Blog Video: Anderson Silva Able to Walk Down Stairs Less Than Two Months After Injury

February 12, 2014
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Looks like the Spider has skipped crawling and gone straight to walking!

Less than two months after breaking the fibula and tibia in his left leg in the UFC 168 main event on Dec. 28, Anderson Silva is back on his feet and walking without assistance.  Silva Muay Thai College recently posted a video of the the former middleweight champion on Instagram walking down stairs without assistance.

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  • Hope you take it easy.

    You’re one incredible legend.

  • Stephen Quadros

    Get well champ,but please retire you have nothing left to prove.

    • Nothing left to prove?

      You’re dumb. Go away.

      • Manuel Lopez

        He doesn’t. What’s your prob?

        • bwuk

          He still wants another belt to be considered goat, before the injury he was able to make 170 and he would easily get the belt there, he is also unproven against 205’ers and he wouldn’t stand a chance against cormier, but he still stands a chance against jones. He doesn’t have anything to prove in mw but he still has a lot to prove outside of it, and considering how he is in his prime why would he retire?

          • Baller31

            He doesn’t need another belt to prove anything. and you feel he may do ok against jones but not Cormier?? Really? Cormier is a boring fighter who will likely get destroyed by jones. Furthermore, silva has destroyed every 205 fighter he’s faced, including some ex lh champs (Belfort, Henderson, griffin)

          • justin e

            OK. By in his prime I’m guessing you meant past his prime. And, by unproven against 205’ers I’m guessing you meant undefeated, with on of the fights being against a former champion?

      • Stephen Quadros

        You obviously are dumb Eugenio

  • james j

    I hope he comes back because I like watching him fight. Excluding CW, he beat the hell out of everybody. He is the GOAT.