Blog Photos: Bas Rutten Dressed as Santa Claus is the Greatest Christmas Gift Ever

December 25, 2013
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Santa Bas

Christmas cheer is here and everyone’s in the festive mood. MMA is no exception, as exemplified here by “El Guapo” himself, Bas Rutten.

The former UFC heavyweight champion dressed as Santa Claus at his gym in Southern California to, you know, spread cheer and apply rear-naked chokes and stuff.


Santa Bas 3

As opposed to the the toy workshop surrounded by elves, “Santa Bas” works out of a cage and uses a simple sledgehammer to do his bidding.

Santa Bas 2

Bas had a series of photos of him dressed as Santa uploaded to his Facebook page that you can see by clicking here. Happy Holidays, folks!

(Photos via Bas Rutten Facebook page)

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  • Your Name

    The hyperbole on this ‘blog’ is ridiculous. Food to starving children on a Xmas day is a greater gift than a has been MMA fighter pretending to be an imaginary figure.

    • martin van exal


    • fritz

      Yes, let’s all piss on any sense of holiday mirth-making by whining about the overabundance of hyperbole on the internet…But it’s all good just as long as we get to post anonymously in the comments section, right, YOUR NAME?

  • St. Nicholas

    Santa is not imaginary!

  • Stephen Quadros

    That’s my broadcast partner!