Blog Vid: Brock Lesnar Uses MMA to Break WWE Opponent’s Arm… and Brooklyn Bridge for Sale

January 7, 2014
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Yes, former UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar submitted an utterly gassed Shane Carwin with an arm-triangle choke during his championship reign, but when we saw this video of the former champ “breaking” his WWE opponent’s arm, we couldn’t pass it up.

Now, it is quite within the realm of possibility to break an opponent’s arm with a Kimura shoulder lock, but if you watch closely, that’s not what happened to Mark Henry.

But, hey, we get it. It’s pro wrestling, and Brock Lesnar has consistently used mixed martial arts as a basis for his WWE character. And “breaking” his opponent’s arms is a large part of Lesnar’s WWE schtick, so don’t fret too much over Mark Henry’s “broken arm.”

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  • heelhooksbreakarms

    holy s*** that was a clean break!!

    • Berry

      Hahahaha are you serious???

  • crap

    sad american circus for idiots

    • El Gvapo

      A circus that’s universally watched across the world, is shown on countless tv networks internationally and has been for nearly 30 years. A bit unnecessary to have a pop at our American friends.

  • FaM333

    lol brock got punked by the big showww

  • Ace

    what the f*** did i just watch?

  • Taigo

    What a s*** video, takes about a year to load

  • Chris Morgan

    Maybe it’s just me, but is is it a slow news day today? The announcers mentioned that Brock did this to Triple H and apparently broke his arm twice. Where were the articles/blog posts on that? Why would anyone fret over Henry’s “broken” arm when it isn’t broken? It’s not like Vince McMahon said “Brock, when you use the kimura, I want you to actually break your opponent’s arm.” In this instance, are we really supposed to believe that Brock managed to break the arm of a former “World’s Strongest Man” and Henry couldn’t make things difficult for Brock?

    The fact is if Brock actually broke Henry’s arm on live tv, it would be blatantly obvious. It’s no secret that most (if not all) pro wrestling submissions have real world applications. However, they are executed to ensure that the move could be believable without having to properly apply the hold. Why else has Brock only used the kimura from the open/loosely closed guard?

    • deepgrim

      he has allegedally broke HHH and shaun michaels arms, i doubt any of them were actually breaks tho. the arm position he used in that kimura not going to be breaking much

      • Chris Morgan

        They weren’t. WWE wants to sell the idea or Brock being a monster. Since he spent time in the UFC, it makes sense that they would include elements of that in his character (like using the kimura). Like I said most (if not all) of the submissions seen in pro wrestling do have real world applications. In pro wrestling, they aren’t applied 100% effectively and theatrics are included to make the hold believable without actually subjecting the opponent to the full force of the hold. If examples are needed, look at Alberto Del Rio’s armbar.

        • deepgrim

          yeah, i like del rio set up on the arm bar. I think they just have brock do the kimura when they are looking to get rid of a charactor for a while, if he did it for real they would hardly have a cast left in 6 months, something tells me after his wwe contract expires in april he may be back in the ufc (i would like to see it anyway)

  • Jigs J Sharma

    very slow day… wasent this last year like 6months ago+

    • Neil

      This past monday, actually. So, Yesterday.

      • Jigs J Sharma

        really? he did it ages ago to HHH, and others… was a storyline.

        • Neil

          and now the storyline HAS RETURNED!!

  • Mike mckinney

    He’s been doing that move to people since he returned to wwe. Obviously he’s not breaking arms. It could be a funny side note that on one of his first few trips back he did beat john cena up a little bit. Guys in wrestling do that often to rookies where they actually throw stuff to hurt a little bit. Throughout history there have been a few guys known for doing that. However, a guy normally doesn’t do it to the biggest star in the company. Cena got a laugh out of it. I’m sure the wwe management not so much.

    • Blake

      If by “beat him up a little bit” you mean palmed his face from half guard and elbowed him repeatedly and cut him up….yeah, I saw that. It was bully behavior, for sure. Brock? A bully? Whoda’thunkit?

      • deepgrim

        yeah i saw that too,it looked like he thought he was in the octogon. then cena bust him up after that, i think the unwritten rule in wwe is that you hit back as hard as you are getting hit. Tho he was just returning from the ufc and i think they wanted to keep him looking like a destroyer

  • William Skrainski

    “Brock Lesnar Uses MMA to Bend WWE Opponent’s Arm”

  • bajafox

    Snapped just like Big Nogs haha

    • Dragon Kid

      big nog’s arm was more graphic and cleanly broken. this was just pure fake.

  • InYourFacex54

    Wrestling sucks balls

  • Jake Shaffer

    if anything it looks like he pulls his shoulder out of socket. looks like being the key phrase. you have to watch closely almost looks real, almost. then henry grabs his shoulder. After what Lesner did to frank mir its possible, but then again it is WWE, so unlikely.

  • Brock hater

    Quit showing Brock, this is mmaweekly not wwe weekly. He’s a punk and a sore loser. If u want to see a funny Brock video watch the one where he cries about losing to frank Mir in their first fight. He’s a giant retarted baby!

  • Yves Hairston

    Wwe is where pussy’s go stop showing le’pussies

    • El Gvapo

      I’m sure you’d say that to most of them.

      • Yves Hairston

        Yeah and the whore of a mother that brought them in the world

  • Daksy


  • The Don

    The fact that you people still compare A legit sporting event to what is basically performance art and has been open about it for nearly 2+ decades now is amazing. How come you do not compare MMA events to what you see in a movie? Or some such like that it is basically the same difference.

    Please stop comparing the two. Enjoy both for what they are. One is a sporting event. The other is an entertainment show. Please learn the difference..

    • El Gvapo

      Haha, exactly!! It’s laughable isn’t it? The differences between the two are so apparent yet people seem to have a chip on their shoulders about wrasslin. Nobody ever seems to grumble about Mel Gibson’s triangle choke in Lethal Weapon which is exactly the same principle, scripted physicality and storyline.

    • MuayThaiFood

      Please, can’t you find another descriptive word besides “art”?

      • El Gvapo

        Haha, yes “art” might be taking it too far. Although the term art can in theory encompass almost anything I guess.

    • TrentSki

      Unlike you, to the rest of this is obvious, you had to think about it, which makes us realise how stupid you are

  • onehitwonder

    why did i waste my time reading that.

    • El Gvapo

      And even more time commenting? Double stupid.

  • Scooby

    WWE is for low-class retards.

    • TrentSki

      Then it suits you

      • Scooby

        Hehe, yeah, I watch it with your mom while you’re out back cooking Meth.

        • TrentSki

          Your a crackhead as well?

  • otto

    Say what you want about Brock, but if he stuck around for a while, he could have been a contender, had some tools that made him competitive, the problem is that he cant stand losing, probobly not used to it….from what Ive read, hes been successful in many athletic endevors, just didnt have the patience to soak it all in, and deal with the inevitable loss here and there like they all do… he flees to the WWE where he doesnt have to lose, and hes the main draw, makes more money……but for a big guy, he was fragile, mentally and physically, not weak, but fragile….

    • jeremy

      He was a beast and the champ and unstapable until he got sick. He wasnt the same man after he got sick. Before he got sick if someone hit him flush like randy did , he got pissed and ended the fight. And same when Mir tagged him with the knee. After he got hurt he couldnt take a punch and covered up. He ws two different fighters before and after the sickness. What i wonder is if he had never gotten sick how good could he have been.. but we will never know.