Blog Video: Waiting for Her Next MMA Bout, Cris Cyborg is Destroying Kickboxers

March 26, 2014
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Invicta FC featherweight champ Cris Cyborg has been sidelined from MMA action for a while, waiting for her next bout to come around, but that doesn’t mean she’s not destroying the competition.

When she’s not in the cage, Cyborg is in the ring, devastating kickboxers. Cyborg returns to the ring on Friday night at Lion Fight 14 on AXS TV Fights, but first, take a look back as she crumpled Jennifer Colomb at Lion Fight 11.

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  • disqus_YKbGhc2QE7

    i really want to watch Rousey snap an arm off this bitch .

    • toom

      You would probably watching rousey get her head knocked off

  • Robby Clark

    Lol, dear god she’s dangerous

  • peedubya

    The slap after the 2nd was pretty harsh. I’m surprised she didn’t go Ivan Drago on him for that!

  • Jason

    Her opponent weighed 141. Cyborg probably weighed 155+. She needs to fight women her own size. She has a history of using steroids and a history of fighting girls who are above their natural weight class. What the hell is there to like about her?

  • David Williams

    Where was the devastation?? All I saw was a win…. Granted a decisive win over a replacement fighter who had 4 days to prepare!! All of this nonsense about Ronda Rousey being scared etc… Cyborg works alot from the clinch and tries to man handle her opponents, if she tries that with Rousey she will end up on her back with a broken arm!

    • Randall

      Cyborg is a BJJ fighter. She’s had 2 kick boxing fights. Do you really think Rousey’s arm bar is going to be too much for a 2 time gold IBJJF champ?

      • RubeKegal

        I agree, if anything it will be Cyborg submitting Rousey. Rousey has given up her back to much much inferior competition. Cyborg will maul her whether it be MMA, BJJ, Arm Wrestling, Checkers…i don’t care what it is, Cyborg wins.

      • Bogo

        So you think that Cyborg’s 2 purple belt beginner’s medals in grappling compare to Ronda’s 20+ different gold medals from separate international organizations? That’s not even counting all the championships and silver and bronze medals she’s won over her career or her Olympic medal. Ronda is a 4th Dan black belt in Judo, she’s far beyond the student level. Cyborg is bigger, she’s stronger, she’s a far more devastating striker, but don’t try to pay like her grappling is anywhere near the level of Rousey’s.

  • fern

    This matchup is just silly. Cyborg is a beast and needs to fight someone much better. There are plenty of ferocious thia girls that have been doing this since they were kids. They needed to match her up against one of them to truly assess her pure kickboxing skill.
    I like Cyborg and wish she could join the UFC but I think she has bad managers and her looks don’t make her as promotable as some of the other female fighters unfortunately. Sad because she’s a strong fighter. I also don’t think she can make 135 in a healthy way. She is 5’8″ and super muscular. That is too much weight to cut for her physique.

  • George Sperry

    I can’t wait to see Cyborg use 4 oz gloves on Rousy’s face.
    Those chubby cheeks will get a lot chubbier.

  • TheCerealKiller

    Colomb turned her head away, closed her eyes and slapped at Cyborg. It’s a hair pull away from a playground fight. Come on Cyborg, get down to 135 and get Ronda off my PPV’s.

  • Bogo

    So basically it’s yet another arena for her to beat up on girls 10 to 15+ lbs lighter than herself.