BREAKING: UFC Champion Jon Jones Arrested on Suspicion of DUI

May 19, 2012
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UFC champion Jon JonesUFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones was arrested in the early hours of Saturday morning on suspicion of DUI. TMZ first reported the incident, which was later confirmed to by Jones’ manager, Malki Kawa.

The initial report from TMZ, citing undisclosed law enforcement sources, alleged that “Jones was involved in an accident at around 5 a.m. in Binghamton, N.Y.” Jones reportedly totaled his car when he crashed into a pole, and was arrested on the scene for suspicion of DUI.

He was taken into custody, but later released when his mother paid his bail.

“I can confirm that Jon Jones was arrested early this morning on suspicion of DUI,” Kawa said in a statement to “While the facts of this situation are still being gathered and situated, First Round Management fully supports Jon and we are asking for fans and media to respect the privacy of Jon and his family during this time.”

When contacted by for comment, UFC president Dana White, who had to go in for surgery earlier this week and missed his first live UFC event in 11 years, simply stated, “It hasn’t been my week, has it?”

Jones is coming off of a win over Rashad Evans at UFC 145 in April, and is slated to next defend his belt against Dan Henderson at UFC 151 on Sept. 1 in Las Vegas.

Jones, obviously, was not available for comment.

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  • browill70

    Why am I not surprised.

    • kylesmith

      I hope somebody tattled on him, the same as he used to do to the pot smokers when he was in school. Douche.

  • RubeKegal

    I can’t wait to hear Jon say something like “My story is so much bigger than this”. Fake clown.

  • fightfankevin

    This is what JJ needs. He could stand to be humbled.

  • who cares this is the least of the troulbe MMA fighters are getting in….Im just axnious to see how he responds too the negative attention….I like to watch him fight but think he is not as mentally tough as he should be….

    • How is he not mentally tough? Do you think it didnt take some kind of mental toughness to accomplish what he has at such a young age? and even had to fight and beat someone that was like a mentor to him?

  • shakejunt

    “he’s so fake, this is just a publicity stunt”

  • The beginning of the end. Everyone goes through this process. If he’s gets out of the snowball effect he’ll be a great champ. It was only a matter of time, kiss Nike goodbye!

    • Brian

      You mean KSwiss dont you?

      • kylesmith


  • Santz


  • maddawgmar

    “Mamma” to the rescue. This is what fame does. He could have ruined his career. Oh well.

  • Has long as he’s not hurt and can still fight in a few months then everything will be okay accept for the media asking Dana White and Jon Jones a billion questions about drunk driving.

  • Prodigy815

    I can see this on the countdown or prime time getting all dramatized haha

  • zap

    I will say this. It’s amazing that I did not get a DUI in my early twenties. Mistake. Big one. I also don’t like that he drives a super expensive car, but ya know, he’s a young guy still. This will blow over. I’m glad no one got seriously hurt. Hopefully a lesson learned.

  • 1mmafrk

    Phony and drunk= a lowlife.

    • AdamBianski

      Yep he drinks what a terrible person. I can’t believe it what a low life, how could anyone ever enjoy a few drinks with thier buds. Man they should lock him up and throw away the key because he is a scum bag, I hope he gets the death penalty.

      • MikeMc1983

        No no no! The death penalty is not harsh enough. He should be tortured. Maybe he should be chained up and every 20 minutes somebody smashes a beer bottle over his head while having to listen to the strikeforce commentators team call fights…
        I’d take the death penalty over that anyday…

        • fsunoles09

          death by a thousand cuts?

  • pooby

    Wow, just look at all the perfect ******* people in here. I honestly thought Jones was too disciplined to get into something like this, but I bet ALL the assholes talking crap here have driven after a few drinks when they shouldn’t have.

    I have a feeling Jones will turn this incident into a positive for himself and won’t do it again. This isn’t Chris Leben after all…

    Fortunately he only hurt himself, he can come back stronger from this.

  • pooby

    Most of the people posting here will be watching Strikeforce tonight. The majority of that group will drink alcohol while watching. The majority of those will get in a car and drive afterwards.

    Shut up, hypocrites.

    • AttitudeCG

      Amen pooby.

      I never understood all the “phony” comments I’ve heard about this guy over the past year. In my mind, finally, something legitimite to bitch about his character.

      Very interested to see how he bounces back from this.

      And btw, its not like his mother wasn’t going to find out. The one person in the world who should unconditionally love you your entire life is your mother. Got no problems with that.

      • RubeKegal

        Listen i’m not saying Jon Jones is a bad person for drinking, i’m saying he is an idiot for getting caught. I had 9 beers last night and drove home. Did I get caught? No, because i’m the f*cking man, Jones isn’t.

        • pooby

          I hope you meant that sarcastically. If not, you’re an idiot.

          • RubeKegal

            pooby and jervis, go take a class called Sarcasm 101…especially you jervis because you are a Grade A jackass

        • yes because drinking and driving and not getting caught makes you a man?? repeat that out loud to yourself and realize how idiotic and ignorant you sound.

          • MikeMc1983

            He didn’t say it made him “a man” he said he was “the man”.

    • fsunoles09

      not everybody drinks

  • dgs

    “He was taken into custody, but later released when his mother paid his bail.”

    Ouch, that’s a bit embarrassing. You would think a man of his status would have an attorney take care of that sort of thing.

    When I was arrested 20 years ago (I was 23 at the time) for a DUI in Maryland, I had to spend the night in a holding cell until I sobered up. I was released the next morning of my own recognizance. Having my mother know I was arrested for a DUI would have been about the last thing I would have wanted.

    • AdamBianski

      No what is embarassing is that at 23 you were still worried about your mommy getting mad at you. Were you afraid she would ground you and not let you go out with you friends.

      • rsnowbass

        Although it’s not the norm these days my parents are still married and yes, now at 33 I value our relationship and don’t like my parents upset with me. It’s not embarassing at all that I care how my character is perceived by my mother and father. No Adam, I dont live with my parents…

        I can respect what DGS is puttin’ down.

  • billforrester

    Ya…wats with all the phony comments? U guys know jon joes??

  • billforrester

    Ya…wats with all the phony comments? U guys know jon jones??

  • AdamBianski

    Wow what a joke, the story, the fact I read it, and that all of the haters now have something to complain about. Guess what we all drink in drive in fact I did it all day today (loved ever second of it). Anyone posting anything negative about this needs to wake up.

  • spidersilva

    i see y it has to be reported but will be forgotten pretty quick

  • khumbufalls

    Jon Jones had “Jesus Takes The Wheel” playing in loop when this happened. I bet he felt like he was hit by a spinning elbow afterward. Phillipians 4:13, bitches: “I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.” and that includes drinking then driving. He bought a bentley but didn’t want to shell out cab fare. I hope Dan Henderson knock him the eff out with H bomb.

    • I hope Dan Henderson knock him the eff out with H bomb.<<<< Too bad that will never happen, so just get use to the disappointment from now buddy.

  • Shit happens. Hope he’s alright and nobody was injured. Hope he learns from this and takes something positive away from this whole experience.

    Interesting to see all the haters pile on. I still got his back and wish him well.

    • Booker T

      Well said SHORT_BUS.

    • well said bud

  • Booker T

    I’m a fan of Jones and hate to here this.

  • finally something for these Jon Jones hater to talk about, and no Dan Henderson will not beat him even with the “H-Bomb”. honestly i dont even think Hendo could get past Rashaad if he had to fight him.

    • Booker T

      I have to agree. Hendo don’t have a chance.

    • jessemalloy

      Honestly I think its gonna be a good fight. I’m a fan of both guys and think it’ll be a test for Jones’ title, but I’m predicting Mr Jones shall receive the W in that bout.

    • fsunoles09

      anyone that says anythin negative about jones is a hater.but do yall not notice how bad yall are swinging on this mans bean bag?

  • somecokehead

    I think this had to happen to Jon Jones, I am glad he wasn’t hurt and hurt only the pole and his car. Okay but The guy is cocky to the point where he irritates me. Maybe this will take the chip off his shoulder… who am I kidding? lol … just a thought, who said he was drunk? intoxicated could mean he was c0ked up, driving reckless in a luxury car. SMASH!!! I could picture it. Hell I’ve done it, car wasn’t as nice though.
    c0caine c0caine

  • rsnowbass

    Really…who cares. Let the guy PARTY. He’s a young champ and will make mistakes. I’m just glad the dude goes out and has a good time enjoying his title status opposed to being Mr. Perfect all the time.

    I don’t think the guy is fake, I just think he’s young and still finding himself throughout all his fast rise to success.


    • rsnowbass

      Not happy he’s out driving drunk for the record…

  • AttitudeCG

    LOL i just noticed instead of posting a picture of jones smiling in this article, they post an unflattering picture that suggests he’s intoxicated. ohh modern day journalism

  • jessemalloy

    just proves he’s human like the rest of us. We all make mistakes, it’s if he chooses to learn from this mistake that counts in my book. I wish him the best.

  • Dayrelphareal

    The guy is a cage fighter so F****** what he got drunk and crash his car its not like he’s a role model for kids or something. He’s a F****** role model for drunk adults at the bar like myself I don’t give a f*** if the guy crash a car every week as long as he can fight on Saturday night.

  • khumbufalls

    Yeah, UFC is sponsored by Bud Light after all. Which one will piss off Bud Light most? UFC fighters making sexist, rape, homophobic and insensitive statements? Or drunk driving fighters? I think the former.

  • spidersilva

    rashad still has the crown as the cockiest fighter in the ufc…jj has the belt

  • The only thing really hurt is his ego from crashing his new Bentley into a pole … however, he is going to have to learn the seriousness of the act of driving after drinking … a relief the pole wasn’t a person walking on the side of the road.

  • bajafox

    I just wanna know how bad his mom kicked his ass when she picked him up. She’s probably the only person on earth that can literally kick the isht out of Jon Jones and not get touched.