Blog Video: Georges St-Pierre Recounts Life in 30 Seconds… We Dare You to Not Be Inspired

May 7, 2014
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(Video courtesy of DrinkNOSEnergy)

Former UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre may be missing from the Octagon, but he’s certainly not missing from the public eye. He’s still doing plenty of work with his sponsor’s, including this new commercial for NOS Energy Drink. St-Pierre recounts his life in 30 seconds, but provides a lifetime of inspiration.

Seriously, we dare you not to feel inspired!

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  • Kris-tyahn

    Was really looking forward to his return, that was, before he blew out his other knee. With two major ACL surgeries in 3 years… I think it may be time to hang up the gloves for good. Though maybe the time off from fighting, press conferences, the pressures of being a champ & the #1 P4P fighter on the planet, having to be “prefect” & having people wanting a piece of you for the money & fame may have healed his body & his mind, therefore he could return much better & less stressed out. But that 2nd ACL surgery has to really blow/take the wind out of his sail. Regardless of his decision, it was a pleasure to watch him fight & do the things that only he could do, in the best weight division in all of MMA!

  • same name

    Greg Jackson told me to kick him in the balls in the first round and eye poke him in the 2nd and 3rd……. GSP ‘s Blue print is the same as D.J Lance from Yo Gaba gaba aka Jon Jones .

  • DamianCross

    That wasn’t inspiring. That was a commercial.