Blog Photo: UFC Champ Jon Jones Faces Off with Boxing Champ Bernard Hopkins

February 4, 2014
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UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones met up with multiple-time world champion boxer Bernard Hopkins during a presentation in support of the Cleveland Clinic’s Professional Fighters Brain Health Study on Tuesday.

What better opportunity to pit mixed martial arts against boxing than to have one of the best in each face off.

Yeah, we know they’ll never come together in the Octagon or the squared circle, but it was still cool for Jones’ manager, Malki Kawa, to snap this pic so we can dream about it!

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  • Nothing But The Truth

    Bhop would abuse Jones just like Alexander Gustafsson. Dude is a hypejob. Just a tall guy doing gymnastic in there, really.

    • doug

      You sir are simply a dumb ass, you don’t really believe what you type do you? “Hype job” seriously

    • LOL!!!! gymnastics really hahaha omg i almost fell off my chair laughing after i read your comment.

    • shakejunt

      pass some of that around

    • Steve Jakobs

      Exactly how would bhop prevent Jones from taking him down? Please tell. How would bhop deal with jones’ leg kicks and head kicks? Answer, he wouldn’t. Hypejob? The guy has beaten the best LH weights. And oh, Jones beat Gus, in case you didn’t know that. gus gave him a good fight, but he LOST. End of story.

  • Denny Swain

    Calzaghe embarrassed hopkins, jones would murder him.

    • Steve Jakobs

      From what I remember, that was a very very close fight.

  • Jon Mendelsohn

    Was Christopher Nowitzski & others from Sports Legacy Institute present?

  • brad king

    hopkins whipped a jones before, he would do it again!

  • rick

    Jones would destroy Hopkins, he would get the double leg td an pound him out or submit him. Tired of all this mixed martial artist vs boxer speculation. I believe for athletes of a similar caliber the boxer will loose 8-9 times out of 10. The mixed martial artist just simply has more tools in the bag. For example when the natural fought james toney…..pure domination..

    • boxing101

      dude you silly ….. james toney was 45 years old with a belly who was banned from boxing tv 3 years before.. also toney prime weight when he was fast feet work was 160-168 .. what about mercer retired boxing hw knocking out silva ufc ex hw champ first punch landed … youtube that! boxers has certain snap to there punches… i dont expect lebron to be a great tight end before practincing a young prime boxer needs time to adjust .. besides mma i am a fan but most everyone got so many lossses its a sport anyone could win at any time .. hopkins would lose to jones because there 30 pounds apart hopkins prime weight was 160 now 50 years old at 175 jones is at 205

      • rick

        Yea sometimes but, james toney is 45 now meaning when he fought couture in 2010he would have only been 41-42 while couture was like 46. But anyways yes in the hypothetical situation of hopkins fighting mma he would have been better suited at ww or lw. An yea good point , damn I have always been disappointed with Tim Sylvia , being sent over to fight fedor n losing an the whole shitting himself thing among others. But anyway yea guess it depends on the situation an the fight an your right anything can happen in a fight. An mma won’t always beat boxers , for example it junior dos Santos fought wladimir klitschko he would probably get destroyed.

        • boxing101

          yea you right but toney’s 42 in boxing years is 50 LOL CHECK HIM AT 160-168 NOT THE FAT TONEY BESIDES COutre is a beast .. i dont expect no boxer just to jump in there ..thats crazy you need time to adjust sprawl takedowns take easy tune ups there are amazing beast in ufc but there are some freakish beast in boxing as well.. watching dudes in ufc hit each other face with literally there hands and they walk thru the punches is crazy to me boxer hits you flush trust me you going down or hurt .. man wwe brock lesnar jump in there and won a hw title! old man street fighter kimbo beat houston alexander and made name in mma.. in boxing nobody jumps in there in win title its impossible ..jeremy williams ex boxer who had solid career but always just good never elite was getting blasted in boxing retired in boxing went to mma over 40 years old and went 5-0 in mma some fights are on youtube … not against top comp but 5-0 is 5-0 but sadly the dude went back to boxing cause theres no money in mma he said he go back after … man i love both mma and boxing there both great

          • Steve Jakobs

            Brock lesnar was an ncaa winner. Wrestling has always and will always translate much better to mma. Kimbo trained a long time in mma before even coming to ufc. He started with bas rutten. If you think any boxer can just take a few months to a year to “learn” wrestling or learn take down defense, you’re delusional. Even guys that have been wrestling their entire lives can’t stop takedowns all the time. It can take years and years to learn that.

      • Steve Jakobs

        There is always the possibility that the boxer might land a big punch. that can happen in any match. But, just about every single fight i have ever seen with a boxer or former world boxing champion taking on, even a relative unknown muay tai or mma guy, the boxer is always destroyed. you simply cannot compare the sports. In boxing, there is no clinching, no elbows, no kics, no knees, no takedowns and no submissions. that’s a lot of weapons the mma guy has over the boxer. Can the boxer win solely in his punches, sure. just like getting hit by lightning is technically possible. But it is highly unlikely.

        • boxing101

          yea? old fat retired rey mercer killed ex ufc heavyweight champ months released with one punch … jeremy willimas who was okay boxer solid explosive in his prime but 42 years old! getting knocked around retired went to mma and became 5-0 submitted guys and ko couple and was taking down got up learning adjusting nobody fights beasts in theire first fights not even jon jones fought low tier guys … watching bispping come on man i got about 30 names in boxing that will win and lose some plus if solid to great boxer touches you with those lil mma gloves lol watching these white guys hitting each other flush nothing happening smhi have been watching mma for years to pride to strickforce and ufc and lil of bellator i know the sport very well be i never said boxers will just dominate everyone who the heck said that ?? i said top boxers will be contenders and be fan fav dues to one punch ko never won shannon briggs killed tom erickson in kickboxing fight… amatuer lil boxer never went pro name danny lefever first mma fight against ex ufc fighter who was 18-5 ko in one punch smh want me to conitinue examples? james toney fat old man banned from boxing networks needed a check look at his belly ufc take that win smh never said boxers will be the best but they will woin some and lose some contenders adonis stevenson gamboa golovkin mickey garcia keith thurman shawn porter listt goes you tell me no more boxing you have to go to mma you telling me they aint training hard months in months out tune up fights they not going to win and lose some like many ufc fighters ? get out of here the distance on thier punches speed feetwork of many prime good to elite boxers is crazyy sprawling takedowns fighting off top is sometjing you could learn ..jessica rawkozy mother of 2 40 years old fighting bigger girls almost won tuf .. pena is no joke man.. boxers the way they move snap its crazy i could imagine young prime fighter instead of all the old ones that tried due to them needing a check fat sloppy smh im done stay safe

  • Cheap Shot

    Hopkins is almost 50 and fought most of his career at 160.

    A prime HW pound for pound great squaring up with a 50 year old GSP would be an equally compelling story. As in, not compelling at all…

    • boxing101

      thank you

  • Shazznito

    Jones would **** bhop up with his kicks, spinning elbows and clinch work, and if it went to ground, game over

  • Denny Swain

    Jones head is twice the size of hopkins

    • boxing101

      well they are 30 pounds diff … hopkins fights at 175 jones at 205 … also hopkins prime young weight was 160!