Blog Quote of the Day: Dana White Comments on Moving the Super Bowl Opposite UFC 169

January 24, 2014
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Peyton Manning and Dana White

UFC president Dana White on what he would do if weather caused the NFL to move the Super Bowl to Saturday, opposite UFC 169 on pay-per-view, next week:

Wow! Wouldn’t that be a f–ker?! That would hurt. If 120 million people are watching the Super Bowl on Saturday… I’ll move my fight to Monday.

NOTE: Yes, we’re well aware that the odds the Super Bowl gets moved to Saturday are about the same as the likelihood that Joe Son returns to win the UFC heavyweight championship.

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  • taylor2008

    What if Joe Son does come back in win by ball submission?

    • fsunoles10

      considering he is serving life i think thats a bit out of the question. hah

      • taylor2008

        I know I was jsut kidding. I knew he was in jail for something. he wasnt a good fighter anyway.

        • Texas Beast

          For something? The rape and torture of woman? Then killing his cell mate?

          • taylor2008

            Relax! I had no idea what happened. I dont follow every MMA fighters life after they leave MMA. I dont read every news release about every MMA fighters arrest records or jail time. All I know is that he went to jail some time back.

  • If SB and UFC 169 aired on the same day, I’d still watch the UFC.

    UFC > NFL

    • fsunoles10

      you might but the majority of the country wont.

  • Gary Fredericks

    What is this SuperBowl and NFL thing you speak of on a UFC PPV weekend????