Blog Video: Dana White Tells Arsenio Hall That Floyd Mayweather “Would Get Murdered in UFC”

January 28, 2014
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(Courtesy of The Arsenio Hall Show)

A media luncheon with, ESPN, Fox Sports Live, who knows how many radio shows, and a stop on The Arsenio Hall Show. UFC president Dana White was here, there and everywhere in between in a media blitz on Monday in Los Angeles.

There are always a few gems here and there for White, but this wasn’t really one of them. It’s the age-old question of boxer for mixed martial artist.

How would world champion boxer and pay-per-view king Floyd Mayweather Jr. do in the UFC? Top dog vs. top dog.

White put it bluntly: “He’d get murdered in the UFC.”

Check out this clip from White’s stint on the Arsenio Hall Show.

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  • Flexa

    Anderson silva vs Mayweather standing boxing
    Boy would that sell like Ali vs Frazer

    • Notwethumor

      Do I have to be Mr. Obvious and tell you that Anderson Silva is probably 4 or 5 mma weight classes above Mayweather? That’s like approximately 7654 boxing weight classes between them.

    • Twizz Nizzle

      Anderson is like 30 to 50 pounds bigger than mayweather lol not even possible

  • Scoobs

    People are still talking about Boxing VS MMA? Give me a break, and lick my balls.

    • wit

      exactly! different sport different tactics why even bother comparing… idiots

    • The Best Eva

      Ya It’s painfully stupid considering by now people should know full well boxing and MMA are much different.

  • g

    I dont ever agree with dana but in this situation he’s correct. Floyd would avoid the ufc like he does the plague and pacman combined. Dana already offered him sean sherk a few years ago and mayweather declined. He knows hes too limited to get in there with real fighters who do it all.

    • brad king

      Floyd wont be in the ufc fighting nor will he tangle with manny. he gets 45 mill a match for inferior opponents why push it

  • Kenny Powers

    I dont think floyd would get murdered in the UFC. I know he wouldnt be champ or anything but his hands are so good and he’s so athletic he could probly win a couple fights before getting taken down and GnP’d.

    • Bloop Oner

      Leg Kicks. Over.

    • RJJ

      His style is really bad for MMA!
      1) With him leaning back he will be taken down over and over.
      2) Again with him leaning back his legs will get chopped down quick.
      I’ll be ugly…..

      • fsunoles10

        hah mayweather uses footwork for his openings buddy, and that shoulder roll isnt exactly leaning back.

    • mmax00267761

      “he’s got really good hand” yea that don’t mean shit when an NCAA division one wrestler decides to take your ass down, unless you’ve been wrestling for years, you aint stopping the takedown, he wouldn’t even win one fight

      • earlsimmons

        ya well NCAA wrestlers dont train for standup and getting punched in the face either soooo ya if a wrestler takes you down your done. But if you dont know how to take a punch and get caught then your done. Your comment is dumb please stop posting bro.

        • Twizz Nizzle

          I.e. Brock Lesnar

          • El Gvapo

            Brock Lesnar was UFC champion. Poor example.

          • Twizz Nizzle

            Nope couture stumbled him carwin should a stopped him n Cain Velasquez….all people who exposed lesnar can’t take a punch but is a hugh level wrestler so great example actually

          • Twizz Nizzle

            Where not talking what he accomplished but rather his skill set

      • Twizz Nizzle

        Or if a world class champion undefeated boxer hit said wrestler with a uppercut trying to shoot in for a takedown…. Floyd is as talneted as a boxer as the division one all American wrestler is a wrestler n he would win a couple fights in the ufc

        • El Gvapo

          He wouldn’t be able to box his style. He’d be too concerned about the takedown and leg kicks.

      • fsunoles10

        floyd also has some of the greatest foot work in the game bud, im by no means saying he would clean house in mma though. he is also athletically gifted, 2 great attributes to start with and to touch on the needing to be a wrestler to stop a take down, you kinda dont buddy all you need is good balance which im sure he has and good hips which he might not have and accompany that with great foot work and athleticism and thats a great recipe to stuff some take downs. i never wrestled in my life and out wrestled one of the top wrestlers in the state in his weight class, you dont have to wrestle to pick up the attributes along the way to have good ttd. not expecting you to believe me about that last part but im just stating the reality, you seem like you’re in this mma vs boxing mode and bashing a great fighter because he reps the other side.

      • Kenny Powers

        Yeah but not everone in the UFC is an NCAA Div 1 wrestler. Like i said, of course he wouldnt beat the top guys, but put him in there with a striker willing to stand with him and he’d most likely knock them out.

  • HpPavilion22

    Floyd dont have the guts

    • The Best Eva

      Or the take down defense.

  • Big Tuna

    Floyd would get murdered in boxing if he fought somone good

    • The Best Eva

      *If there was anyone good.

      • Hansa


        • The Best Eva

          Ya but he go knocked out at the wrong time, it derailed the hype a bit.

          That is the only guy I have any interest in seeing pbf fight.

          • Hansa

            Yes agree…but he will recover and he will demand the match. But Floyd the avoid Mayweather will duck till he retires.

          • fsunoles10

            why wont pac man take the blood test within 14 days of a fight? why wont he agree for after the fight? i mean you dont just shoot up over 50 pounds heavier than where you started that is suspicious as hell bud, especially for somebody who is as small as him. i know a spin job is coming bud so go ahead and say it.

          • Hansa

            well if he’s juiced, why hasn’t he been caught? Floyd will keep on ducking. I don’t care if Pacman loses the fight, I just want to see the fight.

          • fsunoles10

            all pac man has to do is agree to the blood testing bud so stop blaming it on mayweather.

          • Hansa

            C’mon man…Pacman has agreed to all Mayweathers demands. He has agreed to the blood testing 14days prior to the match. What’s next? Pacman has to leave Ardum? Mayweather is scared and is more worried about his “unbeaten streak” rather than being the all-time great. If he beats Pacman then I’ll agree that Mayweather is the best of the best..but until he keeps on ducking, he is just among the greats and not the greatest.

          • The Best Eva

            Ya didn’t Pac turn down the drug testing?

  • Austin, TX

    I have to agree with Dana on this one. It’s not even up for discussion. He’s overrated….also ducks people in boxing even. It was a stupid question actually. But good for show business. Floyd’s just upset because he knows everyone knows he ain’t all that really. Especially when you look at MMA. Let him fight Tyrone or Edgar or Thomson or Pettis or Aldo or BJ Penn or anybody really. Submission. Finis. The End.

    • fsunoles10

      you’re insane, mayweather is hands down the greatest boxer on the planet and might just be the best defensive fighter to ever compete. if he got his ttd on point though he would dominate in mma but unfortunately ttd doesnt happen overnight so i wouldnt put no big money on him.

  • fsunoles10

    “this some good ass cheese” arsenio hall

  • Michael Myers

    DANA WHITES A F***** IDIOT..Is g bis guy done ripping of the ufc fighters yet?And ufc fighters would get decapitated in the NFL and Ufc fighter would get jabbed to death in the squared circle And ufc fighter would get their teethed knocked out in the nhl

  • You really can’t imagine him in the UFC.

    Think about what would happen if he bought Jon Jones. You’re right, you can’t even think about it.

    I doubt he’d handle those leg kicks from Edson Barboza.

  • El Gvapo

    How long did Toney last? Less than a minute?

  • Jimmy Rebel

    I think only idiots compare the two. however since it’s a subject, an MMA fighter would have an easier time transitioning into boxing.

  • And every UFC fighter would get murdered in boxing if they faced champions. What is your point?

    • Seth Grison

      Funny, because that’s exactly what he was saying…