Boston City Council Votes to Ban Minors from Future UFC and Other MMA Events

August 21, 2013
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Dana-White-Lorenzo-Fertitta-UFC-129wThe Boston City Council on Wednesday voted unanimously to pass a measure to ban minors under the age of 16 from attending mixed martial arts events, including the UFC, unless accompanied by an adult.

The Boston City Clerk’s office confirmed the measure’s passage to on Wednesday.

The measure, proposed by City Council President Stephen J. Murphy, had originally sought to ban minors under the age of 18, but was revised to under 16 before passage.

Some of the reasons Murphy cited for barring minors without adult supervision include: fighters bearing “Neo-Nazi messages in their tattoos or on their clothing,” UFC fighters that “have joked about rape or used foul and abusive language that is particularly demeaning to women,” “UFC fighters and company officials that have used homophobic slurs,” and “producers of alcohol products have sponsored cage fighting promoters,” among several others.

The matter was brought up by Murphy prior to last week’s UFC Fight Night 26: Shogun vs. Sonnen event at the TD Garden in Boston. It was too late for the measure to be considered prior to the Aug. 17 event, but UFC president Dana White didn’t refrain from voicing his disgust that Murphy would even propose such a measure.

White had yet to comment on the measure’s passage or how it would affect his promotion’s plans to return to Boston at the time of publication, but last week made his thoughts clear on both the measure and Council President Murphy.

“Let me tell you this, if they vote that 18 and under shouldn’t be allowed to come here, the people in Boston should go (expletive) crazy,” he declared.

“These kids have parents. Who are you to try and parent these other people’s kids? That’s not what you were elected to do. You weren’t elected to become children’s parents you self-righteous clown.”

Upon passage, the City Council requested that a copy of the resolution be sent to the Boston Police Department and management at the TD Garden, although they made no such official request for the resolution to be sent to the management of any other specific venue in the city.

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  • Jason

    I am totally okay with not allowing bunch of 15 year old kids wandering around a UFC event. Hell, I’d support a law that wouldn’t allow minors in public without a parent. F*cking animals.

    • Jay Mcgarrity

      Can’t tell if this is a troll or if some kids left a bag of flaming poop at your front door.

    • Harvest13

      I agree with the troll. Dana is an idiot sometimes. No kid should be around alcohol and violence period. Im from Flint, MI lookitup before responding.

      • Gary Fredericks

        I used to live there. No need for Googling! LOL

  • Chaosed

    Dana’s gonna be pissed!

    • laz

      No he’s not. This is such a useless law. He’s laughing all the way to the bank.

  • I will never spend a dime in Boston. They want to play hard ball and keep promotions and businesses from making money so be it. What low ball excuses to call for a ban on minors. This sport like every sport is full of guys from different struggles and reasons why they dedicate themselves to the sport. Alcohol is promoted everywhere. And whether we agree with it or not everyone has a right to voice their opinion. I’m disgusted.

    • Yah, that will slow them down. You get em!

      • Somebody has to do something whether it makes a small impact or eventually a small impact leading to something big. Maybe MMA fans will not pass through town and spend money or support them in anyway.

        • Richurd Cheese

          Probably not, because the cause is idiotic.

          • John Bunch

            Sometimes the best question isn’t what someone is doing, but why he is doing it. If this was all about the children I’d get it. But some of the reasons they cited shows there is an obvious bias against the UFC and this is their childish and petty way of trying to one up the UFC and Dana White…imo anyway. So maybe it doesn’t seem worthy of some kind of action to you but it might anger others who are more emotionally tied to the sport. So many people don’t care about anything in this country and world…I’ll take passion whenever and where ever it comes.

          • Richurd Cheese

            I understand that this is an attempt to take a stab at the UFC, and that the unions probably aren’t doing this for the kids, but boycotting a city over this is dumb. It reminds me of Bill O’Reilly’s boycott of France in the early 2000’s, pointless. Some people get very upset over nothing, like Bill O’Reilly and Mr. Combat Science. Passion is great, but not negative passion and vengeance against random people. Boycotts are a lot like the sanctions we place on North Korea, the common people suffer while things stay pretty much the same for the aristocrats and corrupt military officers.

    • Richurd Cheese

      Violent movies require adult accompaniment, why should live violence be any different?

      • Violent movies or movies with adult content such as nudity, foul language and gore? This isn’t violence. It’s a sport and a lot of guys in this sport are respectful and have made their lives better by dedicating themselves to martial arts. What could happen, a parent go with their kids and the kid decide to live a clean life to dedicate themselves to martial arts and most likely stay away from drugs, alcohol and crime? Why are you even on here if your not going to support MMA? Your one of those people Dana always talks about and your comment confirmed it. I do enjoy reading your comments though, it reminds me how there are crazies out in this world.

        • Gary Fredericks

          The internet in general reminds me of how many crazies their are in the world CombatScienceMMA.

        • David Huenecke

          I put my kid in martial arts mainly so he learns how to work hard and stay away from things like drugs and gangs. I however wouldnt take him to a ufc event as he is only 6. Sometimes but not always fighters get a bad cut and gush blood everywhere. I do let him watch fights that ive seen an know are clean

          • That’s how you handle that and I respect that. Good parenting but down to earth. Best of luck to your son. If he ever needs any shirts from the gym add me on facebook and message me. Take care.

        • Richurd Cheese

          Dude, I asked a legitimate question. You went on some insane tangent about me being a crazy person that doesn’t support mma. You are obviously very upset over nothing. Why is it such a big deal that parents will have to accompany minors to an event? By the way, I put some time in at what used to be the Lions Den in Scottsdale AZ. I have grappled with Edwin Dewees and Mike Van Arsdale. I have taken kickboxing classes from Rick Roufus. and muay thai from Bob Karmel So I know a little about mma, I consistently got by butt kicked, but I still know quite a bit about the sport, because I was a fan before I decided to try it. So Mr. Combat Science, now that you know that I obviously love this sport, do you still think I’m the one Dana was talking about? I’m curious, just what exactly did Uncle Dana tell you about me?

          • Your comment is ridiculous. You patted yourself on the back like your the only one on here who’s been involved in martial arts. This has nothing to do with your involvement and everything to do with the corruption and idiocy of people out there on a vendetta against MMA. Anyway who hates on me comment needs to know one thing, I’am here to support the sport 100%. I’am not the bad guy.

          • Richurd Cheese

            You said I dont support mma, the only reason I mentioned my experience with mma, is so you would know I am obviously a supporter of the sport. I didn’t pat myself on the back, I said I got by butt kicked by real fighters. Also, I can only speak for my own experience with mma, because I have no way to know anyone else’s on this website. You are just having a one-jerk reaction to something that doesn’t even matter.

  • Randy Harris

    Its a stupid law but to be honest how many 16 and under year olds come to the event alone anyway.

  • sj0623

    I’m fine with this…I wouldn’t let my 14 year old son go to an event without a chaperone anyway and what 14 year old could get to one without one in the first place? And Who the hell wants unaccompanied minors running around fights while your trying to enjoy your self? This is a useless law that will do nothing to slow down ticket sales. The only reason this got passed is to appease some bleeding heart politician so he feels like he earned his bloated paycheck

  • I’m okay with this, this isn’t going to slow down ticket sales or anything.

  • bajafox

    They should pass a law to keep them from watching MTV, that’s way worse than going to a UFC event.

    16 and Pregnant, enough said.

    • Werdoomb

      u soound sooo doomb.

      They should ban golf too after Tiger cheated on his wife. Bad example for kids.

      No you dummy. If you can’t tell the difference between MTV and UFC, you are truly dumb.

      • bajafox

        All I read was “blah blah blah, I still love with my mommy, blah blah blah”

  • KingRon

    I do not think Dana will have a big problem he seemed like he was most upset about 18 and under, which would limit alot of high schoolers but you all are right, I am pretty sure not a whole lot of 16 year olds go to UFC fights with out an 18yr old or older with them

  • Maddawgmar

    Neo-Nazi? I don’t recall a UFC fighter w/ Nazi tats. Can someone enlighten me. I know Cain Velasqez has a gang tat on his chest. Whether he intended it or not. Brown Pride is the name of a ruthless gang from SoCal and spread across the country.

    • Jay

      Jeff Monson… but it’s more anarchy and the like.

    • DamianCross

      It was Brandon Sailing, who only competed in one UFC event.

      • Maddawgmar

        Incorrect on that. Brandon Sailing fought in Strikeforce. Yes it was after Zuffa purchased it but still wasn’t in the UFC.

  • John Bunch

    I’m sure the same law must apply to NFL games too, because if we’re comparing the less than model citizens from each sport, MMA comes up smelling like roses compared to pro football players.

    • Gary Fredericks

      Lets not forget about alcohol companies sponsoring the NFL….as well as MLB and the NHL.

      This is just stupid. Who sports neo-Nazi tattoos in the UFC? Oddly enough they forgot to mention tattoos sporting “Brown Pride”, which can be percieved as offensive to some.

      • David Huenecke

        The only dude sporting nazi tats got canned by ufc once they realized what the 88 and double lightning bolts meant. Ufc took action on him cause they didn’t want a neo-nazi associated with the UFC.

  • Abel Guzman

    not a bad call they had to do something

  • Michael Bautista

    Pointless, Frivolous, Annoying. That’s all this is. Nothing substantial comes from it.

  • candelario

    I don’t know any minors 16 or under that would attend any NBA, NFL, MLB, or UFC events not accompanied by an adult … I wasn’t aware it was a problem

  • Mike mckinney

    There are already Venues that have this rule. Not sure how many. When Dana talked about the issue I thought it was a complete ban. Having this rule is pretty much a given. Not sure about other states, but mine has a 10 o’clock curfew for minors that they would certainly break going alone.
    I’ve bee to 4 fights and don’t recall seeing any children at either. Silva vs. sonnen, and silva vs. weidman at the mgm. Also 2 more at the Honda center. I assumed minors were not allowed at all.

  • tipsyhippy

    Cain has Brown Pride big as f*** on his chest! smh white people are so scared too say anything about other races!

  • onehitwonder

    i wouldn’t let my kid go to any event with out an adult, although i think mma has a more respectable crowd than any concert or sporting event.

  • Steve

    Bravo! I love MMA as much as the next person, but it IS violent. Come on guys why do we have ratings at movie theaters.

  • Mickey

    Then they should ban minors from attending WWE events due to some of the sexual nature and bloody violence they have in those shows. This is ridiculous and a slippery slope towards censorship like they did in they did in the 90’s and early 2000’s