Breaking Down UFC 169 With Dana White and Rehashing Georges St-Pierre’s Critical Comments

January 28, 2014
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UFC president Dana White was doing the media rounds on Monday, and in the evening, he joined Fox Sports Live to break down this weekend’s UFC 169: Barão vs. Faber fight card, whether or not Jose Aldo would have to move up to lightweight if he wins on Saturday, Georges St-Pierre’s recent critical comments, and more.

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  • Flexa

    GSP is one of the greats all time best, but lets talk frank
    He lost against Hendricks, not his fault JUDGES!
    But honestly he has been pretty boring in the last few fights, his last good fight was against Condit.
    I think he’s ducking Hendricks and thats why he left.

    • Ger Man

      Lets be frank here, the only thing you and Dana White have in common is the ability to watch a fight and judge a fight based on scar tissue generated on GSP. I know GSP has been a point fighter over the past little while, and the Hendricks fight was extremely controversial, but GSP did not definitively lose that fight, and he definitely did out point hendricks. Rewatch the fight, and get a score card if it makes you happy, but the right man won, its just he’s not taking the publicity as well because of people like Dana and you.

    • Brandon Curtin

      I had GSP winning that fight. More importantly, I didn’t see Hendricks doing enough to be declared champion. He certainly didn’t overwhelm GSP and didn’t definitively win a decision. Then again, I subscribe to the philosophy of “if you want to be the champ, you have to beat the champ”. Hendricks simply didn’t do enough. In a close fight with the champion, by default, the champion should get to keep the belt in a draw situation. Hendricks’ problem is that he fought exactly like GSP thought he would, and GSP figured out how to stifle the style and punching power. He made Hendricks hesitate.

  • DamianCross

    I’m hearing these messed up rumors all over the internet that the UFC is regulated by the government.

    Where is this coming from?

    • Brandon Curtin

      Technically, it is true because of the sports regulating bodies (Nevada State Athletic Commission, etc.). It isn’t like there is some sort of government conspiracy behind the UFC. That isn’t happening at all.

  • Phenomenal

    Phenomenal and well-rounded.