Blog Video: Former UFC Champ Anderson Silva Already Hitting the Mitts

February 25, 2014
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Former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva is progressing quickly in his rehab from a severely broken leg at UFC 168. In fact, he’s already back in the gym hitting mitts.

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  • Manuel Lopez

    This guy is dangerously obsessed. Mits, punching bags, stairs. Pools… they don’t hit back they don’t take you down, ground and pound you, go for heel hooks, knee bars, or kick you in the very leg you broke two months ago. My point is this weekly reports on what AS just ate, are annoying but most importantly he is obviously rushing things. He is his worst damn enemy at this moment. Despite the false hopes this guy will not fight again and if he does he will get seriously hurt again.

    • Baller31

      Of course he will fight again, it was a damn broken leg with no muscle or tendon damage. He will be as good as ever, as long as he doesn’t fight Weidman

      • Manuel Lopez

        I don’t see him overcoming the current stock of middleweights, without favoritism if he were to properly climb the ladder I see guys like Rockhold, Jacare, Mousasi, Machida and Munoz destroying him.

        • Baller31

          Well, first of all him and machida will never fight. I think he ko’s all of the others

  • Maddawgmar

    Call me when he is kicking the heavy bag… A man in a wheel chair can hit mits.

    • bentot otot

      fak you maddawgmar , your such as pussi that you cum while hitting the mitts you PUTA

      • Maddawgmar

        Good comment, bro!!!

    • marcus miles

      +1. Lets see and inside leg kick

  • joe

    I can’t wait to see what easy fight he gets when he comes back. It is hard to guess right now because it is too far away, not sure who will be working at starbucks that the UFC can pick up then. But I am sure he will only need 1 win to get another title shot. *note* Nothing wrong with working at starbucks, but there is something wrong with UFC giving guys super easy fights just to build ranks. Prime example, DC moving to 6 on Light Heavyweight ranks, after beating someone with only 2 pro fights. That is a joke. If cummins won, he wouldn’t of even been top 20 according to ufc

    • GoToSleep619

      Why don’t you cry about it, Joe?

  • GoToSleep619

    Love seeing comments from the haters. You guys would still be on bed rest 2 months after snapping your leg in half. It’s a process… What did you expect? For him to be fighting for a title already next month? Keyboard fighters are hilarious…