Blog Video: Jon Jones and Carlos Condit’s Impromptu UFC Dance-Off

March 5, 2014
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Really, after watching this impromptu dance-off between UFC light heavyweight champ Jon Jones and former interim welterweight champion Carlos Condit, all we can say is that we tend to agree with the closing sentiments of Ricky Lundell.


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  • MuayThaiFood

    Oh, that was dancing……. I thought they were both reeling from shots to the head.

  • TwoFirstNames

    LOL they doin the Bernie

  • Alex Anderson

    Jon Jones and Carlos Condit have definitely earned the right to dance every once and a while in the gym, even if it is weird.

  • Fern

    oh relax Mr. Ricky Lundell. Both these guys are at the top of their food chain and have earned the right to dance around a bit and have a good time in the gym for a few seconds. There’s nothing wrong with having a little dance here and there. Don’t hate, participate 🙂

  • Ammy Pearson

    Jones, please stop skipping leg day!