Boxer Jeff Lacy Calls Into Question If Nick Diaz Is Serious About Facing Him

May 12, 2011
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Jeff Lacy

Jeff Lacy

Former middleweight boxing champion Jeff Lacy is ready to strap on the gloves and welcome Strikeforce welterweight champion Nick Diaz to the ring, but he’s questioning how serious the Stockton, Calif. native is about actually boxing him.

Lacy has apparently already signed on to face Diaz later this year, but now with all the talk about Diaz potentially facing UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre instead of boxing, he’s wondering if the fight will happen.

“I’ve agreed to the fight, his side sent out a press release saying he had agreed to the fight. But I’ve heard through the grapevine that he’s not serious about this, that maybe his so-called heavy hands can’t back up his big talk” said Lacy in a press release on Thursday.

The former boxing champion isn’t shying away from calling Diaz out because he’s ready to face him, but not sure that his potential opponent will walk the walk after talking the talk.

“Diaz started this and I’m going to end it. He called me out, I accepted, that means we fight. That’s how it is in the boxing world; hopefully in the mixed martial arts business it works the same,” Lacy commented.

“I’ve been hearing for years about MMA taking over boxing. We’ll see about that in the ring with Diaz and me.”

Diaz has actively spoken about pursuing a career in boxing after his last win in MMA over top contender Paul Daley in early April.

In Diaz’s current Strikeforce deal it allows him to box as well as do MMA, so he’s free and clear to do that, but it doesn’t mean the people in charge are gung ho for the idea.

UFC President Dana White has stated on several occasions that he doesn’t believe Diaz should enter the boxing arena, despite the fact that he has shown great stand-up in his MMA bouts.

White has said he plans on meeting with Diaz and his manager Cesar Gracie to discuss the his possible future in boxing, but as of yet they parties have not come together for a discussion.

Regardless of that meeting, Jeff Lacy is content to wait and see if Diaz really wants to face him or not. The boxing promoters have even titled the fight calling Diaz vs. Lacy ‘Breaking History’ ahead of the potential match-up that would take place later this year.

Lacy said he’s even picked out his ring entrance music, and plans on that being a pre-cursor to what will happen to Diaz if they meet.

“I’ve already picked out my ring walk music before I pummel Diaz. AC/DC’s “If You Want Blood, You Got It”,” Lacy stated.

“Hope to see you soon Nick.”

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  • ShockednAwed

    Is anyone, absolutely anyone on earth, surprised by this?

    Sorry Jeff, I guess Diaz didn’t actually think you’d hear about his ranting, and of course he doesn’t actually want to step into the ring with a solid pro boxer.

    He’s just being his usual douchbag self, mouthing-off to get airtime. Sadly, since you have commented, it won’t take him long to spout more bullshit in your general direction.

    With any luck, you’ll meet up with him on a sidestreet somewhere sometime and break his fucking jaw. 😀

  • I agree that Nick Diaz is a dbag, but you honestly think this is a better career move than fighting GSP?

    Well then again, GSP would totally own him so maybe you are right….

  • ShockednAwed

    Nah, for his MMA career, he’d have been better served to have kept his mouth shut, and keep beating the other second-tier fighters in Strikeforce!

    His mouth’s put himself between a rock and hard place now… he’s either gotta take on a championship-calibre boxer, or one of the most dominant MMA fighters in the biz. I don’t see him winning either fight, which will cripple his stock in either ring.

    His only other option is to cut his losses, swallow his pride, and admit he’s a minor-leaguer who should have known his place. ;D

  • factorfake

    Hold up. First off, Nick Diaz has fought three times in 6 months. I think he’s earned the right to take his time and decide what or who he wants to fight. Maybe you’re right, maybe gsp holds him on the mat for
    five rounds and beats him, but Nick Diaz comes to fight every single time he’s out there. I’d like to see you tell Paul Daley he’s a “second-tier” fighter. Paul Daley might not have great wrestling but his stand-up is excellent and Diaz put it to him on their feet. If you don’t like the way he talks, that’s fine but show him the respect he’s earned by taking on anyone that is thrown at him and doing it in exciting fashion. Like him or not, you’ve watched him fight, even if you wanted him to lose you still watched him. GSP might beat him but at least he’s gonna know he has someone coming after him for 5 rounds non-stop.

    • kanienkeha009

      Diaz vs GSP is the only fight for either man IMO. But to call Daley’s stand up excellent is not accurate in my view. Dangerous and powerful yes, but not excellent and Diaz proved that. Daley is not a technical puncher. He just wings out wild hooks. Diaz could have avoided 90% of Daley’s shots if he chose to. But that is not Diaz’s style and he chose to stand and trade with a slugger. Something he shouldn’t attempt against Lacy or he will be put to sleep. But of course he has no intention of boxing.

  • Cswan101

    diaz is a thug n ill bet anyone 100 bucks he beats gsp or lacy BANK ON IT BITCH

  • factorfake

    Diaz vs Lacy= Diaz by TKO 7th round
    Diaz vs GSP= Diaz by gogoplata 4th round

  • bdono554

    Daley is not a top 10 fighter! look at his record his only good win is against martin kampman other wise he’s just like Diaz hasnt fought anyone in a while and when he has he’s lost! Hell i just looked at Diazs record the last time he fought anyone worth mentioning was Sean Sherk in 2006 and he lost! At least Daley has fought Sheilds and KOS! DIAZ IS A JOKE HE SHOULDN’T EVEN BE ALOUD IN THE UFC LET HIM SPEND A YEAR IN SHARK FIGHTS AND EARN HIS WAY IN!!!!!!!!!!

  • bdono554


  • factorfake

    Ok, Paul Daley isn’t a well-rounded fighter, but his stand-up is very good (which is where Diaz beat him). He had 26 or 27 wins and 20 of them are by knockout. Diaz took his best shots and returned them and then some. Nick Diaz fought Cyborg by armbar. Cyborg isn’t a “great” fighter but he’s a jiu-jitsu black belt. It took Diaz less than a minute to armbar him once the fight hit the mat. Diaz was a different fighter when he fought in the UFC the first time. He has improved a lot since then. If they want someone to bring the fight to GSP then Diaz is that guy. Diaz won’t stop attacking unless he can’t move and that’s what a champion should be. If you doubt him, then let him prove you wrong.