Blog Video: Referee Stops In-Cage Fight with a Rear-Naked Choke and Here’s the Footage!

May 13, 2014
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If there was a video promo to advertise referees and their need to train in MMA, this would be it.

MMA referee Leon Roberts recently put a stop to a Fight U.K. MMA bout between middleweights Nathias Frederick and Ahmad Aswad. When Frederick knocked out Aswad, he didn’t stop pummeling the unconscious fighter, despite Roberts’ attempts to pull him off.

When all else failed, Roberts secured hooks and sank a modified rear-naked choke, neutralizing Frederick and stopping the carnage (skip to the 6:30 mark to watch).

Bad officiating? Not this time. Shout out to Fight U.K. MMA for the footage.

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  • robc

    Not technically an RNC with the arm in but close enough. That’s a fighter that needs to be expelled from the sport. Has he been hanging with Rousimar Palhares?

  • Brian NoneyaBiznizz

    For an unconscious fighter, he didn’t seem to be too far out. But I think that the sport has been around long enough for criminal charges to be applied for outright assaults that take place in the cage. Attack a helpless man, refuse to let up after a tap, throwing punches after the bell, those are all criminal actions and should be treated as such. As for the ref, great instincts, first recognizing the guy wasn’t going to listen to him and then pulling him off the guy in a way that he couldn’t pull off and return to punching him.

  • Seth

    Let’s here it for Mr. Roberts. THAT’S HOW YOU DO YOUR JOB, MAZZAGATTI! Learn from legit refs.

    Not best thing, dude should be happy he wasn’t DQed for it.

  • CRack


  • David Huenecke

    I agree with the ref. If you refuse to stop after the ref tries to pull you apart then desperate measures need to be taken. I also agree with the other comments where after a certain degree a combat sport can turn into criminal action. I rarely happens but it could be applied. If youre just pummeling an unconcious man and the ref tells you to stop and you dont stop it turns into assault. The guy cant protect himself and youre not playing by the rules anymore. Dont give that guy a license to fight anymore.

  • soah

    the surprising part is that they still gave the guy the win…i think he should have been DQ’d