BREAKING: Anthony Pettis Injured, Korean Zombie Steps into UFC 163 Title Fight Against Jose Aldo

June 14, 2013
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Chan Sung Jung Korean Zombie WEC 51A controversial title fight between No. 1 lightweight contender Anthony Pettis and UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo has been sidelined.

Pettis injured his knee, forcing him out of the UFC 163 headliner. Chan Sung Jung, aka “The Korean Zombie,” has agreed to step in and take his place, challenging Aldo for the belt.

UFC president Dana White on Friday tweeted news of the change.

Pettis became the No. 1 contender at lightweight following his first-round TKO stoppage of Donald Cerrone in January. Not wanting to wait around for his shot, Pettis asked for and received the fight to challenge for Aldo’s featherweight title, leading Aldo’s camp to complain that Pettis was essentially cutting in line.

Jung (13-3) and Ricardo Lamas (13-2) were both already on the cusp of a shot at the 145-pound belt, and were slated to fight each other at UFC 162 on July 6. But now, with Pettis dropping out of the fight, Jung got the call to step in and challenge Aldo at UFC 163 on Aug. 3 in Rio de Janeiro.

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  • robbiezz
    • Joe Silva


      as much as I love Korean Zombie (nobody can really hate on this guy as he always brings it and is always entertaining with possibly the greatest nickname), but NOOOOOOOOO!!

      This was supposed to be Pettis Showtime!!!

      • robbiezz

        i dont mind korean zombie fighting aldo but the entire pettis thing was so intense i wanted to see it happen!!

        pettis goes on a lightweight rampage and get a title shot but does not want to wait and will fight aldo.

        aldo refuses to fight him because i think aldo knows pettis can really challenge him!

  • Mark McDowall

    That sucks….Zombie vs Lamas was going to be a good fight!! I think this could really hurt Pettis…he seems to be rather injury prone and UFC wont push a guy who is always getting hurt.

  • Supaman


    he’s just coming off of surgery though, after a long layoff so that’s also not in his favor.

    he’s going to be fighting Jose Aldo, which is also not in his favor.

    but everyone has always counted him out, but he comes up w/ ridiculous things like that twister on Garcia, that was amazing. i just hope that Zombie doesn’t go in like a real Zombie and think he can eat those nasty Aldo leg kicks. Jung needs to come up with a real game plan.

    maybe Jung by flying gogoplata?

  • Matty

    This sucks. I was really hoping for a end to Aldo’s reign as champ and Showtime has the best chance to do just that. Zombie will be a severe underdog as he should be. He has maybe a 5% chance of winning this fight.

    • Ian Price

      Yeah something like that 5-15%. Pettis would have been 2:1 underdog at the MOST

  • bajafox

    Good news for Aldo, seemed he really didn’t want to fight Pettis

  • I love the Korean Zombie but this still sucks. Pettis coming down in weight to fight Aldo was going to incredible and big for that division to shake things up. Really sucks for Pettis.

    • Mark McDowall

      This is the second title fight Pettis has dropped out of due to injury. I think he will have a hell of a time getting in to another title fight with this happening.

      • He worked so hard to get here. That loss to Guida is the only thing that originally set him back. Pettis/Thompson would have been nice, Or even Pettis/Diaz.

      • Supaman

        ?? not in the UFC… this is the 1st title shot he’s had.

        The first time when WEC merged, he was supposed to fight winner of Gray Maynard v. Frankie Edgar but then it was a draw, so they had to rematch. So Pettis took a fight w/ Guida and lost.

        However, Pettis does seem injury prone, so hopefully he doesn’t turn into the next David Terrell.

        • Mark McDowall

          Ok technically he wasn’t under a fight contract, but when he came up injured they gave Edgar an immediate rematch against Henderson.

    • Pablo Vasquez Jr.

      maybe they did a trial weight cut and pettis could not make it so they faked an injury

      • Ha ha. You never know. I still can’t believe he was going down to FW. Aldo is awesome and all but there’s way more competition at LW.

  • Flock__of__Burgers

    Hopefully this leads to Lamas vs. Edgar @ UFC 162!

    • GiinoStenLund

      Or Lamas vs Mendes

      • Guest

        Chad Mendes is fighting Diego Sanchez

        • GiinoStenLund

        • Seth

          Lol, when? He’s fighting Featherweight Version of Fitch, not Diego…where you saw that bs?

        • Mark McDowall

          Diego is fighting Melendez for some odd reason. And Edgar is fighting Olivera. I think Lamas said he is going to wait to fight the winner of this new fight.

          • GiinoStenLund

            Lol lamas has to wait a f****** longtime then , Ufc should make Lamas-Mendes but i know that Mendes is fighting Guida

        • Pablo Vasquez Jr.

          what at what weight diego going down to 145 he cant even make 155

        • Flock__of__Burgers

          Chad Mendes is fighting Clay Guida next. Sanchez will apparently meet Gilbert Melendez in the fall.

      • shakejunt

        edgar or mendes would be ideal, but maybe lentz will be up to take the short notice fight.

        • Flock__of__Burgers

          I would like to see Olivera possibly removed or reshuffled and have Lamas vs. Edgar and Swanson vs. Siver still; or Edgar vs. Siver and Swanson vs. Lamas on the same show.

  • JaviVasquezistherealShowtime

    Anyone who’s not excited for Korean Zombie vs. Aldo dunno s*** about MMA and should just stop watching. This is going to be a great fight, and KZ is definitely more deserving than Pettis’s overrated ass, who btw would’ve gotten trashed by both Bendo and Aldo.

  • zztoppppp


  • BobLemons

    Whatever you thought the outcome would be, Pettis vs Aldo would’ve been an awesome stand-up fight. Jung probably deserves it more and it should be a good fight but Pettis vs Aldo really excited me.

    • Pablo Vasquez Jr.

      i agree

  • Johnny

    damn lil brazilian dodged a bullet

  • vitamin dimo

    That SUUUUUUUUCKS!!!!!!

  • The Best Eva

    Wow Lamas will be bent, Poor zombie I like him.

  • Baller31

    That sucks…when will these guys learn how to train without getting hurt? I understand the occasional injury but wtf in mma it’s becoming the exception rather than the rule. So many big fights cancelled every year…and it’s not necessary. How many major boxing matches get cancelled because of injury? Oh well, Aldo is smiling right now….of course, I wouldn’t be surprised if he goes down with any injury too.

    • Pablo Vasquez Jr.

      true that there was so-pose to be a title fight tomorrow but someone got injured again? damn these injuries wish these guys could train safer

    • Lucas Freire

      A MMA fighter is more prone to get injured than Boxing fighters because the training is much more intense on the body as a whole.

      I don’t know much about boxing, but I’d guess that at a top level a boxer trains lots of conditioning and pads, lots of pads.

      While on MMA injuries are much easier to happen. There’s wrestling training, ground training, mixed up training…

      • Baller31

        In boxing there is lots of conditioning similar to mma, and lots of sparring. it seems like many mma fighters treat sparring like it’s the real thing, which leads to a lot of injuries. Whether you’re striking or wrestling, when sparring it should not be at 100%. MMA is still in it’s early stages compared to boxing, and I do think smarter training will evolve. I mean, boxing has evolved a whole lot since it’s inception.

        • Lucas Freire

          I too think so, but I still think sparring in boxing has a much smaller contribution than in MMA training. I don’t follow Boxing a lot,but at least in Muay Thai camps of the highest level sparrings are more used to fix small technical issues(that usually could be fixed with pads) or simulate the opponent’s game so it’s very hard to see someone injured due to a sparring or due to training with pads.

          The problem of spar on MMA isn’t a matter of going for real but that in order to fix technical issues they can’t go easy on a takedown for example. Other than that I think the MMA training demands much more of the body as a whole than boxing. You can have similar conditioning training in boxing and MMA but you won’t work your whole body the same way.

  • El Gvapo

    So when Pettis returns from injury, will he take a LW or FW title shot? He was only taking the FW shot because he didn’t want to wait for a LW shot, so what if the timings become more favourable?

    • Supaman

      if Aldo beats Korean Zombie (and also depending how long it takes for recovery) then I’d say he take the FW shot at Aldo. The prep work, hype is all there and both sides get to complete unfinished business.

      @ FW, Pettis would have more leeway as long as Aldo remains champ b/c he’d essentially get the Weidman treatment, since Aldo will have dispatched virtually all the top contenders.

      @ LW, Bendo is well on his way of eliminating all of the top contenders as well, but the depth of talent is much greater. The longer it takes for Pettis to recover, the lower he’ll fall down the LW ranks and have to work his way up again.


    another easy win for Aldo

  • shakejunt

    maybe we can still see this match one day at 155?

  • People are biased

    Lol p**** Anthony “gay time” Pettis. I have no idea why people think so highly of him.. He can’t even beat CLAY FREAKING GUIDA. Pettis is the most overrated fighter ever. Just cause he jump on cages doing flashy flying kicks and s*** people are so mesmerized and gullible to think it so dam cool. Now he got a chance at aldo? Then got injured… Seriously wtf. A more fair match to watch is him Vs bendo again.. or F**k let him fight frankie edgar that be more of a sick fight. As much as i dislike pettis he does have the ability to do amazing things with his striking i give him that. But other than that people are all over his nuts. Once he loses fans will be biased and hate him to.

    I hate people disliking aldo for what he is.. He been undefeated long as hell.. Heck since his WEC days. He hasn’t been explosive and take more chances as he once was.. More as a tame fighter but hey that what he has to do to win.

    It annoying reading this forum hearing people saying hes scared to take a fight or anything delusional than that.. Is freaking insane. In the end hes the champion and STILL FIGHTING still is extremely sad seeing biased people wishing he would lose. Another thing.. I bet if this was aldo injured everyone on this dam forum would say he SCARED OR BITCHED OUT of the fight. Got some seriously pathetic biased people on here.

    • Lucas Freire

      You know this guy with the flashy kicks was the last guy to defeat the LW champion,Ben Henderson, right?

      • Flock__of__Burgers

        Got to love those internet marks who call fighters pussy but don’t train or grapple at all.

  • eric

    My hearts go out to anyone who is disappointed.

  • toom

    well all of the pettis fans hate to tell ya he would have gotten ko’d but he still wouldnt take the beating the korean zombie will

  • Collideoverme

    Now I’m interested! Would love to see Aldo lose the belt, especially to Zombie. But…there is also reality.