Brandon Vera Has a Message for the Haters (UFC on Fox 4 Video)

August 6, 2012
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He was on the losing end of the main event, but Brandon Vera earned a ton of respect for the effort he put in against Mauricio “Shogun” Rua at UFC on Fox 4 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on Saturday night.

At the post-fight press conference, Vera explained that there are more chapters to his career and he’ll get a title shot one way or another. He also had a stern message for all his doubters.

Check out the footage of Vera after his fight…

  • rsnowbass

    Message being: If the UFC keeps him fighting, he’ll keep losing…

    • RubeKegal

      Yeah it cracks me up when people say “Oh he was the next big thing but something happened”. Yeah i’ll tell you what happened, he stopped fighting guys like Justin Eilers, Fabiano Scherner and Assuerio Silva and fought legit fighters. Most overrated fighter out there.

      • Lesnardo

        Not sure if the dude was overrated. When he fought Tim Sylvia, Vera was who Vera was, an undefeated fighter without big fight experience except Frank Mir who at that time everyone knocked out.

        Vera vs Forrest would be a good undercard.

        • RubeKegal

          He was highly overrated. Look at who he beat!! After the 3 I previously named, he fought an out of shape Frank Mir and then has gone 4-6-1 in his last 11. It’s called fighting higher level fighters….why is Brandon Vera any different than any other fighter who comes to the UFC and wins 2 or 3 fights before getting exposed?

          Gabriel Gonzaga won his first 4 UFC fights, but has gotten tougher competition and has gotten exposed since, much like Vera. Did people go around saying “Something happened”? No he fought tougher guys, plain and simple, take the same Brandon Vera who KO’d Justin Eilers in 2006 and he will still never beat guys like Werdum or Bones.

          • Lesnardo

            I see where you are going with this.

            But unlike Gonzaga or Soukoudju, no one in the right mind thought Vera was top 5 even when he was on a winning streak.

            I personally always doubted his skills. But I guess there were people who saw him as top 10.

            In any case, yes, he will never beat anyone in the top 15 in either HW or LHW, NO MATTER HOW HARD HE TRAINS.


  • Spartacus

    It seems to me like he was just happy to put in a good showing. He had nice combos and some nice defense but he kinda reminded me of tito when he would take too many shots in he would just give up and make it look like he’s been hit huge and he’s going down now. He never really looked rocked at the end…. don’t get me wrong brandon did a lot better than I thought he was going to. Man did shogun ever gas

    • Lesnardo

      If Shogun can’t finish someone by the first round, he gets in trouble in the second and the third unless he plays smart.

      I just like to see the wild Shogun. He looked his best fighting Lyoto, Liddell and Forrest (second fight). He needs to use fake head movements and pick his shots.

      If you recall Shogun’s first fight with Forrest and his fight with Hendo, Shogun used a lot of energy doing unnecessary things. Go see the first round of the first Forrest fight. He does monkey roles on the ground. Just stand up and pick your shots instead of going for takedowns.

      Shogun was almost chocked out by Vera. I am sure that sapped some of his energy.

  • WarriorScholar

    Horrible fight,both gassed after the first round.

  • masterdiddy

    Dana cut him loose! Vera had his chance and in his own words he threw it away by not training. This is not the mentality of a “UFC” fighter , a professional fighter or a fighter that wants to reach the top. Dana cut him loose so he does not make a mockery out of the “UFC” brand that you , the Fertitta’s and “TRUE” elite athletes have built.

  • mark-31

    Shogun just isn’t that far away from the rest pack. He should be in his prime but he lost to Hendo, Griffin.. couldn’t put away this bum quicker. They hype up Shogun pretty nicely though.

  • elguapo

    I think people are being a little hard on Vera. I thought he deserved some respect for the fight he put on, shogun didn’t walk through him by any means (this may also be due to shogun performing poorly though). Plus didn’t Vera take the fight on relatively short notice? I think he’s got a rule as a fairly big name gatekeeper, every division needs one and I think he’s perfect for that role.

  • maddawgmar

    Brandon Vera did take this fight on short notice, so he probably wasn’t in good shape. Plus he overcut, he came in well under 205. And he still put on a great show against a premier light heavyweight. Shogun gassed because of huge punches and massive kicks to the mid-section. Shogun looked bad because he was supposed to destroy Vera, not because he had a bad night. Fight this fight again I bet Shogun looks just as bad, but he still will win. I saw a glimpse of Vera’s former self. If he gets a decent match-up and time to train, and he fights like that, he will impress. Stop hating on Vera.

  • Towers66

    What an excellent fight. Nothing to brag about from either fighter as far as stamina goes……how about an amazing show of will, determination and heart? Two thumbs up for two fighters who put on a great show. Good thing Jackson didn’t train one of them. I was on the edge of my seat for this fight…..most of the card actually. Good stuff.

    • pooby

      Good point. Tired or not, both guys actually fought. They both tried to defeat the other with punches and kicks rather than trying to win a decision with footwork and head bobbing.

  • elguapo

    Ah I knew there were still people out there who could talk sense and judge fighters fairly. Cheers marine & towers, at least some of us have brains. And to think people are calling Vera a bum. A bum?!? How can you be a pro fighter, let alone in the UFC, and more so in a main event by being a bum? Just ridiculous. If you’re not in the top 3 or whatever then you’re a bum? Absolute joke.

  • I love how people talk about how this guy lost and will keep losing. Like have some respect, the guys still a talented pro fighter in the UFC who continues to train and fight. Like big deal he lost a hard fought battle to Rua who is a legend and only 30 years old.

  • atmosphere

    though i was impressed by Vera and unimpressed by Shogun and though it’s true that “people forget real quick” (which I assume refers to Vera’s hey-day), his title relevancy was FIVE years ago in a different weight class.

    on the flip side of the same coin, fans remember all too well of Vera’s more recent lackluster performances

    • Lesnardo

      SIX years ago in the undercard of the HW division. Even then, when he got near the top, he cracked.

  • gnodeb

    This is not beauty contest. It is not important who we like or dislike, who deserves respect and who doesn’t. It is a sport, a competition. It is all about results.
    They simply didn’t perform up to the expectations. I do understand why UFC broadcast team said it was good fight. But I don’t understand why we should believe them. They were dead tired after first round. Like they didn’t have a camp at all. And it was not the first time for Shogun. About what will and determination are we talking about?
    I like them both, I wish them both all the best, but I don’t have to believe that was a good fight. They were laying there and waiting for the end of the first round. It is not what you expect to see from main fight… a fight that should determinate next challenger.

  • wiiliamstanley

    Vera looked better than I expected. He was there to fight, he put on a good show. It was no way a showcase for title contention, they gased out quick but had second and third winds. I was entertained. I guess people expect every fighter to be a jones or silva these days. Just because people can’t be champs doesn’t mean they should be cut.

  • Towers66

    Definitely not a title contender worthy showing fight by either fighter. I don’t really give two turtle shits about that though. This is supposed to be entertaining and to me it was that and then some. No argument, just simple question, “Were your eyes glued to the screen or not?”. Another note : Lyoto Vs. Jones or even better Lyoto Vs Hendo will be fun shit to watch. I would love to see Jones get clipped by the H-bomb but I’m also down to see the Dragon Bones rematch.

  • BlackDog2009

    It’s funny. Before this fight, I wasn’t singing Vera’s praises. And I don’t know why. The guy has been in there with the best of them: Thiago Silva, Randy Couture, Jon Jones, Frank Mir and others. You can hate him all you want but that’s an impressive resume of opponents. Now he adds Shogun Rua to his resume. Win or lose, I would feel really good about myself if I went toe to toe against Shogun. Vera could have surfed for a paycheck. But no, he came to fight, he came and went mano a mano with Shogun, a back and forth war of punches, elbows to the face, kicks to the ribs, ground and pound and a test of true mettle. Win or lose that’s what I want from fighters. Vera did good!

    • Lesnardo

      ??? Thiago Silva? You mean the dude that was knocked out silly by Lyoto Machida after all that talk? The same dude that lost to Retard Evans? The dude that made Vera his wife?

      Randy Couture? You mean the 50 years old Couture whose only meaningful win over the last 3 years is over a fat boxer?

      Jon Jones – Getting pwned by Jones does not neceesarily make you a good fighter.

      Frank Mir – Vera fought Mir when Mir was a bum.

    • djrpok

      I think Vera lost his will after beating Couture and not getting the decision.

      • Lesnardo

        That was cheap. I would have been mad if I were Vera.

  • clemwilson

    The way Jon Jones utterly destroyed Vera and how an old Rua put Vera to sleep in the KO loss makes one think it’s over. Vera doesn’t have it. Not even sure if Vera could beat his wife in a 3 round fight.

    • Lesnardo

      Vera’s husband, Thiago Silva, beat Vera so hard that Vera is now seeing a divorce from his wife. Someone please confirm this.

  • clemwilson

    Vera isn’t any good. Retire.

  • Spartacus

    Not huge brandon fan. But clemson your an idiot

    • Lesnardo


      While I don’t agree that Vera should retire (Vera needs to earn a living and he can still make a good gatekeeper/stepping stone), it remains true that Vera has no chance of even becoming a contender at 205. At HW, he would get destroyed by Cheick Kongo!

  • clemwilson

    Jon Jones beat Vera so bad he crushed his face and made Vera quit. Vera has no build and is just an opponent who caves in when hit and collapses into a heap knocked out. Not much of a future for vera.

    • Lesnardo

      Clemwilson, this is Vera’s husband Thiago Silva.

      How dare you talk badly about my wife Vera! I gave my wife the worst beating of his life, not Jon Jones. Vera is MY biatch! Jon Jones, take your hands off of my wife!

      • maddawgmar

        Lesnardo, I’m gonna call you O.J. from here on out. Because you murdered that joke. Plus it wasn’t funny the first time.

        I remember you blasting Sonnen for doping saying that is the only reason he dominated A. Silva for the majority of their first fight. But yet Vera getting dominated by a doped Thiago and it has nothing to do with the win. You are so racially bias it’s sick.

        • Lesnardo

          You remember incorrectly. Although I’ve made some scathing remarks about Sonnen, I’ve never said that was the ONLY reason. Sonnen’s takedowns are powerful with or without the drug.

          Are you suggesting that Thiago was a bigger man than Vera, literally more of a man, because he had injected testosterone?

    • BlackDog2009

      “who caves in” ? or you didn’t see the Rua vs Vera fight or you’re just plain retarded… I’m thinking the latter at this point.

      • Lesnardo

        I think he is jealous of the fact that Vera got beat by Shogun because he wanted to get beat by Shogun. He wants to smell Shogun’s armpits when Shogun executes an arm triangle on him.

  • markrenton

    I have seen about a dozen articles with Vera going off about the “haters.” Give it a rest bro. You get paid very good money to fight (Vera is 60k, plus 60k to win), so when you don’t entertain dont get upset when people boo you.
    In the Shogun fight Vera did push himself, more than what weve seen before, but I still dont think he looked good (technique wise). Yes, I can appreciate the heart it takes to go on after taking a blast from Shogun, but overall I thought the fight was a little sloppy

    • Lesnardo

      Yeah, it was an exciting fight only because Vera didn’t completely cave in after taking bombs. But pretty much he lost every single round.

  • clemwilson

    Vera’s wife should do Playboy sleep with HEF then make Porn movies to support Vera KO loser hubby. Vera is finished.

  • mma fanatic1982

    I see alot of dumb comments lol. Vera is not the best but he is a pro. U dont have to be top 5 or anything to get respect. He is better than average and would destroy ammatures (idiots talking trash behind keyboards lol, about something they dont or never have done!). I dont like vera alot but i respecf him and dont think cause hes not a title contender he should get cut. Thats dumb, then if that the case there would only be 5-10 ppl in a weightclass. Some r gatekeepers, not good enough to be at the top but betfer than the average pro. They’ll up an comer. And to say oh vera lost to an “old” shogun is retarded. Rua is 30! Couture old is still betfer than most! He won the belt back at mid 40s. Brock couldnt even put him on the mat and keep him there. Vera losses r too the top best! Thiago is good so to.say oh he lost to the guy that got knocked silly by machida is laughable! Evans got kod by machida so i guess hes no good either lol. These r former champs and top 5 ppl who talking about lol my question “r u top 2,000 lol prob not! U prob never even been in the cage, just watch.t.v and want something entertaine u like a baby!” beat atleast an amature in the cage once before u.start.saying someones victories and losses r garbage! Keyboard warriors lol oh.u so tough, i bet the training camps r tough. Your thumbs must get extrememly tires from all them 2 a days of training lol.

    • MMAGod

      LOL! That is funny!

  • clemwilson

    let Vera’s wife pose nude to him some positive press.

  • mma fanatic1982

    U r a loser! Talking crap a degrating a married woman, talking crap about a man with not just more materlistic things than u lol he has more money, better looking girl, better car, better job, nicer home, cooler friends et. But he also has more class and moral’s than u. Haters are realyy envious which obviously u r of vera. Hes something u could never be lol, so u envy hate and try to make.him look bad behind a keyboard like it will make u look cool or tough or knowledgable. Your hate and ignorance shows your not logical and the fact u r.talking about something u prob never had the courage to do yourself makes it pathetic. Keyboard warriors lol.

  • clemwilson

    Vera gets KO’s too easily. Not very good when Vera gets put to sleep. Let his wife do porn to support Vera? Vera could beat Matt Mittroine-Brendon Schaub maybe Roy nelson and those types.

  • mma fanatic1982

    Those type lol. U mean pros in the ufc lol. Thats still very good, u.cant beat guys in the amms lol. And what kinda of man talks about.another mans wife doing porn and stuff, not a morals, which.speaks of your.character! Im done with u lol u have no logic and ppl who have nothing logical of substance to say u just say dumb insults about ppls wifes or anything else but covering the facts. Goodbye n growup!

  • pogodog7

    I know one thing…If I ever need a heart transplant, give me Vera’s. The man is ALL heart.

    • clemwilson

      but he loses and gets KO’d.