Blog Video: Ronda Rousey Gives TMZ an Earful on Fallon Fox’s Unfair Advantage

September 19, 2014
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What does UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey have to do with transgender fighter Fallon Fox? Not much. They’re in the same weight division, but hardly in the same fighting class, but that didn’t stop TMZ Sports from asking the popular UFC champion about Fox and her “unfair advantage” when it comes to fighting other women.

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(Photo courtesy of Fallon Fox)

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  • KingLettuce

    Though I can’t stand RR, I don’t even need to see the clip. If Ronda says Fallon has any advantage at all, she’s 100% right.

    • uncle

      I’m glad Ronda told the truth ,just cut Fox
      because it’s not discrimination. When some1
      is born a man hits women that is gross period.

    • DamianCross

      She doesn’t just say Fallon has an unfair advantage, she said she did some studying on the topic and she feels there are cases where transgender people can fight in that respective gender division, and she feels Fallon is NOT one of these cases. Props to Ronda for this one.

  • uncle

    Fallon Fox is a freak show ,shouldn’t be allowed to fight
    women .Remove this sick bastard from MMA

  • richard jenkins

    i like how the title implies ronda blows up about.

  • Austin, TX

    I agree with Rousey. 100 percent. She does have an unfair advantage. (Fallon Fox). So Dana and Fertitta…guys are you now going to give her crap about it and suspend her like you did Matt Mitrione?. Both her and Mitrione are correct in their assessment. Her chromosomes and DNA and bone and muscle structure were originally a male’s. I’m just saying she does indeed have an unfair advantage and should not be allowed to fight women. Do you think a woman who had a sex change and was a “male” then could fight and do good against men?

    Her opponent (Fallon Fox’s) said she had never been hit like that by a woman…after the fight. (See above video.)

    I’m just saying. It’s an interesting conundrum.

    Joe Rogan is also 100 percent correct in his assessment of the situation.

    I have no problem with her getting a sex change if she feels she is a woman inside. But then fighting women? It’s not fair ethically.

    • RubeKegal

      Take a bow my friend, that was well said. A woman who would get a sex change then take hormones to fight men, would get obliterated by actual men.

  • Harveyrabbit

    Good answer from RR. For what it’s worth she did not give anyone an earful which implies anger. She spoke politely and authoritatively which is what anyone would expect from a world champ and it was especially respectful considering that she was being interviewed cold by paparazzi.

  • Rube Kegal

    Matt Mitrione was 100% correct. Fallon Fox is a sociopath and a disgusting human being. He must have gotten his ass kicked by guys a lot growing up so now he wants to engage in fights where he has a chance. Absolutely appalling that MMA allows this nonsense and I don’t give a fack what the IOC says. The IOC lost all credibility with me when they caved in to the pressure of the gay and lesbian association.

  • jrcr_15

    Don’t like Rhona one bit, but she handled that like a boss.

    Having said that I think TMZ is a sleezebag outfit. Celebrity gossip is lower than dirt, I’d hate to be well known enough to leave my house and have these idiots walking up to me all the time asking stupid questions

  • bck333

    If Fallon would have fought against male competitors she would be a true hero. BUT men who hit women are criminals.

  • The Milkman

    How is he allowed to fight women and trt is banned? Everyone has the freedom to change their sex, be straight, gay or bi. But when it comes to the safety of athletes that should be where there’s a line and that line was crossed. Huge difference between a former dude using a women’s rest room vs beating up women. So if Tj dillinshaw cuts his dick off he can fight Ronda for her belt?Could he have a detachable one where he can defend both the 135 male and female belts? Worst thing to happen to Mma.

  • Bruno

    Bullshit news title – MMA weekly, you can do better than that


    Fallon Fox has been TKO’s by Ashley Evans-Smith in Oct 2013, so all other female fighters should just boycott him/her and just NOT fight him… he wouldn’t be able to say “Oh, I am too good to lose”

  • Guest

    Wait a minute…………didnt this delusional broad just say she would take out ray rice if she was the one in the elevator? so why not this thing at her own weight?

  • Shartnado2 The sticky one

    Fallon Fox shouldnt be allowed to fight girls for the same reason men cant use roids to fight other men

  • jack lee

    now we got fake women fighting in the mma. because a men decides to cut off hes private parts an have fake boobs installed doesn’t make him a woman at all. same for any woman who adds private parts, in reality ,polictically correct or not,a man is a man an a woman is a woman. not fair for him to fight women or hit ,kick them either. shame on that go pretend somewhere else