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Brandon Vera Gets Second Life in the UFC, No Date for Return

Posted on by Damon Martin

Brandon Vera may have been released from the UFC a few months ago, but it appears that his exit was short lived.

The one time heavyweight and light heavyweight contender will return to the UFC for at least another fight, according to sources speaking with MMAWeekly.com on Tuesday.

FiveOuncesofPain.com initially reported the news of Vera’s return.

Vera was released from the promotion following his loss to Thiago Silva at UFC 125, but now with the Brazilian’s pending drug test from the Nevada State Athletic Commission, it appears the California based fighter will get another chance inside the Octagon.

While no details about Silva’s future have emerged, signs are pointing towards a positive test result from his drug test and a potential no contest ruling in his fight with Vera, which has been standard practice for the Nevada State Athletic Commission in the past.

Vera’s return may be contractual or it may simply be the UFC giving him another chance, the details aren’t clear at this point.

One opening that Vera will not be a part of at least as of right now is filling in for Karlos Vemola who was forced out of his UFC 128 fight against Luis Cane in March due to injury. Sources indicated to MMAWeekly.com that Vera has not been offered that slot in particular, and at this time there’s no definite date for his return to the Octagon.

Vera did suffer a nasty broken nose in the fight with Silva, and was set to be suspended at minimum until March 3, and could be suspended until July 1 unless his fracture was cleared with a physician.

  • Cswan101

    Great Decision thats exactly what i said should happen

  • mmafan97

    Vera shouldn’t have been released. Dan Miller and Chuck Liddell (although he is a legend). Weren’t released after dropping 3 fights. I think Vera should have been give another chance. It’s good he is back.

  • mma24069

    I mean vera’s a good fighter.. but shouldnt get another chance in ufc. he will get beat again

    • armendo420

      w.e bud he should get another shot man. how would u like gettin beat by a juice pig??? its not fair! vera is the man! what other lightheavy weights can say they made frank mir look like a punk hmmm?????? vera is 4 real

  • mma24069

    i wanted vera to win last fight but it is what it is vera cant compete in the ufc hes been dominated how many fights?

  • Cswan101

    hey if any of u payed any attention to his last fight he was beatin thiago on the standup but got controlled on the ground cuz of steroids thats why he lost and this will be a real wake up call that his ass is on the chopping block but its not like hes some frank trigg whos just gettin knocked the fuck out everytime

  • armendo420

    ur all dum vera is the man nd can kill over half the division

  • mma24069

    really hes beat mike patt,Reese andy, and Krzysztof Soszynski in the last five years. if you payed any attention.

  • wonggfan

    dude, I just don’t understand all the dick riding.

    don’t get me wrong. I like Vera. But I don’t see why the UFC should keep him around. Pretty much he loses to every decent fighter. How can you lose to Jardine and still expect to be in the UFC?

    Brandon Vera cannot break into top 5 at StrikeForce. Mousasi, Fejao, and King Mo would destttrrroooyyy this guy.

  • yzfr1nate

    Thiago Silva first test popped up for THC not roids. Know what your talking about. He got beat by a stoner.

    • armendo420

      ya to bad one was pos one was neg!!!! nd now they r callin him a juice pig cuz he is they say 100% he is a juice pig so try again bud

  • armendo420

    only if u clowns knew anything!!!!!Anything about mma or even vera!!!!

    • wonggfan

      Oh wise Armendo…enlighten us about MMA and Vera.

      What makes you think Vera has a reason to be in the UFC? Shogun, Lyoto, Jon Jones, Rampage, and Rashad do have reasons to be there. What about Vera?

      Do you think Vera can be a top contender in SF or Dream?? I don’t think so.

      So what is it about “MMA” and “Vera” that makes you think that you know something that we don’t?


  • mma24069

    if you knew mma you would know theres better people out there then vera that havnt got to ufc yet.
    1. Mauricio “Shogun” Rua
    2. Rashad Evans
    3. Quinton Jackson
    4. Lyoto Machida
    5. Jon Jones
    6. Forrest Griffin
    7. Thiago Silva
    8. Ryan Bader
    Vera could beat none of these people and hasnt beat anybody to deserve another shot.

    • wonggfan

      This is the thing with UFC band boys. Pretty much fighters like Vera, Ortiz, and Roy Nelson think wearing a UFC t-shirt automatically makes you a better fighter.

      None of those guys can stand of the top fighters at other organizations. Any of the SF tourney fighters (other than Buck Rogers) can woop Nelson. Ortiz and Vera are not even top 10 in the UFC. Why the fuck would you want to be there?

      Pretty much Vera is a stepping stone from now on.

      • ShockednAwed

        Hang on… are you saying the 8-man list in the post you’re responding to wouldn’t be able to stand with top Strikeforce guys, for example? Then you throw out Roy Nelson’s name as if anyone else used him as an example of ‘good UFC fighter’.

        I’ll let you backtrack or clear up your sentences before I berade you…

        • wonggfan

          Late reply but no.

          The eight mentioned above are top fighters and clearly do belong in the UFC.

          I was referring to Roy Nelson, Fat Rothwell, Tim Hague, Chris Leben, The Polish Experiment,..etc… The mediocre UFC fighters that will get killed against top SF guys.

          I dunno, I just get frustrated when people say ALL UFC fighters (including fat nelson) are better than ANY SF fighters simply due to being in the UFC.

  • armendo420

    if u clowns only knew what u were talkin bout it might mean something!!!! vera was out for over a year with a brokin eye in a bunch of spots!!! he just comes back loses a fight nd everone is like he is no good anymore!!!! OK!!! try watchin his fights !!!!! name a lightheavyweight that made frank mir look like a bitch???? hmmmmmm im waitin…………………. thank u !!!!! thank u noone!!!!! shut up if u dont no what ur talkin bout there punks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • shakejunt

      Does making Frank Mir “look like a bitch” even mean something anymore?

      • armendo420

        4sure other ppl r talkin bout beatin top 10 fighters theres one rite there who vera punished!!! brutally!!!

    • ShockednAwed

      You’re basing your opinion of Vera on the hype he started about ten years ago now. Aside from his beating of Mir, which occured during Mir’s own “off” period, what’s he done except disappoint his fans? You must be his mother or something to continue to be this supportive.

  • armendo420

    oh nd the ufc!!!!! is like the daddy daycare centre of mma!!!!!!!!!

  • mmafan97

    Beating Mir doesn’t mean much anymore.

    @ everyone bitching about Vera in the UFC again
    Maybe Vera should get a 2nd chance in the UFC, maybe he should not. But he’s there. Deal with it!

    • ShockednAwed

      Yeah, people are dealing with it… making sure to register their displeasure with Dana over bringing back a has-been never-was.

      Seriously, I’d rather see Babalu back in UFC before Vera. Send him to the Strikeforce minor leagues to prove he’s got anything left.