Blog Video: Chael Sonnen Takes Over TUF Brazil 3 (aka Shameless UFC Fight Night Plug)

February 14, 2014
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(Video courtesy of Fox Sports Live)

Chael Sonnen gave a quick update on how things were going on the set of The Ultimate Fighter Brazil 3, basically saying that things are much better since he enlisted Wanderlei Silva as his assistant.

Yes, it was pretty much Chael being Chael and was basically a shameless plug for Saturday’s UFC Fight Night 36 on Fox Sports 1.

But hey, it’s still entertaining in a WWE sort of way, right?

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  • jojo

    Chapel Sonnen is the king. Brazilians can’t respond to him and just get so frustrated… Funny stuff…

    • carsti07 .

      Right, he is the trash talk king, but I dislike your anti Brazilian comment… stupid stuff… 🙂

  • Chael Fan

    I hope, after Chael alpha dominates Wandi down in Brazil, Chael speaks some kind words to the Brazilians and they see him for what he is: a great fighter who has a fun (if controversial) way of promoting fights.

  • Jimmy Rebel

    this is old… chael wanted this fight because he knows Wandy has zero ground game.

  • Rodbert

    Simply put: I am amused. 🙂

  • ty270

    Chael is amusing, but he will never be as amusing as he was with Anderson Silva. It seems too forced now