Brendan Schaub on Final Strike Landed on Mirko CroCop: “I Wish It Never Happened”

March 25, 2011
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Brendan Schaub Mirko CroCop UFC 128

Brendan Schaub and Mirko CroCop exchange at UFC 128

When Brendan Schaub cracked Mirko CroCop with a huge right hand at UFC 128, it not only brought an end to the Croatian’s time in the UFC, it also earned Schaub a “Knockout of the Night” bonus.

Just a split second after the right hand landed with CroCop crashing to the mat, Schaub followed up with one more big bomb to put an exclamation point on the evening, finishing the fight in emphatic fashion.

Unfortunately, replays showed CroCop knocked out from the first shot and the second seemed somewhat unnecessary, and Schaub came under fire for the late blow.

Now that the fight is over and he’s had a moment to go back and watch the outcome, Schaub didn’t think he did anything wrong in the heat of the action, especially considering how fast it happened, but it is something he regrets.

“When people are first telling me I’m like what are they talking about? I didn’t have any clue, and I asked my coaches and they’re like no I don’t get it. I re-watched it and I get what people are saying,” Schaub told MMAWeekly Radio about the final strike in the fight.

“In the heat of the moment, and you’re fighting a guy like Mirko CroCop, when I hit him I saw him go limp and he started to get back up. Now that’s not a guy you want to get back up, that guy’s a monster. So, I better get another one in. The other thing too, I don’t stop until the ref pulls me off. It’s one of those things you don’t stop until Herb (Dean) gets in.”

The split second is all it took for Schaub to land the final blow as referee Herb Dean rushed in for the stoppage. On replay and in slow motion, the last punch looked unnecessary, but much like many fights before that, hindsight is always 20/20.

“I wish it never happened, I wish Herb had got there faster so it didn’t happen. I’m not the guy who looks to hurt a guy when he’s down and out like that at all. That is something I wish had never happened,” Schaub admitted.

The fight which will likely go down as CroCop’s last in the UFC, was a huge win for Schaub.

The former “Ultimate Fighter” competitor has now picked up four wins in a row, with three of them coming by way of TKO. Schaub is proud that he was able to beat a legend in Mirko CroCop, but still understands why fans were giving him a hard time after the finish last Saturday night.

“When I saw it in slow motion, I was like ‘aww man’ cause literally CroCop’s my favorite,” Schaub said.

For his part, Schaub is feeling pretty good after the fight despite a busted up nose courtesy of a short elbow from CroCop early in the fight. The Colorado fighter will now heal up and wait for a call from the UFC about his next bout in the Octagon.

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  • Frye557

    The second punch was way uncalled for. It wasn’t like he dove on a recovering Cro-Cop. He nonchalantly walked over top over him and dropped a huge punch. If he ran up to him or dove on him immediately after the first punch then it would be different. But the main reason I didn’t like it was because he literally took three steps forward slowly and smashed him.

  • Frye557

    It may just be his inexperience, but IMO fighters should be able to recognize when a guy is out, and when it is really necessary to strike again. A perfect example of this would be the Marquardt vs. Maia fight.

  • jimjones

    So if Brendan had time to walk over nonchalantly and then land another punch, shouldn’t that have been enough time for the Ref Herb Dean to stop Schaub from landing one more punch? Play till the whistle like any other sport. Blame Herb not Brendan

    • Frye557

      As you can see in the fight, Herb is running to stop the fight as Branden is stepping over him. So if someone landed 7 strikes after someone is knocked out, but the ref didn’t get there in time, it’s still the refs fault?

      If I had to guess, judging by the way Shaub was standing after the knock, Herb probably thought he wouldn’t have to rush over (as he too could see he was obviously knocked out). It’s the same senerio of the Hendo/Bisping Knockout, except everyone hated Bisping so there wasn’t too much controversy. But in this case, I beileve if Cro Cop is Shaubs hero, he might have been a little hesitant to smash him with a late shot.

    • Frye557

      Don’t get me wrong, I see your point about the ref. But I think there has to be some sort of any understanding between fighters, a mutual respect. That just because the ref isn’t on top of the guy, and he is knocked out, that doesn’t give free reign to the fighter to smash him until the fight is officially over.

      I guess Brendan could use that argument, that it wasn’t officially over, but he shouldn’t expect to make many fans that way.

  • wonggfan

    Here is the thing. Schaub’s answers are bullshit but he didn’t do anything wrong.

    Schaub almost lost the fight against CC, a guy who he should have dominated for 3 rounds. So I think he became a little emotional towards the 3rd round.

    Look, at the end of the day, UFC is a fight. And in the heat of the moment (when the object of the game is to hurt the opponent) fighters can act unnecessarily cruel.

    Look at CC’s old fight against Mark Coleman. The soccer kick was clearly uncalled for.

    CC is a legend and proved that he was a legend by giving Schaub a tough fight.

    Schaub, who couldn’t man-handle CC, is in his prime. And unfortunately, he will never be a top contender in the UFC, let alone the champ.

    • Goethe

      He didn`t do anything illegal, it’s different, however he intetionally, after the fight was clearly over, walked toward CC and landed one huge bomb, heat of the moment my a$$…

      Brendan was getting his face rearranged by an old, out of his prime and without a killer instinct Cro Cop, that fight was ridiculous, they should just had fed this reality show “fighter” to Brock.

  • metalmike

    Look at Dan Hendersons fight against Michael Bisping. Bisping was down and out on the mat, and Henderson dropped a BOMB right on his chin. It happens. You don’t stop until the ref stops you.

  • metalmike

    And Shaub is a good, not great Young fighter. He’s got plenty of time to improve and I def see him working his way up the rankings. I’m not a huge fan, but the kid has talent.

    • wonggfan

      You sound like Dana White, “the kid has talents.”

      The fight game is cruel. Schaub is turning 29 this year. At his age, all of the greats were at their prime. None of the greats ever got KTFO by someone like Roy Nelson.

      Schaub will probably be used as a stepping stone for the loser of Cain vs JDS if he survives until that fight.

      Schaub is a B-level fighter.

      1. Cain
      2. JDS
      3. Brock
      4. Carwin
      5. Overeem
      6. Mir
      7. Werdum
      8. Big Foot
      9. Fedor
      10. Sergei
      11. Josh Barnett
      12. Nog
      13. Roy Nelson
      14. Buck Rogers
      15. Arlovski
      16. Cheick Kongo
      17. Fat Rothwell
      19. Matt Mitrione
      20. Cro Cop

  • marblemouth

    I don’t see y ppl get mad yea n slow motion he might have been able to stop but when the adrenaline is goin its natural to hit the opponent til the ref stops… herb shoulda gotten there faster… I never saw any1 gettin mad when rampage held wanderlies face while he punchd him 3 more times with the ref tryin to get him off

  • ShockednAwed

    Rampage and Henderson both clearly landed the late shot on purpose, and judging from the pre-fight hype before both of those grudge matches, they’d decided before the bouts started what they were going to do, given the chance. Bisping and Silva were probably both wound up to do the same thing if positions had been reversed.
    But in this case, the build-up to the fight was fairly typical for today’s Cro-Cop – lots of talk about respect and such.
    Which is why, despite whincing the night of the PPV (especially on the slow-mo replays), I tend to believe Schaub now. At least I hope he’s not full of shit, cuz if he did that on purpose, he’d be a Bisping-esque douchebag. I wanna give him the benefit of the doubt. 😀

  • wonggfan

    There wasn’t enough beef for Schaub to have premeditated that last blow.

    The fight was frustrating for Schaub. He thought he could work CC and he actually lost the 2nd round and got blooded up by the third round. That made him look stupid.

    He just got carried away at the end with the single blow.

    But this whole shit about, “CC is a strong guy and I was afraid what was gonna happen if he stands back up since he is an assassin,” is completely bullshit. No young HW in the UFC thinks CC as a threat.