Blog Video: Gabriel Gonzaga Breaks Hand at UFC on FOX 10, Posts Footage from Hospital

January 26, 2014
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Gabriel Gonzaga Broken Hand

Gabriel Gonzaga broke his right hand last night at UFC on FOX 10, and he showed his Facebook friends just how bad the injury was.

Gonzaga posted a picture of the broken hand (shown above), and then gave a more telling look when he posted a video showing the hand from different angles (shown below).


Gonzaga lost to Stipe Miocic by unanimous decision in the co-main event at UFC on FOX 10.

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  • richard howard

    Holy crap…. First i thought Gonzaga was sick. this… makes more sense… That looks like its about to pop.

  • The Best Eva

    That hand is smashed! No wonder.

  • Manuel Lopez

    He was outboxed and outclassed anyways. Nothing he had fazed Miocic. Miocic stuffed all takedown attempts and took shots from gonzaga and kept coming. He also had way better cardio.

    • Maddawgmar

      I wouldn’t say he was outclassed. He was outgassed, but not out classed, he was battering Miocic’s leg in the first before he gassed and hurt his hand. He also hit with some solid rights.

    • Jon Shmo

      Bet I could stuff all your takedowns if you had a broken hand.

      • fsunoles10

        well bud things happen during a fight, dont let your fandom blind rational thought.

  • Jon Doe

    That would definitely alter your game plan, he threw hard overhand rights in that first round but none that actually affected Stipe