Blog Video: Shaq Wants Jose Canseco in MMA Fight… Then Hong Man Choi

(Video courtesy of Fox Sports / May be geo-blocked in some locations due to broadcast rights restrictions.)

Former NBA superstar Shaquille O’Neal has long been a fan of and trained in mixed martial arts, and he wants to fight. He wants to fight former baseball player Jose Canseco.

“I’ll knock him out in 42 seconds.”

And after fighting Jose Canseco, Shaq wants former K-1 and Dream fighter Hong Man Choi.

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  1. Shaq should fight Herschel Walker. That would be an interesting fight.

    • I don’t think it’s an interesting fight when Shaq dwarfs his opponent by a foot in height and 100lbs in weight.

  2. i think jose will wreck the big guy and send him back to basketball courts

  3. U kiddin me Shaq, hes right, a KO in 42 sec, because after that, the big fellas gonna gas like no ones ever seen before

  4. That’s just Shaq 🙂 Who watches him on NBA programs, you know he’s always foolin’ around 🙂 But that was a pretty good and funny interview 🙂

  5. Jose Canseco is tiny compare to Shaq… fight a guy your own size Shaq,,, Hong man Choi !!!

  6. I can see Shaq beating Canseco but he has no chance against Hong Man Choi.

  7. Nobody would pay to see these fools fight