Brazilian MMA Athletic Commission Bans TRT Exemptions; Dan Henderson Gets Final Exemption

February 28, 2014
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Shogun, Hendo and a Camel-UFCThe Brazilian MMA Athletic Commission (CABMMA) on Friday confirmed that it would mirror the Nevada State Athletic Commission’s decision to ban therapeutic use exemptions for testosterone replacement therapy.

Nevada’s decision to ban exemptions for TRT took effect immediately, but CABMMA will allow one final combatant, Dan Henderson, to compete with an exemption.

Nevada has no licensed fighters in its state that have a current therapeutic use exemption and no applications in process. CABMMA, however, allowed Henderson’s exemption because he had already applied for licensure in Brazil for his upcoming fight against Mauricio “Shogun” Rua at UFC Fight Night 38 on March 23. He will be the final fighter allowed an exemption now that Brazil has decided to ban them.

CABMMA’s medical director, Dr. Marcio Tannure, told Brazil’s SporTV on Friday of the commission’s decision, noting that it, like most athletic commissions, closely follows the regulatory practices of Nevada.

Nevada’s decision had an immediate ripple effect in its own state when, hours after a vote to enact the change, the UFC announced that Vitor Belfort was out of his scheduled challenge of UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman in Las Vegas on May 24 due to the decision.

Several other commissions are now revisiting the issue in their jurisdictions with more changes surely to follow.

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  • MuayThaiFood

    Chael must be retiring now based on an earlier interview.

    Chael: “I don’t have an option. I either take this medicine or die. I’m not asking if I can take it. It’s up to them to let me take it. It’s a substance that’s often abused, and I deal with taking it in shame. But a blood test can clear you, and show I take the appropriate amount. I’m paying for the tests. I’ve taken four so far. And they’ll do a day-before and morning-after test as well.”

    That’s pretty black and white!

    • bajafox

      If he stops fighting he has a bright future in being an MMA analyst

  • Milosc

    Now, if we could only figure out a way to retroactively punish people who’ve used leaded gas or smoked cigarettes in public places!


    Wow Vitor must be pissed that he didn’t get an Exemption!!! =]

    • bajafox

      Why would he? He might have been exempted had he applied before the rule went into effect.

  • whaaaaaa

    Wow.. are you fucken kidding me? Its ok for dan to do it! But not ok for vitor? Next everyone is going to make an excuse that HENDERSON IS TOOO OLD HE NEED IT! Lol. SO ITS OK FOR HIM!

    • joe

      You can’t really compare these 2 fighters. Dan takes it for health, and Belfort takes it as an edge. I mean it is obvious Belfort juiced the whole time fighting in Brazil. You can disagree, but we will see Hendo will still beable to fight without trt and Belfort career will be over.

      • fllc

        You can’t compare the two? Do you really believe Dan didn’t took advantage of the TRT treatment like Victor? Gosh… he is more explosive now than in his 30… don’t go blind because you are a fan, please.

        • joe

          Not at all. Hendo not more explosive at all. He looks exactly the same to me.

          • Fllc

            Joe, he is 43, is not natural to be like that, the “same” like you said. He is cool dude, a legend, but he was taking advantage like Vitor and anybody else.

    • bajafox

      Did you even read the article? He had already applied before the decision was made. He was “grandfathered” in

  • joe

    Big Hendo fan, but wish he would go without it for this fight. I don’t think trt has a big impact on his performances but now if he wins there will be too much speculation. Plus I thought UFC banned it anyways, so maybe he will have to stop?

    • DamianCross

      Yes, but I don’t think its as big of a deal for Dan. He’s on his last contract and probably not taking a last run at the title too seriously since he’s already accomplished so much. Even if he loses the edge going out, he’s done what he came to do.