Blog Video: Wanderlei Silva Hopes Chael Sonnen Doesn’t Back Out of Fight Like “Diva” Vitor Belfort

March 26, 2014
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Wanderlei Silva and Chael Sonnen have been at each other’s throats well before the current season of The Ultimate Fighter Brazil, but Silva never slows his bombardment of verbal attacks.

Silva’s latest lob at Sonnen involved countryman Vitor Belfort, whom Silva was supposed to have fought after they coached opposite each other during the first Brazilian season of the reality series. Belfort, however, pulled out of the fight a month before its scheduled date, citing a broken hand.

Now, Silva is hoping that Sonnen doesn’t do the same.

“I just hope [Sonnen] doesn’t do as Vitor did,” said Silva in a promotional interview with him and Sonnen. “Because the diva broke her hand. Let’s see if [Sonnen] doesn’t do the same.”

And here we all thought Sonnen was the one with a gift for gab?!

Barring broken bones, Silva and Sonnen are slate to fight on May 31 in São Paulo, Brazil.

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  • Derek Trudel

    Chael will never back down from this fight. He wants to smash this Brazillian fool. Hope he does!

  • Supaman

    lol, gotta love Wanderlei…

    i just don’t like this matchup for him… i don’t see Wanderlei stopping Chael’s takedowns.

  • put me in the sauna coach

    wasn’t it wandy who previously turned down the fight for more money?

  • Wic

    Vitor’s broken hand before the Wand fight was the greatest gift he could have ever gave a fellow countryman. (Vitor 2.0 would have…Well…Do I even need to say it?)

  • robc

    Could have sworn Belfort beat Silva years ago in 44 seconds… Pre TRT… Surprised Silva would remember after all the shots to the head he took in that 44 second time period. Sonnen wins with or without TRT any way he wants. Wanderlei should have retired years ago.

  • james j

    Chael knows Wandy is over the hill