BREAKING: Jon Jones Out of UFC 178 with Injury, Fight with Daniel Cormier Moved to 2015

August 12, 2014
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Jon JonesJon Jones suffered an injury this week that has forced the postponement of his next title defense.

Jones had been slated to defend his belt against Daniel Cormier in the UFC 178 main event on Sept. 27 in Las Vegas. Jones, however, suffered a leg injury in training that has forced him out of the bout.

The UFC announced the postponement during Tuesday’s edition of America’s Pregame on Fox Sports 1.

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The fight will now take place at UFC 182 on Jan. 3, 2015.

With the fight postponed, UFC flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson steps into the UFC 178 main event slot.

Johnson was supposed to put his belt on the line against Chris Cariaso in the UFC 177 co-main event on Aug. 30 in Sacramento, Calif. He will still defend against Cariaso, but the bout will headline UFC 178.

There has still been no word from the Nevada Athletic Commission or UFC officials about what or if any penalties Jones and Cormier will suffer for their respective roles in a skirmish during a UFC media day event on Aug. 4 in Las Vegas.

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  • Kyle Rayner

    Although you can’t predict an injury, you’re lookin’ weak out there Jon. All the talking, the media brawl, and then this happens? SMH

  • Just-scrap-nation

    Wow… So UFC 177 just became arguably the lamest card ever. I still think 178 is solid even lacking the main event which is a total bummer. It’s up to Conor to sell this card now. Mighty Mouse is an amazing fighter but don’t see him becoming a star until he stops doing his “Super Hero Power Up”. All I see is rainbows and glitter when he does that. Maybe a thumb scraping across his neck would sell a few more cards. I’m not hating on him. I love Johnson, he’s definitely P4P top 5… It’s just… Yeah

    • Rob Crespo

      I call it the cheat code lol

    • TKDGuy

      “super hero power up” and “rainbows and glitter” necessitated a response. Too funny. and I agree fully.

  • SorryAboutYourDamnLuck

    Pu$$y bone jones…. A coincidence he is “injured” after all that bullsh!t talk he did. DC killed him by calling him fake.. all jones can reply back was “I’m going to kill you” DC said to jon: Really jon do you really think i will sit there and let you kill me? LOL

  • Charlie Bruemmer

    who didn’t see this coming?

    • TheCerealKiller

      Yes, not fighting makes everybody tons of money! If you really think MMA is fake and staged, WWE —————->

  • bajafox

    Just saved me $50 in September

  • drkdisciple

    Mighty Mouse main event?…No thanks!

    • BobGyro


  • Joeyjoejoejrshabidu

    I miss the days when fighters fought regardless of injuries.

  • Darin

    The UFC stated that Jones and Cormier would be punished for the brawl. What’s the hold up? Has Dana even made on comment on it? I guess they’ll have to do it again next year, because the hype generated by it will be long forgotten by the time tickets go on sale.

    • Mike mckinney

      I’m pretty sure the UFC said they would wait until the nsac made their ruling before they take action, if any.

    • Hugh Shakeshaft

      Yeah right, they both got a little wooden spoon smack on the back of the hand.

  • Baller31

    After talking all that shit, he punks out. Meanwhile, Cormier was willing to fight injured. Thanks for showing us what you’re made of jones.

  • uncle

    Looks like Gus vs Bones 2 is destiny

  • Mike mckinney

    Honestly, this is really bad for those ticket buyers of that event. Not cool at all. I had front row tickets to the Aldo fight that got canceled. I wanted to smack rogan when he asked Rhonda about filling the slot.
    I understand things happen, but this is a huge step down. I know they do what they can, but the UFC should be ashamed on this one.

    • deepgrim

      Yes it sucks a bit but they can’t keep canceling events, mighty mouse is the best alternative they have at the time. Its still a solid card tho the main event has lost the edge, and can’t see much trash talk going down with them two. Wonder if Jones wants to fight Gus now instead, or maybe he will delay and say that Gus and DC should do #1 contenders match

      • Mike mckinney

        I understand that it’s the best they can do but people get screwed. I’ll show how. The best seats at ticketmaster for the jones fight is $3000 a ticket. The best seat through ticketmaster for the card Mighty Mouse just left is $452. They moved the co main off a $450 card and made it the headline of a $3000 event. It’s just really wrong.
        This is the biggest change I’ve ever seen the UFC make for a card with tickets sold. Hopefully people bought ticket insurance.

        • deepgrim

          Yeah that sucks alright, but 178 is a solid card through out were as 177 only had the two main events, now a single match of note that a lot of people think happened too soon. That would explain in part why the price difference is so vast. In reality there are very few people that can replace Jones. While it does still suck I think that is the nature of the sport and tickets are subject to change, but obviously it pisses people off

  • SupportTheSport

    This is disappointing. It’s unfortunate that the UFC chose to replace the main event with such a drastically less exciting bout. Jones is an absolute animal that hasn’t hit his prime yet–no one should sully his name because he was injured during training. Champions don’t put their careers at risk by fighting when they shouldn’t. Also, doctors decide who is medically cleared to fight–‘fighting injured’ is not an option here.

    • Mike mckinney

      Maybe champions shouldn’t fight injured, but it certainly untrue that they just don’t. Yes you’re inspected by doctors, but unless you tell them there are just some things they can’t know.

      One of the impressive things about Anderson Silva was that he pretty much never pulled out of a fight. (Not that I can recall)
      He fought Chael the first time with a broken rib. (Unless you’re one of the people who think he was just able to guess exactly what rib was broken, and you think it occurred in the fight.”
      Jds also fought Cain in pretty poor condition. He could have easily pulled out.

      I’m not saying Jon should, or even could fight. I’m just saying there are still some “old school” guys that have to lose a limb to be kept from fight day.

      • Kris-tyahn

        Anderson did NOT fight with a broken rib, dude are you really that stupid?!? It was probably bruised, very painful (maybe even “fractured”). But there’s not a doctor or organization that would allow someone to fight with an already broken rib. If it was broken and he gets hit and the rib gets driven into his lung or another organ he could easily die. Not a chance anyone from the UFC or medical staff would risk. Show me an X-ray with the date and name of the patient, other than that, not a chance he fights with a broken rib.
        Want to know why I know this, without even having to look it up on the interWEB? Jones vs. Sonnen fight, when Jones had his pinky toe broken & the bone was sticking out, Rogan noticed it after the fight, Jones got all “sick/light headed” & nearly passed out. Well, the rules state that had Jones not finished Sonnen before the 1st round ended & the doctor, Jones’s trainers/coaches and/or referee had seen it, they would have had to call the fight off b/c Jones would NOT have been able to continue, therefore TKO win for Sonnen. Look that up!
        So they wouldn’t allow Jones to continue with a pinky toe sticking out of the skin, but they’ll allow a fighter with an already “broken” rib to fight, which could easily cause death or severe injury. You nut huggers believe anything.
        GSP fought Hendricks wih 2 of his ACL’s torn, and then beat up Cain at his after party.

  • laleggenda27

    I’m gonna put my conspiracy theorist hat on for a second:

    1. When they kept stacking 178, while other events (177) were severely lacking, I immediately thought that Jones-DC was compromised and would get scrapped.

    2. If #1 is a misguided theory, I wonder if the knee was actually injured in the skirmish?

  • BobGyro

    bullllllllsh……………..t… i just lost all respect for that loudmouth, he sprain his pinky toe? @#$GOT just trying to milk it for all its worth bitch!

  • Stephen seeley

    raise your hand if youre surprised at all… oh look at that… no hands.

  • Corey Hutton

    Jones up to his normal tricks, when he is fighting someone with talent and not just freakishly long limbs like himself.

  • Hugh Shakeshaft

    First Rashad gets injured, now Bones. No coincidence.

  • Guest

    pero diablaso coño!

  • Kris-tyahn

    Well then, what a coincidence that he pulls out of a fight only a week or two after the “brawl.” I wonder if Jones is “scared” to fight Cormier on a short training camp, like he was when Sonnen (a MW fighter) took the fight on 7 hours notice?!? (sarcasm – I know it was like 7 or 8 days).
    Wonder if the brawl was planned for him to fake an injury in training, so that he cld get a full training camp to fight Cormier. He’s not scared to fight Cormier, he just doesn’t like to fight opponents on short notice, since he became Champ!
    Pulling out sure does kill the UFC’s/Dana’s laughing all the way to the bank after that brawl. Two major events cancelled or extremely downgraded b/c of the main event being “replaced.” Aldo vs. Mendes, then Jones vs. Gus and now Jones vs. Cormier all canceled. Injuries to the top fighters is really starting to get old, I’m actually starting to lose interest in the UFC b/c of all these crappy events they put on with “watered” down fighters and/or replacing the co-main or main event.

    • CodyShu

      Well said. It’s starting to get to the point where i’m not shocked at all to see a main event get cancelled due to an injury. The UFC has to do something about this cuz it’s getting out of control. They might have to regulate how often these guys can train or do something cuz this is just getting rediculous.

    • deepgrim

      It seems very co incidental alright, not saying it is but just the time frame of recovery so it will align with Gus been back, maybe he hoped he could now get Gus with an interpreted training camp? Or he could call for a number one bout between the two? Don’t think Jones is afraid of anyone but he is afraid of losing the belt, cormier doesn’t beat the life out of fighters typically but he does dominate them. As for the injuries etc I think the UFC is putting on so many events now that all the champions are booked out or have just fought and so it hard to come up with a good replacement. It could really do with cutting back slightly for the good of the events


      Then you step up and fight fool