we’re all just going to beat each other up. I think we’re all going to challenge for the title at some point or another, and we’re going to put on a lot of exciting fights because we’re all fighters.”

Stann is realistic about his placement in the 185-pound division, and he’s the first one to point that out.

Following a loss to Chael Sonnen in 2011, Stann retooled his training and worked to become a more complete mixed martial artist. Since then, he flattened Alessio Sakara in his lone performance in the Octagon, and he hopes to duplicate that against Bisping at UFC 152.

Still, Stann knows there’s a list of guys at middleweight all vying for the next shot at Anderson Silva, and it’s going to take a couple of great performances from any one of them to truly separate themselves from the pack.

“I don’t think (a win is) going to earn me a title shot,” Stann said about his fight with Michael Bisping. “I don’t think at that time I can go on the microphone and say, ‘hey, I deserve my shot.’ It’s just not the case. I think I’m going to need one or two more fights and that’s fine.

“It’s just because of the depth of the division. If the division wasn’t that deep then I could get away with doing that. I could get away with saying, ‘hey, I just beat Michael Bisping; one of the very best in the world. I want my shot.’ But you’ve got the Weidmans, you’ve got the Boetschs, you’ve got the Alan Belchers all out there, and I think we’ve got a little mini tournament set up. So it’s going to take another one or two wins for each guy to justify a shot against the greatest of all time.”

And the greatest of all time is who Stann aspires to face at one point or another in his career.

“Everybody wants their shot to fight the greatest of all time, everybody wants their shot to fight him, and I’m definitely one of them,” said Stann about facing Anderson Silva.

“He is the greatest of all time and I would love to fight him. I would be honored to fight him.”

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  • Spartacus

    spoken like a classy true contender even if he doesn’t beat the count. All you tools please refrain from posting your “the spyder is ducking weidman” tom foolery it only makes you look like an ignorant doucher.

    • Right I’m sure the greatest p4p fighter isn’t ducking a guy with 9 fights total who’s hasn’t been in the UFC for 2 years. I like the guy he has potential but he has two more fights before getting a shot. And I wish all these guys spoke like Brian Stann, he knows where he stands in the division and isn’t asking for a title shot based on a fight or two. I can’t wait, it’s going to be a great fight.

  • stak

    Silva is ducking Weidman out of fear. Deal with it nuthuggers.

  • onehitwonder

    I like both fighters, i give this one to Stann out of pure power.

  • bajafox

    I hope Stann wins, even by boring UD. This should help shut up the count for a few more months.

  • Spartacus

    Stak you like weidman’s nuts accross your face

  • Spartacus

    it is going to be tough to narrow down a contender elimination match with 3 likely combatants coming from the following matches:Weidman vs Boetsch, Bisbing vs Stann and Belcher vs Okami. Okami even if he were to win (which he won’t) isn’t in the picture. But what do you do? Put the two most impressive victors in a match for a shot at the title…I guess. The loser could then fight Franklin for the next shot. At least if Weidman were to win these two he would finally have earned a shot barely. I think Belcher is the most dangerous especially after his mauling of Rouzma (or however it is spelled)that was pretty scary the way he handled him. Belcher would be better on the ground than Weidman and stand up too. Bisbing can have the greatest footwork in the world but Anderson would still put him to sleep. Belcher is a big middle weight and can take a punch. Not sure how Tim the barbarian would do against the spyder but if history is any indication…..whats that Leben…oh you think it would be sleepy time….hard to argue that.

  • maddawgmar

    I think If Weidman wins against Boetch impressively, he deserves the next shot. Think about it, two big top ten wins, he would be the only one in the division. Bisping needs another win, should he win. Same with Stann. Belcher as well. Winner of Stann/Bisping v winner of Belcher/Okami. Gets the shot. If Weidman wins give him the shot. Mean time Silva can take a GSP fight should he win.

  • Spartacus

    I don’t think any of them deserve a shot after these matches. I think someone in the previous conversation needs two wins…if Weidman and Belcher were fight that would have made a good contender bout…but they aren’t fighting… so whatcha gonna do…BROTHER!!! When the elimination matches come down on YOU!!!

    • JAVbal1633

      Thank you!! After a crappy friday at work I read this and laughed hysterically…hahah But your right I dont think any deserve a shot cause each keeps blowing it by losing or looking unimpressive. Bisping was on the brink and then lost a close one to Wandy and then lost to Sonnen a few fights later. Weidman hasnt lost but has won a grand total of 1 fight vs a top 10 guy. Boetsch just moved down cause he couldnt hang with the 205ers and wasnt even close to being impressive against Lombard. Belcher unfortunately got hurt but is very close. Id say one more good fight against a top 10 guy and he’s in.

  • Spartacus

    Belcher is my pick as well…but would love to see him destroy Weidman first to shut up all the hooligans,rebel rousers and whoopleheads who keep saying that the Spyder is afraid of a matt serra trained fighter.