Blog Video: UFC and FOX Plan Super Bowl Crossover… Somebody Forgot to Tell the NFL

January 28, 2014
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UFC officials moved its annual Super Bowl weekend pay-per-view event from its traditional Las Vegas locale to New Jersey this year at the behest of its TV partners at FOX. The plan is for massive crossover promotion between FOX, the UFC, and the NFL, since FOX is broadcasting the Super Bowl this year, which is expected to garner 120 million viewers.

Regis Philbin UFC-Super Bowl Media Day

Evidently, someone forget to tell NFL officials about the plan.

UFC fighters and UFC reporter Megan Olivi attended the NFL’s Super Bowl media day on Tuesday, dragging around a UFC belt for photo and video opps with NFL players and others in attendance.

The only problem, according to, is that an NFL official, Dennis Kayser, wasn’t real keen on “that wrestling stuff.”

“We don’t want this around here,” he said, according to’s report. “This is wrestling stuff, right? Yeah, we don’t want that associated with us and this event. This is the NFL.”

Olivi called over FOX’s NFL Insider Jay Glazer, who has also been intricately involved in mixed martial arts for quite some time. He explained to Kayser that, hey, the UFC is NOT wrestling and that the UFC is in fact a FOX broadcast partner… just like the NFL. It’s all in the family, man.

Apparently Glazer had the magic touch and Kayser relented, finally agreeing to allow the players, et al, to appear on camera with the UFC belt, as long as they didn’t have it on the podium with them.

Everything ended on a positive note – well, save for the fact that FOX show host Regis Philbin threw out a challenge to Ricardo Lamas – and the UFC provided the above video. Check it out.

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  • Panama Rosado

    Nice correction. 🙂

    You may also want to correct the 1st line of the article as well.

    Should read “UFC officials moved its annual Super Bowl weekend pay-per-view event from IT’S (or you can say THEIR) traditional Las Vegas LOCALE…..” (IN CAPS). (Not its, not local)

    • TheWax

      it’s = it is, its denotes possession

      • Eric Tackaberry

        @thewax “it’s” is a contraction NOT denoting possession, where the “is” portion can’t be replaced with “his” or “hers”.
        “its” denotes possession, as in “It’s not smart to chirp about grammar if you’re a dumbass that doesn’t know how dumb its ass is”
        See how I used them in one cohesive sentence?
        Now you try at home, kids.


        • MikeMcK

          What next? Are you going to try and tell me there’s more than one “there?”

        • The Best Eva

          Not epic enough.

        • TheWax

          @Eric Dingleberry –>Hate to ruin ur day since you think you have an epic burn here, but go ahead and re-read my original post a little more closely… In fact, I’ll slow it down to your level and add quotes to it: “It’s” = it is, “its” denotes possession. TUUUURD!!! lol

    • el che

      sorry dude, despite mmaweekly being quite pitiful in making grammatical mistakes in the past few months, you’re incorrect here… and yes, this is coming from someone who usually does not capitalize when typing in internet responses.

      anyhow, “Its is a possessive pronoun meaning, more or less, of it or belonging to it” – just like it is being utilized in this case.

    • Panama Rosado

      I stand corrected on the IT’s vs. its. Ya’ll are right. lol
      Its is the possessive.

  • fsunoles10

    i played football my whole life and that guy can f off with his opinion cuz he ruins the reputation of the players as well as fans with his bs. im assuming he didnt want it around because of the violence factor to which id say football is just as violent as mma so again f off with your hypocrisy.

    • Advance*

      Seems more like he was just clueless and got it confused with the WWE.

  • Panama Rosado

    On another note, I really think the UFC should plan their own Super Bowl style event, perhaps for their NYE event. They should do it with PRIDE-like, or WWE production. The Super Bowl or even Wrestlemania, the event itself is a mega-produced event. The UFC should pull no stops for something like that. Their production could be better.

  • Guest

    It’s not WRAASLINGGG !!!


    It’s Not WRAASLING !!!

  • Edward McDowell

    Congrats MMA. Your judges now equal those of Boxings. They stink.