Blog Video: Miesha Tate Fields Ridiculous TMZ Questions About a Very, Very Sensitive Subject

(Video courtesy of TMZ)

There is no sensitive way to put it, but UFC fighter Miesha Tate recently fielded some ridiculous questions from TMZ comparing the difference between men and women getting hit below the belt in an MMA fight.

Sorry, that’s as far as we go. You want the rest, watch the video!

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  1. I wish Meisha would have choked out the ‘reporter’….to death. She handled herself well despite the idiocy.

  2. “Iron vagina”…lol

    • Nonsense. She kicked the fighter @ the symphysis pubis (pelvic bones/joint). The vagina is, strictly speaking an “inny” and could only be kicked with a foot shaped dildo.

  3. TMZ is the worst. The claim that they’re “not like other paparazzi” but they are even worse than the other scumbags. Harvey Levin is the biggest POS on the planet and he gets off on trying to ruin peoples lives. I bet he told them to ask those questions hoping she would beat the s**t out of the moron asking the questions just so he could have the exclusive footage. I can’t freaking stand TMZ or any other paparazzi and think you should be able to pummel these a**holes who stalk you.

  4. Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you defecated and your bung would not close?

  5. Why did she even answer?

  6. Damn TMZ is hiring 13 year old boys as reporters now. The only questions this dude asked her was about breasts and vagina. PATHETIC

  7. Meisha “butterface” Tate

    • You guys have to be gay.

  8. took those stupid questions like a champ, didn’t fall into the Jonah Hill trap.

  9. Meisha big nose tate is hideous looking.

    • You are gay.

      • shes not hot