Blog Video: It’s Hot as Hell, but Ronda Rousey Knows Jesus Be a Raindrop

December 20, 2013
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Yes, UFC women’s bantamweight champ Ronda Rousey has a fight coming up. Yes, it’s against her archenemy Miesha Tate. But you know what? Sometimes, it’s just too damn hot!

YouTube sensation Krissychula went viral with her video rant about the heat and asking Jesus to be a raindrop, and evidently, Miss Rousey is a fan. She knows the video inside and out… check out Ronda Rousey’s Hot as Hell rant!

We dare you not to laugh.

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  • icantfightsoiarmbar

    ronda is a freakin moron..

    • And you’re a douche-bag bitch. 🙂

      • Austin, TX

        is that the best you could come with? name calling …..on the internet?

        • flashwins

          much better than some turd fighter bashing on the internet.

    • icantfightsoipostdumbshit

      Did you come up with that while wearing your Affliction t-shirt, & consuming your Muscle Pharm.supplements?

  • Rhonda’s Mole

    Rah-honda be Rah-Tarded

    • Tate’s Nose

      How does it feel 2 be the most rah-tarded person on the internet!

  • She’s f****** hilarious!

  • DamianCross

    There is literally nothing to be mad about in this video and everyone is still raging.

  • jeremy

    Ronda’s a moron, who cares what she does lol I hope she loses and disapears for ever. I had to stop watching tuff cuz of her and I wanted to keep watching because if meisha

    • Jacob King

      It’s funny watching people on the internet complain about her attitude, when there is literally nothing here to complain about. What does that say about your attitude? Hypocritical? Ronda had far more reason to be a bitch on the show than you do right now.