Blog Quick Quote: Chael Sonnen Uses UFC Tonight to Take a Dig at “the Real” Wanderlei Silva

January 23, 2014
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Wand 2006 vs Wand 2011

(Left: Wand circa 2005; Right: Wand circa 2011)

If nothing else, Chael P. Sonnen is a master of social media marketing. And he’s not afraid to leverage his position as a co-host of UFC Tonight on Fox Sports 1 to push his gig as a coach opposite heated rival Wanderlei Silva on The Ultimate Fighter Brasil 3.

On the most recent edition of the show, Sonnen passed on the following text message, taking a direct shot at Silva…

“It’s real. Everything about Wand [Silva] is real. Well, except his eyebrows, forehead, and record in Pride.”

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  • Ace

    Haha love his quote.

  • Emanon

    What I am afraid of? Chael showing up, and tapping after 2 minutes because he didn’t train hard… I have a feeling he will take this fight lightly and get knocked out.. because he never seems to have a plan B…

  • JGD85

    Wand went Hollywood with all that plastic surgery.

    • Fightnightsocialite

      Wand actually had massive amounts of scar tissue in his sinuses to the point where it was affecting his breathing (and ultimately his training). He is a warrior & has been in some serious battles in the ring AND the octagon. He didn’t get the surgery done purely for vanity purposes or to “go Hollywood” as you so elegantly put it. So show the man a little respect.

  • WalnutCreekScott

    That dude has had some work done.

  • Shartnado2, the Sloppy One

    Kinda funny considering Chael was busted for fraud during his real estate days

  • Matte

    I do not love these “re-tweets” brown nosing Chael.

    How about writing an actual article?

  • put me in the sauna coach

    master of head games.

  • jeremy

    Love Chael lol and how about the change in wandy lol kinda looks like a chick now

  • Jon Doe


  • Charles

    Funny, but for the record Silva’s Pride career is one the best stretches in MMA history. He won the middle weight title in 2001 and didn’t lose in until 2007. He had three non title loses in that stretch to Mark Hunt, CroCop and Ricardo Arona. His fought 27 times in Pride 21-4-2. with 16 finishes. Pretty Damn impressive if you ask me. That’s nothing to joke about Chael.

    • Truth

      Funny, but you don’t seem to be aware of MMA history or aware of the fact that Chael is alluding to how it came to light that a number of fights in PRIDE were fixed via the Yakuza including ones Wanderlei was a part of. Pretty damn unimpressive if you ask me and definitely something to joke about.

      • Charles

        HAHAHA yup getting soccer kicked or stomped or knocked out was all fixed. I am pretty sure the guys who had to be woke up after getting knocked out would beg to differ about his matches being fixed. Fine, if he had a lot of decisions I would buy it. The fact he FINISHED and in many cases impressive finishes tend to make me believe his record is intact. Nice Try though. Because we all know everything out of Chael’s mouth in based on facts

        • truthstill

          So you never actually looked any of it up and now seem even dumber. Congratulations lol. I guess the ole saying “judge not the fool for he knows not what he says” rings especially true on online comments sections lol

  • poop

    did he have a portion of his tattoo removed? Wandy i mean?

    • poop

      Nevermind. Looked at the pics wrong.