Breakout Star Matt Brown Says He’s Taking the UFC Title, Refuses to Call it a “Title Shot”

May 11, 2014
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Matt Brown UFCWhen Matt Brown finally steps into a UFC championship fight, do not call it a “shot.” You’re likely to get the old evil eye from him.

Brown is confident that his next fight will be for the UFC welterweight title.

So confident is Brown, he refuses to describe it as a title shot because, apparently, one doesn’t describe a pending win as a “shot.”

“Let me make it clear, I’m not going to call it a title shot; I’m calling it a title fight because I’m not going to take a shot at it,” Brown said at the UFC Fight Night 40 post-fight news conference on Saturday night. “I’m going to take the title when I go fight for it.”

Brown devastated Erick Silva in the main event in Cincinnati, pummeling the Brazilian fighter for the better part of three rounds before earning the win by technical knockout.

Brown went on to call fans’ attention to UFC President Dana White, urging them to tell the executive that Brown should be next in line for a title.

White was impressed enough with the performance that it certainly puts Brown in the coveted title talk mix.

“This fight definitely puts him in the spot where we’re going to give him one of those top contenders,” White said.

The win at the U.S. Bank Arena in Cincinnati lengthened Brown’s winning streak to seven fights, after losing four out of five previous contests. Six of Brown’s last seven wins have come by way of knockout or technical knockout. White believes that the streak he is on, and Saturday night’s victory in particular propels Brown into an entirely new league in regards to his name recognition.

“Even when Anderson Silva was the champ, look how long it took for Anderson Silva to really take and catch on. Matt Brown caught on tonight,” said White. “You know what tonight was like for him? This was like Gustafsson’s fight with Jones. That’s what this was like for Matt Brown. This is the fight that breaks Matt Brown out.”

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  • Fightfankevin

    Look how long it took for Anderson to really take and catch on? As I recall that was the first UFC fight he had, demolishing a nearly unbeatable Chris Leben at the time. Good try to build up Brown but poor comparison.

    • shakejunt

      he had the same sort of effect then that barao has now. great entertainer, but not a star in the public eye yet.

      • Ian Price

        Yeah not a big talker. Kind of like Anderson, kind of like the nog brothers, kind of like shields. Good fighters, but not great during the interviews.

  • snapdad

    matt brown bleeds lava

  • Austin, TX

    Excellent fight. Excellent finish. I don’t see why Brown can’t fight Hendricks for the title now. He’s in his league and then some.

    • Wolf Ticket

      You don’t see it? Well, it still took him 1 more round to finish Silva than it took Dong Hyun Kim. Brown at #7, just beat a #14 guy. That does not warrant a title shot. Rory vs Woodley is for the #1 contender, and rightfully so.

      • Ian Price

        I really hated your comment, wolf ticket, but then I thought about it and you’re probably right. 🙂

        • Austin, TX

          #wolf ticket, #Ian Price. BS. 😉 we all know rankings are subjective. We all know Brown’s style would give those guys reason to pause. All of them. Style’s make fights. 😉

      • GSP

        yeah, Dong Hyun Kim should be ranked higher. Not only did Kim KO Silva, but Kim also already beat Matt Brown as well. Kim had a weird fluke injury against Maia and his only real loss was getting flying knee’d into space by Condit who’s the former interim champ.


    Brown vs Lombard anyone? since condit still out a while & everyone else is booked

  • Pat Garret

    Matt Brown is a beast! Fights with such ferocity like Wand during his pride championship days. Really impress with Browns , striking too.

  • brad king

    if brown can thump thiago alves and lamblast lombard then he deserves to get the title shot

  • Kris-tyahn

    Ok, so let me get this straight… Brown still hasn’t beaten a top 10 fighter yet, but he expects a title fight? Uhhh, whatever planet Brown lives on, I’d love to visit, b/c the stuff he’s inhaling must make heroin look like baby aspirin. Pat yourself on the shoulder after you beat a top 10, I don’t care which top 10, then talk about a title fight. He’s been looking good vs. non ranked fighters, like who cares?!? Hendricks had to beat 3-4 top 10 opponents, and he had 2 highlight reel KO’s before a title fight.
    I’m not jumping on the Matt Brown title shot train b/c that train is full of siht!!! Beat a top 10, then he deserves to have his name thrown around for a possible #1 contender fight, but there are certainly better fighters above him at this time!