Brazilian Fans Rain Down on Conor McGregor’s UFC 179 Q&A (Video)

October 24, 2014
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UFC featherweight contender Conor McGregor fielded questions from the fans in Rio de Janeiro on Friday prior to the official UFC 179: Aldo vs. Mendes 2 weigh-in. To say that the Brazilian fans gave him a rough reception would be a bit of an understatement.

Hear what the outspoken Irishman had to say about a number of topics including his plan to become the champion.

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    Brazil no hespect nothing .. The fans shit on Conor .. I wonder if they get mad that he says mamcita and hola and other Spanish words when their language is Portuguese ..

    • Teodoro Medeiros

      is normal…

  • solo

    WHAT THE F*** IS THIS??? SERIOUSLY?! This is horrendous! Why is this translator just translating questions in Conors ear. You have the mic id***, SPEAK INTO IT so that us fans who are watching online can freakin’ understand what i can assume is a silly questions from an uneducated fans, otherwise why bother to upload.
    Jeeeez! What an awful stuff UFC!

    • Matte

      Yeah the production is really bad on this one.

      I kinda wonder why they had this Q and A with Conor in Brazil anyway, there is nothing goos for the UFC coming off this.

  • taylor2008

    I truly hope Mendes or Aldo put this guy to sleep!

    • Joe Dog

      Somone is gonna shut him up but probably just momentarily. This guy has a pathologically over-active mouth.

      • taylor2008

        I can see talking s— once in a while to hype a fight or because you dont like someone, but this guy just wont shut up!

    • TheCerealKiller

      I hope Siver puts him out!

      • taylor2008

        I dont think he will. Siver has more power but conor is faster. I agree with you. I would like to see Siver KO him, but I just dont see it.

  • Hodor

    Brazilian fans are stupid. They’re getting all pissy when he is blatantly trolling them

  • julian moran

    Unless you understand Portuguese, It’s kind of useless to hear English responses to questions we cannot understand = FAIL.

    • TheCerealKiller

      Making fun of special needs kids = FAIL

      • julian moran

        Good job! You are my number 1 stalker!

      • solo


  • Tunai Porto

    I was completely embarrassed watching this video (I`m Brazilian). All
    the questions are foolish and offensive, one shouldn`t waste its time waiting
    for subtitles. Please, note that this crowd does not represent Brazilian fans
    properly. I wasn`t there (fortunately), but I can guarantee you guys that those
    people couldn`t care less about UFC. I am sure they didn`t knew Connor prior to
    the event. Of course, you may not agree with what he says, but you cannot act
    like an uncivilized animal/child like this. They were there only for the
    spotlights and the `party`. Once again, these guys are no parameter for the Brazilian
    crowd. There are serious and polite UFC fans in Brazil and I would like to believe they are majority. I apologize in the name of my country, please try not to generalize us based on that shamefull event.

    Tunai Porto.

    • Matte

      Well said mate. Hats off.

      Sincerely from Sweden.

    • irishbrother

      Every country has its ignorant ones man

  • Darin

    An obnoxious Irishman trying to speak Spanish to a gang of juvenile Portugese speaking Brazillians…..The only thing missing was Jerry Springer.