BREAKING: Diego Sanchez Misses Weight for UFC on Fuel TV 8 Fight, Will Pay Penalty

March 2, 2013
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Diego SanchezDiego Sanchez is trying to fulfill a dream of fighting in Japan. Despite missing weight at Friday’s UFC on Fuel TV 8: Silva vs. Stann weigh-ins, it looks like he’ll still be able to fulfill that dream, he’ll just do so for a little less compensation than he had originally planned.

Sanchez missed weight by two pounds on his initial weigh-in. He tipped the scale at 158 pounds. The allowance for a lightweight non-title fight is 156 pounds.

He was then given one hour to lose the additional weight, but was unable to do so.

Instead of cancelling the fight, his opponent, former Pride and Shooto champion Takanori Gomi agreed to accept the fight with Sanchez giving up 20 percent of his fight purse as a penalty.

The fight marks the first time in more than three years that Sanchez has fought at lightweight. He had been competing at welterweight, going 2-2 since his last trip to 155 pounds, but seized an opportunity to make the trip to Japan to fight Gomi.

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  • Derek Lemaster

    Didnt expect that from Diego. He’s usually very professional.

    • Oswald Cobblepott

      Making weight has nothing to do with being professional. If you’ve ever had to lose 15+lbs when yiu are already fit you’ll understand

      • Advance*

        Not doing what you agreed to do = unprofessional. He didn’t say cutting weight was easy

    • Kris-tyahn

      I was also very surprised but don’t assume it has to do with him not being a pro, I think it has more to do with not fighting at LW for 3 yrs and thus not needing to cut so much weight. Cutting weight is a science!

  • Cool dude

    Yes……yes…….yes…..burger and fries…..yes……..large shake…….yes………Ben & Jerrys……yes.

  • do u have to disclose ur salary? no

  • Mike mckinney

    I’m not quite sure that this one is a case of a guy screwing off. Having to go to Japan, or maybe he can’t make the weight anymore. I guess we’ll see if he tries to stay at 155lbs.

    • Ryuuji Beauliwaza Janisuke

      I guess if he stay a 155 next time will be easier

  • Sure it does. Making weight for sure does. If its that much of an issue he shouldnt have taken the fight at lw. You know how dana is about not making weight lol

  • Ian Price

    It’s not like he missed weight by 11 pounds or anything. I’m sure he’ll figure out the proper weight cut for LW next time.

  • And then he goes to his twitter and disrespects Gomi. What a disrespectful,unprofessional punk. I hope Gomi pounds this fool into the mat and then disfigures his already disgusting looking face.Sorry, I just can’t stand a prick, especially a disrespectful, cocky one. He should be honored and appreciative that Gomi accepted the fight at all.

  • Austin3169285

    It has everything to do with being professional you take a fight at 155 and have 4 months to prepare. Very unprofessional.

  • Cameron Merryman

    Shoulda stayed on Dan Quinns stevia routine….