Brandon Thatch: ‘I May Not Look It, but I Had a Blast (Against Benson Henderson)’

February 15, 2015
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Despite losing the fight, Brandon Thatch said that he “had a blast” fighting former UFC champion Benson Henderson in front of his hometown crowd in Broomfield, Colo.

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  • Darren Dag Hunt

    It’d be nice if you could actually HEAR what he is saying.

  • SixToedPete

    I agree about Brandon Thatch’s humility and intelligence. He has a great future in the UFC. As for that “off topic” photo…please send it to Ronda Rousey. Perhaps she will stop running and hiding from Cris Cyborg so fans can see them fight at 145 lbs.

    • jeff

      you guys need to stop with Rhondas scared crap.

      • SixToedPete

        There is no doubt Ronda Rousey greatly fears fighting Cris Cyborg. However that fact might not prevent Dana White and the UFC from offering Ronda a 145 lb fight with Cris. It depends on how Rousey does vs. Cat Zingano. If Ronda easily and quickly defeats Cat, the UFC will offer Ronda a 145 lb (possibly a 140 lb) match with Cyborg. If Zingano convincingly defeats Rousey (a BIG if) then there will be less demand for a 145 lb Super Fight between Cyborg and Rousey.

        • Don Allen

          Rousey does not fear Cyborg, and refused to fight her not because of her skill, but because Cyborg is a known, tested-positive steroid using cheat, so why give her that opportunity of facing the UFC champion?

          • Larry

            Rousey is scared to death of Cyborg as well she should be. Ronda is way over hyped.

          • mjgws6

            OK Larry. I guess you never saw her fight.

          • Larry

            Wrong, I’ve seen every MMA fight. You are a Fan Boy

    • john

      lol like she’s scared of anything being practically the best p4p fighter on the planet.

  • Sir_Roy

    Hard to dislike a guy like Brandon. Humble in defeat and all that. However, he tossed Ben around like a sack of wheat the first few rounds. It’s almost like he beat himself mentally. I don’t know. I’m still left with the feeling that Brandon could have manhandled Ben at will. Given the betting odds, I were a betting man, I dunno … something’s up there.

    To all you naysayers, just look at how Brandon tossed Ben on his arse in rounds 1 & 2 when he tried to clinch. He tossed him aside easier than I could my baby sister. Again, just saying. Something doesn’t seem right.

    • john

      in the third round he was gassed out. He would have won a three round fight but didn’t have the gas tank for 5 rounds.

      • Sir_Roy

        True. I worry he might be a tad too big for 170 and the cut takes too much out of him. If I were him, I’d try my hand at 185. Brandon’s a huge welterweight.

  • dandogood

    Thatch isn’t very good

    • Larry

      Your brain doesn’t work very well.

  • ramaraksha01 .

    These guys must be real dumb. Everyone knows that wrestlers will take you down – what did he expect to happen? How come these guys don’t prepare to defend these take downs nor find ways to get up once they are taken down? Move to the cage side and wall-walk up, but all they do is lie there and wrap up

  • Mao Dingdong

    Brandon looked like he gassed out. He is physically strong but he needs to improve cardio and add more speed.

    • assclip

      He’s very well built, maybe lose a little muscle mass he would still be big for the weight class but more gas in the tank, yes.